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Duskblaze explains StarClan.

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Hiya! It’s Duskblaze, and in this article I’m gonna be talking about StarClan, and how it works. Maybe I’ll turn this into a series, where I write an article about something that is confusing, or contradicting in the books, or from other info we’ve been given.


So, let’s go over what we know about StarClan.
1. It is where most Clan cats go when they die
2. They will perform a hearing-type thing for some cats who have broken the warrior code
3. They can fade, and can be killed by other dead cats (and probably alive cats too)
4. They can come back to the living world
5. They can control the weather and give leaders 9 lives
6. They usually look how they were happiest when they were alive
7. They can possess cats’ bodies if their spirit isn’t inhabiting this body.
8. They are hypocritical, and react differently to the same situation.

Okay, I’m gonna go over each point in turn.

Let’s start with point number 1. We all know that most Clan cats go to StarClan, and the rest go to the Dark Forest. Kittypets, rouges, and loners turn into ghosts when they die… at least as far as we know. The Tribe cats go to the Tribe of Endless Hunting, and Feathertail can flit between StarClan and the Tribe of Endless Hunting because she’s Feathertail and no one cares.

Now, point number 2. In Squirrelflight’s Hope, when Squilf and Leafpool are in StarClan, they have a hearing. They are tried by Bluestar, Yellowfang, Tallstar, Moth Flight, Crookedstar, and…. Littlecloud for some reason. I am pretty sure this is supposed to be unironic, but it isn’t…… I mean, Bluestar has half-Clan kits with Oakheart, Yellowfang has kits as a medicine cat (which is what Leaf did) Tallstar leaves his Clan to go KILL a cat… and his mate is a kittypet (Jake), Moth Flight has half-Clan kits as a medicine cat, her mate dies, and then she makes it illegal for any other medicine cat to have kits (Moth Flight, did you think that through?), Crookedstar trained in the Dark Forest, and Littlecloud is boring. Most of these cats broke the code.
I didn’t even MENTION the fact that StarClan TOLD Leaf and Squilf to let Squilf take these kits, and LIED to Squilf by saying she couldn’t ever have kits. Just… StarClan… please get your priorities straight

Let’s talk about point numbers 3, 4, 5, and 7 now. In the first arc, StarClan can only make clouds cover the moon, give medicine cats, leaders, and Firepaw/heart/star prophecies, and give leaders nine lives. (this is a really bad transition thing, I’m sorry) Some of you might be saying, “MISTYSTAR HAS LIKE 60 LIVES!!!!” but really, she doesn’t. Lepordstar died in…. Fading Echoes (2nd OoTS book) I think, and became leader in the middle of the first arc. She was leader for about 2 arcs, Onestar was leader for almost 4 arcs, Firestar was leader for about 3 ½ arcs, and Mistystar has only been leader for like… 2 arcs, and no one cares about RiverClan so she’s finneeeee…. Annyyywaaayyyyssss, (I’m sorry, I just needed to address that) by the time the third and fourth arc rolls around, StarClan can kind-of give cats powers, shove a cat’s spirit into a newborn kit’s body, appear in the living world, and fight other ghost-cat-things. By the sixth arc, StarClan cat(s) can possess cats, take living cats to the Dark Forest, capture spirits, imprison the rest of StarClan, and do a buncha bad stuff.

Point number 6 is pretty self-explanatory, cats who die will usually look like how they looked when they were happiest in life, this is why kits are kits forever, because they never knew a happier time in their life. Some people will say that Yellowfang breaks this rule, but she was happiest in ThunderClan, at the end of her life. Simple.

Now, it’s finally time for point number 8! I’m sure you’ve all been wondering what it means. So, most people know about the whole Nightstar not being approved by StarClan thing, and about Pinestar becoming a kittypet, but if you don’t, here’s a little background.

Pinestar was the leader of ThunderClan before Sunstar and Bluestar were leaders. When he’s on his last life, he decides to become a kittypet, and live the rest of his days in Twolegplace. StarClan only gives Sunstar 8 lives because of this, and we got a new amendment to the warrior code: “All true warriors must scorn the life of a kittypet”

Nightstar was the leader of ShadowClan after Brokenstar, and before Tigerclawstar. ThunderClan united with some ShadowClan cats to help drive Brokenstar out, and Nightstar assumed the leadership position, BUT even though Brokenstar was completely evil, and killed multiple cats on purpose, and by association, StarClan still considered him to be leader, and didn’t give Nightstar AT LEAST 8 lives. Do you see the problem now?

If you don’t, let me explain. Pinestar and Brokenstar both left/were kicked out of their Clan. StarClan gave Sunstar 8 lives because Pinestar had 1 left, but StarClan didn’t give Nightstar, a leader already weakened by his asthma (can cats have asthma? It seems like Nightstar does…) any lifes. ThunderClan even refuses to call Brokenstar/tail by his -star name, and all the Clans accept Nightstar as the new leader of ShadowClan.

This is probably just for plot reasons, or they are trying to make me go insane when I’m secretly reading at 4 in the morning and I realize this, and try to explain it to myself…. but it is still weird when the governing spiritual sparkle cats don’t follow their own rules.

The point that I’m trying to convey is that StarClan isn’t always good, or right, or… even has the Clan’s best interests in mind (The whole “Tell-Cinderheart-she’s-Cinderpelt-oh-wait-no-don’t-oh…-it’s-too-late-now-and-I’ve-ruined-stuff” is a very good example of this)

Thank you for listening to my rant about StarClan. I’m very sorry it was long and confusing at times 😛 If you’d like to hear more about StarClan, you should go watch Moonkitti’s “StarClan” and “Nonsense Trial”


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