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Both sides of Mapleshade’s story by Tigerstar the second

Tigerstar the second takes a look at Mapleshade’s life.

Art by Mythic Flame

hi people warning for spoilers for generally any book with Mapleshade in it you have been warned

The side of the innocent Mapleshade:
Ok let’s begin at the start of Mapleshade’s Vengeance she and Appledusk are totally in love and that is fine. When she had kits she intended to tell the clan once they are apprentices which is also fine . Frecklewish ( I think that’s her name) automatically assumes that they are her brothers kits NOT giving Mapleshade the chance to say anything different. Soon after Ravenwing Ruins everything by telling Oakstar and this is where things start to fall apart. She is hissed and clawed at by frecklewish and she is exiled with her kits. DOES THIS SOUND FAIR TO ANY ONE?! So Mapleshade goes to a place she hopes will be safe for her and the kits ,Riverclan now remember that she is Thunderclan and do dose’t know about the river it floods. And her kits are killed (que sad violin music) She is then rejected by Appledumb called a MISTAKE EXILED AGAIN found out she’s been CHEATED on and sent away without a vigil for her kits. At this point defending her becomes harder. Now at this stage she either hallucinates has mental problems or gets actual visits from Starclan as she starts seeing visions of her dead kits calling out for vengeance so she kills Ravenwing Appledusk and Frecklewish who in my opinion all deserved it. Perchpaw I think kills her and she goes to the Dark Forest where she kills even MORE cats and goes sorta crazy and from this point I don’t know what to say so…,

The Evil/Psycho Mapleshade:
Mapleshade BREAKS the CODE and had kits with Appledusk. Once the clan finds out she lies to them and says they are Birchfaces and her kits. Ravenwing does his duty as a Medicine cat and tells Oakstar where he does HIS duty and exiled her she takes her kits to Riverclan where she is lazy and instead of going across the further away bridge she swims across the river and her kits…..die DUN DUN DUN
She is exiled once more and is called a mistake by Appledusk which if we consider it is always sad
At this point crazy weird psycho Mappleshade emerges

Now I think that Mapleshade is not the only villain in the book but when she goes to the dark forest that is when I can’t justify her actions so I’m going to finish with she’s awesome but crazy like really crazy
Tell me ur opinions in the comments byeee ppl

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  • Mapleshade is sad, and if you ask me to defend her or not, I would say YES DEFINITELY
    But killing cats are bad 🙁

  • I really think Ashfur was like Mapleshade. And where did that fleabag go? StarClan! While Mapleshade is in the Dark Forest where they make her evil and she threatens the existence of the Clans. Mapleshade is misunderstood and she go to the Dark Forest. Ashfur is jealous and horrible and goes to StarClan. Honestly StarClan use your brain and don’t skim over their files like Mapleshade: killed cats and Ashfur: did not kill cats when the files are actually Mapleshade: Kits die, she hallucinate where her kits tell her have revenge, she kill cats Ashfur: Did not get preferred mate, attempts to kill cats dear to ideal mate, is a fleabag in general. (Yes sorry, I suppose this was a rant about how much I hate Ashfur but it was Mapleshade related!)

    • That’s because starclan always hated Maple but l.o.v.e.d. Ash. They never helped Maple and ler me say this ( left her to die) she didn’t even get ro see her kits one last time and all she did was for them. Starclan also send her the hallucinations of her kits telling her to kill. Ashfur tries to kill Fire ( My poor boy) Holly,Lion and Jay HOW DARE HE TRY TO KILL MY JAY AND HOLLY!? HOWWWWW.. And he goe’s to starclan? Starclan the villians of warrior not the df cats. They’re heroes 👍( haha they’re not 🥲) Moral of this story: Starclan is mousebrains mixed with Foxhearts ( no offense Foxheart) and idiots. Jdidbdhsil3bjdizkbejdioeodkjfuxurbbzuduud ( sorry lost it a little)

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