My Opinion on Breezepelt by Ravenflight

Ravenflight shares their opinion on Breezepelt.

Art by Kytes

I have REALLY mixed feelings about the Crow/Night family.

On one hand, they are excellent antagonists with understandable motivations, and on the other, they WERE great antagonists, but got a redemption arc, so now they’re all good and happy. On a third hand, they are actually good and happy characters, but they still have a reputation as antagonists. And on a FOURTH hand, Crowfeather is actually a really popular character who totally distanced himself from all of this so none of this realtes to him.

That’s a LOT of hands. It’s easy to get overwhelmed and become unsure of these characters’ ACTUAL personalities. That’s why I’m here.

Now, before I go any further, I want to make it clear that I am NOT telling you how to feel about these characters. You do not have to read the text below these words and assume that that is the only way to feel about these characters. You are totally able to have your complete own opinions, look at this, and say “Wow, Ravenflight, you’re SOOO wrong! I believe my opinions are RIGHT!” Great, I’m glad to know you’re confident in your opinions. Just don’t look at this and think your opinions are wrong.

I have different opinions for each of these characters. I like to think of Breeezepelt and Nightcloud as separate cats, unlike the Warrior’s Field guide does. And I obviously think Crowfeather is different; everyone does.

Okay, so let’s start get to talking about Breezepelt.
Ahhh, Breezepelt. He is an exetremely interesting character, going from slightly annoying, to antagonist, to almost full out evil, back to slightly annoying, and then, finally, he is redeemed.. The slightly annoying version was when he was an apprentice, as Breezepaw. Breezepaw would constantly act overconfident and is repeatedly reprimanded for his many faults. As an atagonist, he is a warrior, Breezepelt. Breezepelt still acts like an apprentice, but has now learned that Lionblaze and Jayfether are his brothers, and he constantly threatens them. At this point I consider him to be an antagonist, as he is the source of a few difficulties, and is often an obstacle. As an almost-villian, he is being trained by the Dark Forest. And he is being trained by the most prominent villians in the warriors universe, including Hawkfrost, Tigerstar (the 1st), and Thistleclaw. When it comes time for the Great Battle, Breezepelt fights for the Dark Forest, even after learning the true intention of it. This leads to him leaping onto Lionblaze, and trying to kill him. But, Crowfeather sees this, and pulls Breezeplet off of Lionblaze. But, after the battle, WindClan still allows Breezepelt to return back and continue living the life of a warrior. This is where he goes back to slightly annoying. He’s always bitter, passive-aggresive, and fueling others’ distrust of him by acting this way. And finally, in Crowfeather’s Trial, he is redeemed. He and Crowfeather make amends, and fall into a comfortable relationship. So, I think Breezepelt is a good character. Maybe not in the past, but certainly now. Yet, people STILL refer to him as a villian! HE GOT A REDEMPTION ARC. And he got it in Crowfeather’s Trial, which is actually one of my favorite super editions.

But the point is, Breezepelt DID get a redemption arc, and he is NOT BAD CHARACTER. NOT. A. BAD. CHARACTER. But, I did like him better as an antagonist. That was pretty much his whole thing. He was an antagonist, the guy who was bitter and mean, the one who was negected by his father and grew up angry. To take that away from him is kind of taking away everything that defines him. Good news, though! I have a way to get Breezepelt back to being evil. Killing Heathertail.

Picture this: Heathertail is giving birth to Breezepelt’s second litter of kits, but then something goes wrong. The medicine cat starts rushing in and out of the nursery, fear-scent rising around him. “What’s wrong?” Breezepelt asks frantically. “Is Heathertail okay?” Kestrelflight gives him a brief, panicked glance. “I’m afraid she-she’s having some trouble. She might not make it.” He whispers the last words quietly, as if he doesn’t want Breezepelt to hear it. Breezepelt’s heart drops. “No..” he whispers. “No, no, no!” He dashes into the nursery, only to see Heathertail breathing her last few breaths, with two dead kits lying beside her. He crouches down, staring in horror at his two dead kits and his beloved mate, who’s breaths are growing slower and weaker. Heathertail looks at him, her eyes full of love. “Name him Cloudkit…for his fur. And Breezepelt…don’t forget that I…lo-” she is cut short as she takes one last rattling breath, and falls silent. Breezepelt stares at her in terror. “Kesrelflight-Heathertail…Kestrelflight, do something!” He stutters. Kesrelflight gazes at him sorrowfully. “Breezepelt…she’s gone.” Breezepelt starts breathing heavily, feeling rage claim him, letting it wrap around him, consuming him, until it reaches into his heart, hardening it into stone, then shattering it into a thousand pieces. “You. Could’ve. Saved her.” He whispers, staring dead into Kesrelflight’s eyes. Kesrelflight only looks at him, his gaze full of despair. “No, I couldn’t have. I understand how you’re feeling, but no one could’ve have saved her.” Breezepelt stared at him, startled and enraged that he would deny his crime. His mate and kits were dead, and it was Kesrelflight’s fault. He was about to slash his claws across Kesrelflight’s nose, but then a quiet whimper comes from near Heathertail’s body. The white kit. It was alive! That’s why Heathertail had said to name someone Cloudkit. She meant the white kit. Somehow, she knew he had survived. But that didn’t matter now. Now that Heathertail was dead, nothing mattered anymore. And it was all Kestrelflight’s fault.

See? A great way to turn Breezepelt against someone in a position of authority, and swear revnge on WindClan. Plus, you would get to have a kit in the same position as Breezepelt was in as a kit, except this kit wouldn’t even have a mother.

So, to put it simply, my opinion on Breezepelt is that he is a good character (stop refering to him as an antagonist), but would make a GREAT villian.

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