Defending Dovewing by Briarshine

Briarshine defends Dovewing and her actions.

Art by Vialir

This is my second article, and this time, I’m going to defend Dovewing!

Dovekit was born to Whitewing and Birchfall with Ivykit, her sister. She learns she’s part of a gigantic, really pressuring prophecy (Look, I’m defending her… wow…) with Lionblaze and Jayfeather. She hates she has a special destiny, and she hates her special power.

She becomes an apprentice to Lionblaze. Dovepaw becomes friends with Tigerheart, a warrior from another Clan (relationships are forbidden outside your Clans. Dovepaw is from ThunderClan, and Tigerheart is from ShadowClan, BTW). She’s becoming a great interest, and her sister, Ivypaw, becomes jealous, and Hawkfrost, some evil dead warrior comes to her.

He’s from the Dark Forest where evil cats go to. Apparently, Ivypaw didn’t listen to stories, because she trusts him and trains with the other EVIL cats like Tigerstar (formerly Tigerclaw), Thistleclaw, Mapleshade, Hawkfrost, and uh… (struggles to remember!) oh yes! (Wait haven’t remembered yet… wait… who… who… oh yeah!) And Darkstripe, etc.

Dovepaw, meanwhile, struggles with the prophecy and her relationship with her sister and Tigerheart.

Dovewing, now, has to fight the Dark Forest cats. Her sister Ivypool has realized she was doing wrong (before this book, but I don’t remember what book) and she starts spying for the Dark Forest. Though Ivypool refuses to tell who trains in the Dark Forest, at last, she says when they are going to attack.

Dovewing breaks up (is this the right word? At any rate, she ended any relationship) with Tigerheart.

Now, I don’t see how Jayfeather, Lionblaze, and Dovewing used the powers to save the Clans. But who cares? It’s just the plot.

She later realizes she is pregnant with Tigerheart’s kits, and runs away with him. She has her kits, Shadowkit, Lightkit, and Pouncekit. She later returns with Tigerheart, Tigerheart gets his name Tigerstar and his nine lives, and joins ShadowClan to be with him.

People hate Dovewing for…

1) Whines, whines, whines about her power of SIX books, and suddenly in Bramblestar’s Storm, she whines again about how it DISAPPEARED.

Objection: She just got used to it in the sixth book, and began to use it then. She lost it nearly right away. Of course she’s whining. And besides, though she was whining, her extreme sight and a brilliant hearing was a part of her. She just lost it in like, one night? She probably feels deaf and blind. Kind of like Longtail when he lost his sight?

2) She replaced Hollyleaf as the third.

It’s not Dovewing’s fault, and… You know what? I can’t find the correct objection. But it certainly isn’t the justified excuse for hating her…

3) Ivypool was risking her life every night spying, while she dealt with stupid problems like Tigerheart.
+Ivypool should have been the third, not Dovewing!

Um… I’m sorry, no offense, but do you expect her to barge her way into the Dark Forest and spy together with Ivypool? It’s not her fault she was the third cat, and her sister got the dangerous thing.
Also, if Ivypool was the third, I expect she would’ve been just like Dovewing, and people loved Dovewing and hated Ivypool. Maybe not, but well…

4) Ugh THE FORBIDDEN ROMANCE AGAIN? Breaking up with Tigerheart and then running away and joining ShadowClan? Honestly? She’s a drama queen!

Um… why don’t you hate all the FR ones? Like Graystripe, Silverstream, Millie (This counts… right?), Crowfeather, Feathertail, Leafpool, Jayfeather (Half Moon wasn’t allowed)(The code just says you can’t LOVE so I suppose this counts?), Alderheart (Same with Alderheart), Bluefur, Oakheart, Mapleshade, Appledusk (Oh right, you already hate him…), etc etc!
And by the way, I don’t think she completely erased her feelings. Feelings aren’t pencil marks to be erased…
Even if it was, just like pencil marks leave markings, I think she still had that thing.
There wasn’t another option except joining ShadowClan… unless you want her to live a lie again, or be torn like Leafpool?
Dovewing was right, she DID make the best choice… in my personal opinion.


Um… she does? Isn’t it green or blue?
And if it is like that in the books, it must be the Erins’ mistake. Crowfeather’s eyes are described as amber throughout the New Prophecy or the fourth and fifth books of it. Then his eyes are blue. Let me check the wiki… Oh wow, I can’t find it. Oh yay, it says green!

6) She betrayed her Clan by joining ShadowClan!

Okay, so… are you suggesting Tawnypelt’s a traitor? Twigbranch a traitor? Finleap a traitor?
I don’t find any problem unless she spills ThunderClan’s DARKEST secrets to ShadowClan.

7) She broke poor Bumblestripe’s heart!

She didn’t love him. Bumblestripe was kind of the ‘Ashfur’ character. She loved Tigerheartstar! She even tried to force herself to love Bumblestripe, but she couldn’t.
And Bumblestripe was nagging her constantly about kits when she didn’t want them!

8) She’s a Mary Sue.

No, she’s not. The ones I listed up there (having forbidden relationships, her clash with Ivypool, etc.).

Now that I’ve got that off my mind, I’ll cool down.
Thanks for reading!

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