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Analyzing Warrior Villains — Misunderstood?? by Shadowsong

Shadowsong takes a look at some of the villains from the series.

Art by Midnight19488

Okay you guys!
First of, I just want to say that I freaking’ love villains! Any other villain fans out there?They always find their way into my heart 🙂 This is what I think of the villains. I am not trying to make excuses for them, because what they did to the other clan cats will never be okay… But…. It might be understandable.
I believe that all of the warrior cat villains had something that caused their ‘villain-ness’, something that triggered them. And maybe we shouldn’t hate on the villains as much as we may have in the past. Let me give some examples. Lets put our paws in their world for a moment…

Probably the biggest example of this would be Scourge. He was a kit like any other. He wanted to learn, love, and play. But because Scourge (Tiny then) was born a runt, his littermates, Socks and Ruby, felt he was too different, too small, too… weird. So they ignored, bullied, scared, and teased Scourge mercilessly. Socks and Ruby wanted him to die. Scourge felt worthless. To make matters worse, when Scourge felt threatened to the point he needs to run away to stay alive, he came face to face with Tigerpaw (who grew up to be Tigerclaw, Tigerstar) who taught him a too harsh lesson. He was hurt to the point where he couldn’t feel anymore, which caused blind anger, and lead to an unfortunate death. Scourge needed to be loved. Misunderstood? Definitely.

If there was to be voted a mad-man in the Warriors series, it would be Brokenstar, at least, that’s my opinion. He was a curse from StarClan, but I don’t think that made him born evil, I think he just was born more stubborn and a fighter. I don’t think Brokenstar would have been evil if it hadn’t been for Lizardstripe, Raggedstar, mocking apprentices, and I guess (I’m hesitant to say) Yellowfang. I understand love is hard, trust me, but I’m only saying Yellowfang because she broke the code and was cursed. But! Lizardstripe, when they surrendered Brokenkit to her, she didn’t want him, she didn’t care or love him. Raggedstar, being bitter about Yellowfangs decision, hyped Brokenstar up, making him aggressive, power-hungry, and feeling the need to prove himself. Which lead to Raggedstars death. All that Brokenstar needed was motherly love. Misunderstood? I think so.

I’m not going to go deep into this because I just recently read an article talking about Mapleshade. But if it hadn’t been for Frecklewish, Ravenwing, and Appledusk, Mapleshade would not have been evil. Frecklewish assumed big-time, and watched Mapleshades kits drown, & caused Mapleshade to be exiled from ThunderClan. Ravenwing got real nosy, even though Mapleshade was making decent choices. And Appledusk cheated, dropped Mapleshade hard-core, called her a mistake, and encouraged Darkstar to chase her out, RiGhT AfTeR ThEiR KiTs hAd JuSt dRoWnEd. Mapleshade, misunderstood? I think yes.

There are many examples of Villains that just had stupid family problems 🙁

~Hawkfrost also didn’t grow up with a mom, and didn’t fit in and was bullied, he only felt he fit in with Tigerstar, his evil-influencing father.
~Darktail was just like Brokenstar, but opposite –Darktail didn’t grow up with a dad, and his mom taught him to be bitter and prove himself. (WHY ONESTAR!? WHY!?!?!)
~Ivypool, not a villain, but family issues, with Dovewing especially, lead to her desire to prove herself and get training from the dark forest.
~Ashfur, not a villain to me at all. Just like Yellowfang said, he loved too much
~ Breezepelt, also sorta like Darktail, and Brokenstar. He felt neglected by his father, and was jealous. He just needed a good father.

~Tigerstar didn’t grow up with a dad. And his dad became a kittypet, which caused bullying and the need to prove himself. Also later to remove half-clan cats (mudbloods!), maybe he secretly didn’t want them to go through the same thing he did…. But he didn’t have to murder so many innocent cats!!! And continue to hate even after his death! Ugh…

I could keep ranting about this…. LOL
It was not their fault they were bad, so lets not hate them so much. Again, I’m not making excuses for them, just understanding their point of views more 🙂 #inlovewithvillains #villainlover

Haha, anyway… This is just my opinion, but I would love to hear your feedback and comments, I love seeing other people’s point of views.

Stay happy…

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  • Ahhhhhhhh! I really do not like Ashfur at all! He was way so upset but still sane and attemts to kill cats close to Squirrelflight because she unknowingly took another cat as a mate making Ashfur angry for 0 reason.

  • My fave villains:
    Mapleshade ( I don’t think she’s innocent but she isn’t one of the classic power loving bad guys. And plus she just awesome.) also why aren’t there more female villains in warrior cats?

    Sol( I love him. He wanted power yeah but he was put just oh I’m big and bad and I’m gonna kill u if use don’t do what I say bad guy. He was manipulative, and was able to destroy Shadow clan.

    Scourge( Lol I like him. I also like how he kills Tigerstar)

    Ashfur is cool too

    My least favorite

    Tigerstar (oh no another big bad British villain who will fight to get power and revenge)

    Dark tail( lol he’s a good bad guy I just think he’s really annoying. AND HE KILLED NEEDLETAIL! I demand justice)

    Bramblestar( lol he is an abusive, controlling, manipulative, stubborn, entitled cat. He is a villain and no one can convince me otherwise I mean the way he treats Squirrelflight is horrid)

  • Yes all of them are misunderstood I personally feel really bad for mapleshade! B
    ut for me my big question is who is not a the villain in warrior cats?