Happy Birthday, Strawberrykit!

It’s Strawberrykit’s Birthday! 🍓

there are SO MANY adorable pictures of cats with strawberries on google, my eyes have been opened…


Is that the sound of a virtual BlogClan parade in the distance, getting ready to wish you an incredibly happy birthday? 🎉

Ahhhh!!! How’s your day so far? Do you have anything super epic planned? Will there be food and can we have some? 👀 Feel free to tell us all about your day in the comments! Or not if you don’t feel like it, whatever you want–it is your birthday after all ;))

All of BlogClan is giving you a gigantic birthday hug right now! We all hope you have a fabulous day 💗


🌷 Cheetahspark 🌷

🌷 Cheetahspark 🌷



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