Defending “Evil” Cats: Breezepelt by Shinestorm

Shinestorm defends Breezepelt.

Artwork by Vialir

My first article…
Anyways this is about Breezepelt and Mapleshade, and why they are both completely underrated.
(SPOILER ALERT: Literally almost every series: PoT, OoTS, AVoS, and Crowfeather’s Trial)
Now, some of you don’t hate Breezepelt, but many of you do. Honestly, if Crowfeather’s Trial didn’t exist, I might hate him too. Some of you might notice that I go around in the “Least Favorite Cat Articles” and defend Breezepelt, well, I’m giving my full explanation for why Breezepelt is my favorite cat.
And yes, I know he went evil for a while, but I will discuss that later on.

1) Breezpelt before/during OoTS
Okay, this is probably the reason why many of you hate Breezepelt. Again, this has some serious spoilers, so don’t read this if you don’t want spoilers.
First off, why Breezepelt even turned evil. I think there’s one reason: Leafpool. And not exactly Leafpool herself, but Leafpool’s relationship with Crowfeather. Breezepelt grew up in a harsh environment, mainly because his family was as brittle as a cracked piece of glass. Crowfeather never truly loved Nightcloud, which is why Crowfeather never pays attention to Breezepelt. Breezepelt grew up feeling hated and abandoned, neglected and compared to with his ThunderClan half-siblings. When a cat has so many bad factors in their life, hate starts to grow, and one thing leads to another. As you should all know, the Dark Forest exploits other cat’s hates and feelings of revenge, to slowly turn them into bloodthirsty killers. You can see that with Ivypool, where she is jealous of Dovewing. Anyway, Breezpelt got exploited and used, otherwise he wouldn’t be so mad. Also, many of you hate Breezepelt for unfairly judging Lionblaze, Hollyleaf, and Jayfeather, but think of it. You grow up believing your father hates you, and that your father loves some random cats outside of your Clan. How would you feel? Now, Leafpool and Crowfeather aren’t bad cats, but to me, they are the very reason why Breezepelt hates so much. (Also, I don’t hate Crowfeather, its impossible to hate him after you read Crowfeather’s Trial. In my personal opinion, however, Leafpool isn’t the greatest cat. But I don’t want this article to be biased so anyways…) These are the reasons why Breezepelt is hated, and why its not fair to Breezepelt.

2) Breezepelt after OoTS, and during Crowfeather’s Trial
To start off, Breezepelt in OoTS was more of a tertiary character, meaning that he was kind of in the background, but in AVoS and TBC, he just completely fades away and isn’t mentioned much anymore. Anyhow, Breezepelt, and all the other cats who trained in the DF for that matter, pledged their allegiance to their respective Clans. This is Breezepelt’s first step towards good. After that, when you read Crowfeather’s Trial, Breezepelt is really trying hard to make up for what he did earlier. Also, he has an extreme loyalty for his mother, Nightcloud, which shows that he is not evil at heart. Anyway, he’s trying really hard to repent, no thanks to Crowfeather, though. He bravely fights the stoats and is loyal to WindClan, even if he is fierce, nobody can deny that he is loyal (in Crowfeather’s Trial, duh). He also tries to be friends with Lionblaze and Jayfeather, and he is sorry for what he did. Another factor of Breezepelt being good is Heathertail. Breezepelt and Heathertail obviously love each other, and in Crowfeather’s Trial, they are seen defending one another and helping each other, which is a breakthrough for Breezepelt, considering just a few seasons ago he was trying to murder some cats in his own Clan. When he fathers his kits, he is shown to be a kind and caring father, and has raised two warriors (RIP Smokehaze :C), and two apprentices.

All in all, it wasn’t Breezepelt’s fault that he turned evil. Because of Crowfeather and Leafpool, Breezepelt felt hated, and he hated because of that.
(Also, I will add that this is like that concept with bullies – people become bullies because they are bullied)
This is why I like Breezepelt, and why he is my favorite cat.
Also, there will be a part 2 of me defending a cat, so yeahhhhh
Bye for now, and I bet when I’m reading this a few months later I’m gonna cringe so bad XD

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