[Mapleshade lying down as she bleeds from a wound, saying "Leave me alone. I don't need anyone."]

Was Mapleshade REALLY evil or just misunderstood? by Jinx

Jinx wonders if Mapleshade truly was evil or not.

Art by Mizu-no-Akira

Okay, so I know a lot of Ravenwing fans and Appledusk fans and others will disagree with this, and that’s fine. This is my opinion on whether or not everything bad that happened in the forest (mainly in The Prophecies Begin) is mostly Ravenwing’s fault. (Also, this article will show my opinion on whether Mapleshde is misunderstood, or evil)

First, Mapleshade. Sure, Mapleshade broke the warrior code by having kits with a RiverClan cat (but c’mon sooo many people ship MaplexApple). But did Ravenwing have to go and tell everyone? And really. Did she really have to be banished? I mean, Graystripe wasn’t banished when he had kits with a RiverClan cat, he chose to leave. Anyway, if Ravenwing hadn’t told on Mapleshade, she wouldn’t have murdered him, her kits wouldn’t have drowned, Appledusk wouldn’t have disowned her, and Mapleshade technically wouldn’t have turned evil.

Next- Tigerstar. So, we all know, or at least most of us know, that Mapleshade pretty much turned Tigerstar into what he became, a murderer and traitor. So, yeah, that was her fault. But. But like I said, Mapleshade wouldn’t have even wanted revenge on ThunderClan if it weren’t for Ravenwing. So again, it can be traced back to Ravenwing.

Finally, Crookedstar. Okay, so the deaths in his life were already going to happen. Mapleshade was just being a bit rude and mean and made him think they were all his fault when they weren’t. Also, Mapleshade turned him into a great warrior through training him. And she told him not to fall in love, because she saw him as her own son, and did not want him to experience the pain she did.

So, in conclusion, Mapleshade was not evil in my opinion. She was just misunderstood. And Ravenwing, come on. Did you really have to ruin her life? Anyways, yes, I agree she did some bad things, even murderous things, but you can’t say she was truly evil. She had a hard life, and think, wouldn’t you kind of want revenge on Appledusk, Ravenwing and ThunderClan. I know I would.
Also, read this carefully, and see that technically, all things can be traced back to Ravenwing in the end.

BTW, I know she shouldn’t have killed Ravenwing, but seriously, did she actually have to be labeled EVIL and go to the Dark Forest for it? Nope, nada, goose eggs. Not in my opinion, at least.

Oki, thanks for reading! Be sure to leave your opinions in the comments below, I might feature them in my next article!

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  • I agree, partly. First there was not a single chance that Ravenwing could possibly know that mapleshads kits would die. He just did what he have been theached to do his whole life. And he barely new mapleshade. Imagine you have done something in on path your whole life(in Ravenwings case, following the warrior code). Then a cat that you barely know ask you to go against the God that you believe in(Starclan). Im sure the most of the people would act almost the same.

    And she didnt have to kill cats, become evil, try to kill even more cats, die , then try to make other living cats do the dirty work, then try to kill cats herself by going back to the clan.

    And the kits death was an accident

  • I agree! Raven got that prophetsy about a Reed in the river. But it could also mean that REED-shine shoulde’t be with Apple! Omg! Also some ppl blame Maple for Crooked’s family’s death’s but Maple just knew they would die! She didn’t cause it! She just KNEW it would happen. Raven didn’t have to tell Oak tho. He knew Oak and I think he knew hpw Oak would react. So he,yeah, well, destroyed her whole life. OM Gawddd Raven good job! * claps* No,bad Raven. YOU GOT YPURSELF. KILLED. THAT ISN’T SMART OF YOU.