Was it really necessary for Bluestar to give up her kits? by Hawkwing

Hawking wonders if Bluestar had to give up her kits after all.

Art by Twilight (tumblr: twilights-800-cats)

Calling all warriors! Today we are debating if Bluestar should have given up her kits. Before I begin, I would like to say that this is entirely opinionated. But without further ado, let’s rant!

I personally think that Bluestar didn’t need to give up her kits. It was entirely irrational and based off of Goosefeathers’ stupid prophecy. But we’ll get into that later. Now you get to hear my reasoning.

Reason #1: The Insane Prophecy
I do understand that Bluestar’s prophecy was the main topic of the book, but was it entirely reliable? I think not. Goosefeather was immediately portrayed as an old lunatic from the start to the end. His clanmates were always mentioning how unreliable his prophecies were. The first major prophecy he made led to a lost battle and the death of a precious clanmate, Moonflower. Goosefeather has NEVER been reliable at ALL! But I digress. Either way, who’s to say that Bluestar’s illustrious prophecy was true in the first place? It might have just been by chance that she became leader. The poor kits could have stayed in Thunderclan.

Reason #2: Irrational Decisions
Don’t get me wrong, Bluestar is awesome, but she made several irrational decisions in her lifetime. She even went mentally insane during her last moons! So because she believed in a dumb prophecy, she thought that she had to become leader. And apparently to become leader, she couldn’t keep her kits. She wasn’t even appointed as deputy until several moons later! Her kits would have been apprenticed by then. And scientifically speaking, she had led her kits into a death trap. If this wasn’t a fictional book, Stonekit and Mistykit would have died along with Mosskit. So she was giving her own kits to Starclan. And the worst part: She did this knowing that her kits could have died, and it could have easily turned into a Mapleshade situation. And speaking of irrational decisions, was Bluestar really dumb enough to believe that Sunstar was so stupid and irrational that he would pick somebody as violent as Thistleclaw to guide his clan? And that brings us to our final reason, my friends!

Reason #3: Sunstar’s Wisdom
If Bluestar really respected and trusted her leader, she quite obviously supported him. Would she support a leader who believed that her enemy would make a good deputy? Obviously not!

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  • halfpaw who finally drew her profile pic and is the fluffiest chimera cat who used to be cinnamonpaw who likes indie pop (you can call me pumpkin/cinnamon/halfpaw/ or halfheart) says:

    Great article! 😀

  • I think that Bluestar made the right choice. She did it for her Clan. It’s not her fault her kits died.
    Lost In The Woods

  • Yes and we can’t forget this quote,

    Bluefur blinked. “What about Thistleclaw?” She had to know why Sunstar hadn’t chosen the fierce young warrior instead of her. Does he know about the prophecy?
    Sunstar stared into the trees. “Thistleclaw would be a popular choice,” he conceded. “No cat can doubt his courage, or his battle skills, or his pride in his Clan. But I don’t want my Clan to be led into endless fighting. Our borders are strong enough without being marked over and over in blood. ThunderClan deserves to live in peace, and I believe you can give it that.”
    Bluefur hesitated, her mind swirling with images of her kits, of Oakheart with moonlight on his fur, and of Thistleclaw glistening with blood.

    Sunstar literally states that he would have never chosen Thistleclaw, I don’t understand why people still defend her with this.

  • Even though Goosefeather was unreliable,he had special powers(i think,like,goosefeather’s curse??) and it might’ve been true after all.
    And She didn’t just give her kits to RC just because she didn’t like Thistleclaw. Thistleclaw would’ve marked thunderclan’s paths with blood,like Tigerstar.
    Her loyalty to her clans is more stronger then her choice for kin,and i respect that.
    Sunstar might’ve picked Thistleclaw,even though he said he was much too violent to be deputy,if Bluestar was a queen,he could’ve picked Thistleclaw.

  • I had not considered it! Bluestar could have left her kits in Thrushpelt’s charge, and Mosskit wouldn’t have died 🙁

  • I love Bluestar, and while giving up her kits…was not her best decision, she seemed to think it was the right decision… Great article!

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