My favorite warrior cats from least to greatest by Kestrelfeather

Kestrelfeather lists their favourite characters from the series.

Official art by Wayne McLoughlin

Hello again it’s me Kestrelfeather I’ve seen a lot of people do these kind of articles so here I go


Ah gray stripe the funny lovable fatty. I like him because of his dedication and his personality. He would do anything for his friends and family even through himself into danger for them which he proves when he’s captured by twolegs. And then his personality he’s just a lovable ball and can definitely cheer me up.


Ok so most of you have this higher but she’s not to much for me I mean I love her and it’s so sad what she goes through but I’m the first books she’s a little rude. But I still like her for her faithfulness and loyalty to her sister and her smarts when she gets older and I feel so bad at how she is treated I HATE YOU BRAMBLESTAR!!!!


She’s just cool I like how she’s just so independent and I like how fernsong sees that in her and helps her with her issues. I also like the drama between her and her sister and her bravery to go Into the dark forest. And I feel what she feels about her jealousy and how she feels it’s unfair.


She’s like a more rebal version of ivypool. She does some bad things in the past but her bravery to die for violetshine is just so so heart breaking for violetshine to see but it’s just she’s just so brave needletail I can’t explain it and feel she should have lived longer. And she was the only one their for violetshine through and through and it’s just amazing. I also love the ship alderXneedle. It was cute in the first two books and I really like to see alderheart happy.


I feel so bad for her and the pain she has to go through. I love yellow fangs secret and that’s were I’m coming not from the first 4 books. She’s just so great she helps everyone dispite her clan being against her. And her family her own father says to exile her what the junk is that?! But through all of that she still helps her clan it’s just so amazing.


I like her she’s just cool. She handles things nicely and is a great leader of her clan. But the reason I like her the most is because of her great leadership this is how all the leaders should be. I believe she’s even better at it then firestar. She still wants peace but I understand her distrust and all she had to go through with darktail and keeping her clan together.


He’s just calm and I like MicahXmoth. He literally leaves his home and friends with moth flight and becomes the medicine cat of skyclan were clear sky is a judgement-tal flea bag but still helps skyclan the best he can even though nobody likes him. Then he does everything to save windclan by getting that sap and CLEAR SKY KILLES HIM then says yeah I’m sorry. Like he really is?! I just love micahs dedication


My favorite book is Crookedstars promise I just love it. I love crookedstar and how he just keeps going after every death of his loved ones and deals with rainflowers cruelty and his new name. And keeps no grudge against his brother oakheart and still loves him instead of getting jealous. And his leadership was one of the best riverclan had besides riverstar. I just love him


I love him like you might have seen before he reminds me of my anxiety but he gets through it to help his clan and hes just amazing ok

And number 1 drumroll please……

1-gray wing

Yep this is a normal favorite he’s just so kind and I like that he’s not an important leader of medicine cat or something he’s just a normal cat just helping out. And I hate how clear sky stole all his girls. But I love his relationship with turtle tail and his one with slate isn’t that bad but I’m glad he find peace before he paces and made a difference that would shape the clans forever.

So those are my top 10 favorite warrior cats!

Fan Articles


  • Clear Sky stole all his girls? I mean, I adore Gray Wing incredibly much, but Clear Sky didn’t stole anyone from Gray Wing. Gray Wing just thought that Clear Sky was a lucky cat because of Bright Stream, it was never clear if Gray Wing had actually feelings for Bright Stream. And about Storm, well, that was her choice. Clear Sky couldn’t know that Gray Wing liked her. Also, Gray Wing had a good life with Slate, even though it was short. That Clear Sky mated the cat Gray Wing was in love with, something that Clear Sky could have never known, doesn’t mean that Clear Sky stole all of Gray Wing’s girls. It also was Storm’s choice. If she wanted Gray Wing, she would’ve mated him instead of Clear Sky.