[Spottedleaf looks over her shoulder at Firestar who stands behind her]

Does Spottedleaf wish she were mates with Firestar by Snowcloud

Snowcloud wonders if Spottedleaf wished she were mates with Firestar.

Art by Vialir (separate; unknown editor)

Hi my name is Snowcloud and I just love the Warrior cat series.
And the answer is yes!😃 she loved Firestar but thought he deserved someone he could actually be with. First of all Spottedleaf was Firestar’s first crush, but it would be against the Warrior code to be with her. (I really feel sorry for Spottedleaf) though in the end Sandstorm won Firestars heart and Spottedleaf is fine with that, because she made Firestar happy and she said so herself before she faded away when Mapleshade killed her. In the book The Last Hope, and it was important for Firstar to mate with Sandstorm because if not the prophecy of three would not be fufilled. And a little comment before I go on with the article in my opinion Firestar is one of the greatest leaders in Warriors.
One other interesting fact about Firestar and Sandstorm is that at first Sandstorm was suspicious of him for being a “kittypet” and it took a while for her to completly trust him. On their journey they took together though she asked him if he loved her more than Spottedleaf, I think he was uncomfortable with that question but answers that he does love her. Though I am sure Sandstorm has her suspicions. ( I hope Spottedleaf was not listening) And even though in starclan medicine cats can not have mates anyway I think it would be torture for Firestar to see Spottedleaf and not be able to be with her anyway. So even if Firestar could be mates with Spottedleaf, it would throw of the prophecy of Lionblaze, Jayfeather and Dovewing. : Three kin of your kin will hold the power of the stars in their paws. In conclusion Spottedleaf could not be with Firestar even if she was not a medicine cat, they did share a fondness for each other. And even when she was dead she still visited his dreams to warn him about danger. Like when Jayfeather was visited by Brambleberry who told him that the clans were like a honeysuckle each branch fighting for the sun’s rays but in the winter they had to really on the roots.

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  • Although I don’t ship her with Firestar, Spottedleaf is one of my favorite cats! She’s so sweet and I love her a lot! <333

  • Spottedleaf and Firestar would be a great ship! But that would be against the code. She’s a great cat! She didn’t deserve to die! 🙁

  • I am not an spottedleaf supporter, but dosen’t mean she’s a bad cat. Honestly I love spottedleaf personality as much as I do as sandstorms. But if spottedleaf was firestar mate here are the possibilities. Possibilty #1. Firepaw saved spottedleaf, Spottedleaf and firepaw confesses there love and make a decision to run away from camp. And if they do that the clan well be in danger. And no sandxfire means No = Leafpool squirrelflight (If you love leaf or squirrel they well never existed because of sand didn’t be mates with firestar ) That also means there well not be any power of three! Possibilty #2. They probably have kits secretly (just like yellowfang and leafpool) But who well be nursing them? Well anyone tell there little secret? What If someone finds out, Well the get exiled then? The possibilities and questions are endless! And who well go in firestar dream and tell him signs and omens? So spottedleaf death was unfair but also helpful in the future I used to love her in into the wild, but now all I think of her is a good cat TBH She is a hero in a different way by warning firestar in his dreams. People say she is an stalker, ( I am not an spottedleaf supporter when I explain) I can get why people say she is a stalker. Yes it true that she gose in about every single dream he had, but there is a good reason why. First of all she tells him omens. It was nice of her to risk her life for sandstorm that tell you she is a good cat to not give her too much hatred to her. I am not an spottedleaf fan but I’m just stating don’t give her a hard time she is an very amazing she-cat. Snowcloud I love the article very much keep making more. ( I love firexsand.) Now tell me if you think I’m right about stuff I said and I’m not trying to be mean to sandxfire because I cope with that. Now cya later my Blogclaners. By- Lovelydawn

  • This is an interesting point of view on it. I think I agree and firestar and sandstorm is better. Hate on this all you like, but I’m a cinderpelt and firestar shipper

  • I think she didn’t really want to, she only loved him. Firestar also did have feelings to her too but the true answer is no. She didn’t want to be mates with firestar. Firestar and Spottedleaf were only exs with firestar. SandXFire is the true ship and all. But spottedxfire is a ex’s ship. So they technically both wanted to. Firestar loved spottedleaf ( thinking good things about her.) the same spottedleaf thought too. They felt connected. And also they respected each other. They possibly had wanted to be mates. But spottedleaf died. And now it’s too late to say I love you and plus she’s a medicene cat. So he couldn’t really say it. He wasn’t confident. So it’s forbidden if there still in love. Spottedleaf had faded and firestar had been in starclan. There separated. If they lived they’d continue they’re relationship and become true lovers. And become bold and true ex’s. But clawface a broad brown Tom from Shadowclan just killed spottedleaf. And plus in the great battle spottedleaf had been overprotective to the sleek pale-ginger she-cat who hadn’t noticed the situation. Spottedleaf then fades. Firestar was so gonna want to have a ex. But spottedleaf fades making it to late to express the feeling. Although sandstorm was luckily alive, and firestar than sabes sandstorm again after the battle ( sandstorm is about the fall off gorge ). But firestar was confident and overprotective as spottedleaf in that battle he saved sandstorm and achieved sandstorms heart.

  • When cats die the second time do they stop existing or do they just go to nothing. If they go to nothing the next Broken Code book should be called the Endless Void, and Rootspring, Bristlefrost, and Shadowsight bring back all of the StarClan cats who went to nothing.(I know this sounds ridiculous!)

  • I think Firestar and Sandstorm are better than Firestar and Spottedleaf, even though Spottedleaf is not bad, but Firestar and Cinderpelt? Who even thought this up? I do not think medicine cats should be in ships because its against the warrior code ^_^ But my secret is I love Cinderpelt x Littlecloud. One of my fave ships.

  • Is good but maybe right sometimes where you are talking from like spotted leaf and fire stars perspective and right if they were mates ever though it would change thing it would make it better . But still so good ! 🙂

  • I don’t think sandstorm is perfect for him but maybe in starclan he can talk to spottedleaf and have a relationship with her till sandstorm dies and joins them.

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