My top 5 least favorite warrior cats and why I hate them by Fallenfeather

Fallenfeather lists some of their least favourite characters from the series.

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Hey guys :3 It’s Fallenfeather coming at ya with her first article, so please don’t give hate in the comments because I know I ain’t that great at writing. Today I’m going to be talking about my top 5 least favorite warriors and why I don’t like them. So let’s get started! *CONTAINS SPOILERS FOR MANY WARRIORS BOOKS*

5. Onestar
Let me just say that I LOVED Onestar when he was a warrior. He was kind and I loved his and Firestar’s friendship, so I never understood why as soon as he became leader their relationship just started to crumble as quick at a Ritz cracker!! It made me so mad. And that part in Crowfeather’s Trial where all the warriors of Windclan were fighting over if Breezepelt was really loyal or not. This took place literally the day that Breezepelt found out that Nightcloud was “dead”. And where was Onestar when all this was all happening? WHO KNOWS! He was probably sitting on his bottom in his den wondering if he should eat a rabbit or a vole.

4. Ashfur
Again let me just say that I didn’t always hate Ashfur….. that was until he tried to kill 4 cats, which was really unnecessary. He literally spend the rest of his life after The New Prophecy mourning over a cat that never loved him in the first place. I mean I can see why he was sad and all, but did he really have to go along and kill her father and try to murder her adopted kits? And by the way The Broken Code is looking it looks like he hasn’t given up yet.

3. Darkstripe
There’s not much I can say on him, but for some reason I just never liked him. Well the reason I probably don’t like him is because he killed Stonefur!!! I mean who kills a cat because their trying to protect 2 innocent kits?! (yeah I’m looking at you Tigerstar) The reason he’s not lower on my list is because I have a whole fan fiction of why he turned evil and stuff, but we won’t get into that.

2. Brokenstar
I mean do I have to really explain this? He makes innocent kits go into battle and makes kits start training at 2 moons and if they survive names them warriors at 4 moons, WHEN THEY STILL SHOULD BE SUCKLING AT THEIR MOTHER”S BELLY!

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