My least favorite non-villain cats by Whiterabbit

Whiterabbit discusses their least favourite characters from the series.

Artwork by Evi1Wo1f

So, I decided to make an article about my least favorite cats to express my feelings about some of them. I decided to make it non-villains because that would be more interesting.

I’m not sure why I don’t like Blossomfall. Maybe it’s because she trained in the Dark Forest for no real reason. Some people say it was because she didn’t like how Millie was only paying attention to Briarlight, and not to her, but Millie had a reason. She was born a kittypet, and younger cats wouldn’t have to help older cats in Twolegplace. She was probably just worrying about other consequences of clan life and put her energy into doing all she could to help her injured kit. I think that Blossomfall did not react very well to Millie’s actions, and she doesn’t have the right to be jealous of a cat who has lost the use of her hind legs.

Another one of Graystripe’s kits. He is an okay character in general, but I don’t like the way he keeps on pushing Dovewing to have kits with him. If Dovewing doesn’t want to have kits, then she doesn’t have to. I don’t think that Dovewing even wanted to have anything to do with Bumblestripe. He, and the rest of ThunderClan it seems, wanted Dovewing to mate with Bumblestripe, but Dovewing has the right to choose for herself. If she wants to be left alone, then leave her alone! Okay, Bumblestripe?

So, I just talked about Bumblestripe being not very nice to Dovewing about being her mate and having kits, but I don’t like Dovewing very much either. The reason that most people don’t like her is that she complained about the powers given to her by StarClan and said that she didn’t want to be special, and then when her powers were taken away, she complained about not having her powers, but I can see why that happened. I don’t think she ever complained about her powers, but she complained about the fact that she was chosen, that she was special, that she had all this responsibility. And after the battle, she lost her powers, and to her, it probably felt like she was blind. Anyway, this is not a defense article for Dovewing, so I’ll get on with the reasons that I don’t like her. She just altogether seems like a whiny, spoiled cat. She’s one of those perfect, pretty, kitties that doesn’t have problems. She does have some problems, but unlike her sister who was investigating the Dark Forest’s plans, she doesn’t do a whole lot. I think that Dovewing is definitely lazier than Ivypool because she can just use her powers. Also, Dovewing didn’t do a lot of stuff to help with the Dark Forest battle. Ivypool deserves all the credit! (You’ve probably figured out one of my favorite cats by now.) So, those are the reasons that I don’t like Dovewing.

Dustpelt is okay, but I just feel like he could have been a bit more open. At first, he and Sandstorm didn’t like having Firestar in the clan. They taunted him, while Graystripe and Ravenpaw were his friends. Eventually, Sandstorm started to realize that Firestar was a good cat and capable of being a very good friend to cats who were not mean to him. Dustpelt still didn’t like Firestar, and when I reread the series, all I wanted was to hop into the book and scream at Dustpelt to stop taunting him because he was going to be clan leader eventually. So, I dislike Dustpelt for obvious reasons.

He was a really good friend to Firestar as Onewhisker, but he became Onestar and suddenly got all aggressive and mean, and he practically jumps out of his fur every time he finds a perfect chance to ambush Firestar’s clan. If it weren’t for Firestar’s clan, Onewhisker could be dead, and Mudclaw could be ruling WindClan, and Onewhisker could be watching the destruction of his clan from StarClan. ThunderClan had helped WindClan numerous times before, but now WindClan is being not so nice thanks to Onestar. He used the tunnels as a way to attack ThunderClan. That’s all he saw the tunnels as useful for. I almost started to wonder if he was taken over by an impostor after losing one of his lives, but his last life showed that he was still sane, though using deathberries is much more efficient for killing your son than fighting until you both drown in the lake. Anyway, I dislike Onestar for obvious reasons.

You can tell why I hate Ashfur. He was a bad cat! I don’t know why he made it to StarClan. He tried to kill four cats! He plotted with Brambleclaw, the cat who stole his love, to kill Firestar! He was just trying to hurt Squirrelflight, and he wanted to kill anybody that Squirrelflight held dear. After Squirrelflight rejected him, he began plotting revenge. He didn’t care who he had to make allies with. He didn’t care what the clan thought of him. He just wanted to hurt her like she had accidentally hurt him. Oh, and I don’t think it’s right to say that Ashfur loved Squirrelflight, because if you call trying to kill their father and kits loving someone, then you are a monster. Also, this is starting to remind me of a certain song from Hamilton…

So, my next cat is my least favorite cat in the whole warriors universe. Can you guess who it is? (drumroll please) Appledusk! I hate Appledusk so much. He the absolute least favorite cat for a lot of people, but in the warriors series, he went to StarClan basically as a hero. Mapleshade had his kits, but Mapleshade was from a different clan. The kits died because of mostly Appledusk not wanting to swim into the river to get them because at least Mapleshade tried. Then, he might have been on the target list for Mapleshade, but I’ve forgotten because it’s been at least oh, I don’t know, two years since I read the book. Anyway, Appledusk protected his mate from his actual clan (oh did I forget to mention that Appledusk as CHEATING on Mapleshade in a cross-clan relationship. Who would do that!), and died taking her death blow. Appledusk should have gone to the Dark Forest because he neglected kits in danger, and he mated with a cat from another clan, and he had probably been lying to his clanmates and meeting Mapleshade for a while but instead, the little devil floated right up to StarClan, and Mapleshade had to go to the Dark Forest. THAT IS SO UNFAIR!

Anyway, I hope you liked this article! Comment if you have any other cats that are generally disliked, or if you disagree with me for any of these. Goodbye!


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  • I completely agree with the Onestar one, but I would change one thing: if it wasn’t for Firestar in general, Onestar would’ve been dead long before now. Firestar saved his ungrateful butt twice: in the BloodClan battle when Scourge was about to kill Onewhisker, and when Onewhisker was saving the ShadowClan kit and was about to get crushed by a tree instead; instead of Onewhisker, Firestar lost a life both times to save his friend. So, long story short, if it wasn’t for Firestar sacrificing himself to save Onewhisker those two times, the latter would have died a long time ago.

    shame on you, onestar

  • Okay, here’s what I think:

    • Blossomfall

    I honestly think that Millie was so mean and rude to Blossomfall. I get that Briarlight needed more attention and stuff, but the way she treated Blossomfall is inexcusable!

    • Bumblestripe

    Yesss! Bumblestripe is the worst, end of conversation.

    • Dovewing

    I love Dovewing! She can be whiny at times, but literally everyone is(including Ivypool, who I like too) Anyway, having powers would be hard, and Ivypool can’t judge her based on that, because she has never had powers! Also, I was sad when Dovewing left ThunderClan, but Tigerheart is way, way better than Bumblestripe!

    • Dustpelt

    Dustpelt was so annoying in the first series, but he wasn’t that bad in the rest of the series. I think Ferncloud was really good for him. He can be gruff, but he has a good heart!

    • Onestar

    ONESTAR IS A JERK! Firestar risked his life multiple times for him, and he just brushed it off and acts super aggressive! Ugh!

    • Ashfur

    Yes, yes, yes! Ashfur stinks.

    • Appledusk!
    • I am disgusted! I hate Appledusk! He should not have been let into StarClan.

    Well, that’s it! Sorry if I hurt someone’s feelings or anything! I respect everyone’s opinions! Bye, guys! 😁