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My Top Ten Favourite BlogClan Pages by Starpaw

Starpaw lists their favourite pages on the blog.

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Hi! It’s Starpaw here with my first ever article. I was thinking what would be best for my first article and I thought what better than an article about BlogClan. Today I’ll be talking about my top ten favourite pages on BlogClan. Starting from number 10…

10. Ask the Experts
If I have any questions about the books, I like to come here and ask my questions. It’s a really cool page since with so many books and so many characters in warriors, there are bound to be questions that people have.

9. The Hug Page
It’s such a nice place and the people there are very nice. Whenever I’m feeling a bit down, I go there for a hug.

8. Warrior Names
I come here whenever I need some advice on names. I also like to check back here to see if anybody has any cool names.

7. Fan Name Generators
It’s cool to see the generators that people come up with and I like to do them to see what I get. If I like it a lot, I may even use it for a story.

6. BlogClan Tavern
It’s a fun place to chat and chill and communicate with other BlogClanners. It’s the central hub of BlogClan!

5. Name That Apprentice!
It’s fun to come up with new names for the apprentices and try to win, even though I’ve never had a winning name before but I still like to play for fun.

4. Allegiances Chat Page
I used to come here to look for a mentor, and I still occasionally look back here. It’s interesting to see which cats are looking for mentors or apprentices and see who’s running for senior warrior. Once I’m a warrior, I will look back here for an apprentice myself.

3. Fan Articles
It’s interesting to see the articles that people come up with. Some things I didn’t even think about much until I came across BlogClan and read some of the articles. For example, I never gave much thought to Mapleshade before. I read Mapleshade’s Vengeance and thought that Mapleshade had an excuse for what she did, but now that I’ve heard both sides of the argument, I’m unsure to where I stand on that point of view

2. Fan Fiction Organization
I just have so many fanfiction ideas and it helps if people submit their own characters, so I don’t have to think up too many characters myself. It’s also interesting to see what people can come up with. I also like to submit characters for other people’s fanfictions and I don’t use any of my OCs, I just make it up on the spot and it’s fun to make a new character with a whole backstory and it inspires me to actually make an OC of that character.

1. Warriors Games Page
It’s just so fun. You can play other people’s games and make your own games. And when people come up with original ideas, it’s really fun to play those games.

These are just my opinions and you may have different favourites. I hope you enjoyed this article!

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