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Jayfeather Ships: Ya or Na by Topazkit

Topazkit shares what she thinks of non-canon Jayfeather ships.

Art by chyllii (tumblr)

Hi it’s Topazkit and this is my second ever article! I will be looking at different Jayfeather ship by the warriors fandom! I asked people on the tavern to tell me different Jayfeather ships and I will tell you how I feel about them. When I say YA, that means this ship is okay. When I say NA, that means I don’t really like the ship. And when I say DECIDING, it means I don’t know what to think of the ship.

1) Jayfeather x Stick
To be honest, I think this is a joke. But I guess there are people out there who hardcore ship this ship. When Jayfeather finds the stick, he uses it to speak to Rock. The stick really did make Jayfeather happy but I don’t think Jayfeather had any romantic feeling for a stick. So because this is kinda a joke, I will say NA

2) Halfmoon x Jayfeather
Ok I think is might be the more popular ship in the community. One big part of it is that Halfmoon fell in love with Jay’s Wing, who is being played by Jayfeather. And it may be controversial, but I thought they truly fell in love. Too bad he had to go back. (Don’t tell me otherwise cuz I haven’t read all of OoTS) So because I think they really did love eachother, I will say YA

3) Jayfeather x Briarlight
This too, is another popular ship. When Briarlight has to stay in the medicine cat den, they form a bond. Some people think it’s a romantic bond, and some don’t. But I feel like there is no romantic feelings in between them. I just don’t want Briarlight to die. 🙁 Anyway, I will give this ship a NA because I don’t think there is any romantic feelings.

4) Jayfeather x Breezepelt
I was low-key surprised when I read this ship. You already know what I’m going to say for this ship, but I’ll talk about it anyway. Breezepelt tried to straight up murder poor Jayboi. Breezepelt hated him with all his might. Also, I know he was mad but STILL. If you want to attack someone because your dad had an affair, attack your dad. Sorry Crowfeather. I hope this ship is a joke. Breezepelt get your stinky pelt outta here because I’m saying NA

5) Jayfeather x Fallen Leaves
Umm, I dont really know about this ship but I’ll take it.

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    1. I don’t like this oneeee
    2. i ship halfxjay’s wing but not Jayfeather they’re different cats and I hate half moon :p
    3. tHeYrE jUsT frIenDs nOt EvErY tWo pEoplE oF thE oPpOsiTe gEndEr nEed tO liKe eAcH oThER
    4. I don’t ship this, but I can understand where people who haven’t read all of pot are coming from when they say they ship this, seeing as they don’t know that breeze and jay are related
    5. my favorite of the bunch, I like jay and fallen’s interactions and they’d make a good couple, bUT I don’t ship this bc i headcanon jay as aroace and not interested in any of thAt :3
  • Jayfeather x Half Moon, I agree with “Ya”. This is because when he was dreaming (I don’t remember if it’s because of the stick because that was Power Of Three and I’m on The Broken Code, The Silent Thaw) anyways, he was dreaming and he dreamt about her. And I do remember though, that, when Jayfeather as Jay’s Wing, Half Moon and him exchanged the words along these lines: “I’ll never forget you, my love” ANd also Half Moon led the Ancients when the Dark Forest and that helped. BUT Duskblaze, I totally agree with you that just because two people of different genders, DOES NOT MEAN THEY LIKE EACH OTHERRRR. But I’m saying I ship them because of their actions and words.

  • Why is stickxjay a thing? I totally agree with halfmoon and jayfeather! I don’t think briarlight is a good ship with jayfeather there friends. Briarlight and Jayfeather is just like cinderxfire I totally don’t agree with that one. So yeah and I do agree with most of the things you said in your article!

  • I ship Jayfeather x Stick
    Halfmoon x Jayfeather is ok for me but not the best
    Jayfeather x Briarllight is just a no
    Jayfeather x Breezepelt… No0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0
    idk for Jayfeather x Fallen leaves

  • I hate the Jayfeather and Breezepelt ship; they’re half brothers! This is way too close of a blood tie to be shipping them.

    • No offence but in my opinion Jay x Stick is the WORST shipping of all time, not just in Warriors.

      I understand that it’s supposed to be a joke, however, I still loathe it with a burning passion (and probably always will).

  • My opinions:

    Jay x stick – Ok I will admit I do like the ship because it’s hilarious, but I don’t actually really ship it.

    Jay x Half – I actually really like it, but only with Jay’s Wing, not Jayfeather.

    Jay x Briar – I SHIP IT EEEEEEEEEE (Definitely my fav Jay ship)

    Jay x Breeze – W o t. No, Breeze hates you and you’re half-brothers… ._.

    Jay x Fallen – Hm. Idk, not really?

    So pretty much I like Jay’s Wing & Half Moon and Jayfeather x Briarlight. I also like Jay x stick, but don’t actually ship it.

  • 1, not sure if it’s a ship but I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! Idk if that makes me weird or sum but it’s amazing. The only cat that can be shipped with a STICK of all things. I say YAAAAAA!!!!!! He probaly didnt love it, but just to keep my heart happy.