My Thoughts On The Villains by Shatteredmask

Shatteredmask shares their thoughts on the antagonists from the series.

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Hello, I am Shatteredmask and this is an article where I rank every villain in Warrior Cats (except Snowtuft, Silverhawk etc.)!
I’m very excited 😛

Spoilers for pretty much the entire series, Crookedstar’s Promise, Mapleshade’s Vengeance, Tigerclaw’s Fury and DotC.
Let’s begin.

Tigerstar – 7/10
I love Tigerstar, but (here’s the part where you all get to hate me) I don’t think he’s evil.
HOLD ON HOLD LET ME EXPLAIN. (There is spoilers for Yellowfang’s Secret now)

So Tigerstar is left without a father when he is a kit. His father is a kittypet now.
Remember any other cats who had a father that was a kittypet?
Raggedpelt/star and Scorchfur.
These two were bullied constantly because of their father, and the Clan didn’t even know their father was a kittypet! They just assumed it!
So what about Tigerkit, who’s Clan actually knew for sure that Pinestar was a kittypet?
It would be even worse.
Now, onto Thistleclaw’s impact on Tigerpaw/star’s life. Everyone says Thistleclaw trained Tigerstar to be a ruthless killer.
Maybe that was true, but really, he was the only one that actually cared about Tigerpaw/star. His mother was awful and his father was not there.
And then we come to another similar character: Sol.
All in all, I think it was Mapleshade’s fault he turned evil.

Hawkfrost – 2/10
Okay. Here’s my big secret guys.
I hate Hawkfrost. He’s extremely overrated.
He’s like a mix of Scourge and Mapleshade, except really boring.
He’s got a sad backstory! But nothing he does links to that. At all. I think I would like him more if he tried to drown Firestar (because his brother drowned).

Scourge – 8/10
I LOVE this guy! He’s just so small, yet so intimidating and he’s SO UNDERRATED!

Darktail – 5/10
Ehhhhhhh he’s okay. I find him too similar to Scourge, but at the same time much more out of control of his cats, which I’m not too keen on.

Mapleshade – 102/10
I LOVE HER SO MUCH. I don’t know how many times I’ve told someone I love Mapleshade, and they’ve said ‘Yeah, but she’s so evil, how can you defend her?’
And I haven’t told them anything else.
I love Mapleshade for her villainous acts. I don’t defend her in any way, shape, or form. Except for her kits’ deaths, but let’s not go into that.
She manipulates so many cats! Crookedstar’s Promise is AMAZING. It’s so incredible.
I literally don’t know how to express my love for this book 😛

Sleekwhisker – 6/10
Ah, I don’t know. The whole Tawnypelt, Yarrowleaf and Yarrowleaf’s kits situation was amazing, but everything else was okay. I like her personality, and the fact that there’s a sassy leader villain, but overall she’s a bit ‘meh’.

Brokenstar – 5/10
He’s… great? I don’t really remember him, but I remember him being extremely evil, and I liked his backstory.

Thistleclaw – 6/10
Didn’t like him when he was alive, loved him when he was dead. The whole thing in Spottedleaf’s Heart was just… no. NO. That WASN’T good, Thistleclaw.
My favourite part was in OotS when he said ‘I had an apprentice once. She didn’t pass her warrior ceremony.’ or something like that. I found it so cool.

Darkstripe – 3/10
I honestly don’t like him that much, he was a follower, and I don’t like followers.

Oof have I forgotten anyone *goes onto warrior cats website* nope!
The ranks:

9. Hawkfrost
8. Darkstripe
7. Brokenstar
6. Darktail
5. Thistleclaw
4. Sleekwhisker
3. Tigerstar
2. Scourge
1. Mapleshade

That’s all for now! See you next time! Shatteredmask out!

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