Looking back on Jake’s character by Sunshade

Sunshade looks back on Jake’s character and personality.

Art by climbdraws (tumblr)

I’ve always loved Jake and the role he played in Pinestar’s Choice and Tallstar’s Revenge.

Jake was such a friendly kittypet, one of the friendliest overall, actually. He met Tallstar (then Talltail) first when the latter was injured from an accident and Jake’s Twoleg took him in. The two later decided to go off on a journey to find Sparrow, whom Jake (and Barkface) told Tallstar not to kill to begin with. But of course he did it anyway, not having any regard for logic in this situation, pointing to the fact that he was about to kill Sparrow on the edge of a highway, and as predicted, he ended up almost killing the rogue anyway after the two almost got hit by cars. But after this Jake stayed with Tallstar the whole journey back to the forest territories. What’s touching about this is that he’s so faithful toward Tallstar that I would have wished he would’ve accompanied him back to WindClan.

But then again, he’s also faithful toward his Twoleg and Quince, who seemed to be his soon-to-be mate at the time (before Nutmeg became Jake’s second mate) and went back to the Twolegplace to be with them. The two never saw each other again after that until their final encounter in StarClan after Tallstar died at the lake in the graphic novel of Tallstar’s Revenge and Starlight; afterward Mudclaw became quite envious of Onewhisker (now Onestar) to the point where he recruited Hawkfrost along with several other cats and formed a rebellion against the new WindClan leader.

Next is humor. The fact that humor is a part of Jake’s personality really makes his character more interesting to read about in many books. He also seems to make some other minor appearances in other books, popping up frequently as mentioned in some cases. I can see why Tallstar wanted him around so much since his personality is so bouncy and fun to surround oneself with (cat-wise).

Note: Their parting at the end was so emotional; I can only imagine how some people wanted Tallstar’s Revenge to end differently.

Thanks for listening to me ramble!

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