Top 5 most tragic and epic deaths in the new prophecy by Sweetear10681

Sweetear10681  lists some of the most tragic and epic deaths in the New Prophecy.

Art by Vialir

We probably all loved the new prophecy, but the deaths were really sad. Today, I am going to be talking about 5 of the saddest deaths, and then the 5 most epic. The epic deaths DO NOT mean they were sad, but a cool way to die. Let’s start with the sad deaths.

1. Feathertail
Feathertail was the most gentle cat in the new prophecy. She sacrificed her life for her friends. She jumped onto that rock for Stormfur, for Crowfeather, the tribe. She sacrificed her life. Crowfeather still even wished he was the one who did so. I cried the most at that time, like I had lost my cat, teppi. I still always wish she was alive, but then Stormfur would of died and Feathertail would have mated with talon, or Crowfeather would have, and Stormfur would mate with someone other than Brook, because there would be no reason. He would probably even be happy about it, around the time Feathertail died, stormfur was getting angry with Crowfeather and Feathertails relationship. She will always be remembered.

2. Tallstar

Tallstar really couldn’t stop himself from dying. And to make things worst, nobody believed his sayings about onewhiskers leadership. Everyone thought that firestar and onewhisker were making it up. Believe your dead leader! (And alive) he will be remembered as a noble and swift leader.

Even though cinderpelt technically didn’t die, her first death was the real sad spot of leafpools life. Cinderpelt died young. I cried even more when sorreltail named cinderheart cinderkit. It was the cutest name ever to have the dead body of the “undead” in front of you. Cinderpelt had her last words, and they were noble and loving. We will never forget cinderpelt. Even if she left cinderheart when she fell in love with Lionblaze.

4. All the elders who stayed behind during the journey

Yes yes, they died. It was horrible to hear the words: we will stay here. We wouldn’t make it there anyways. Chances are, they would. Although they might have wanted some energy drinks to boost their jumping skills (lol)

5. All the kits and elders who died from the twoleg poison.
I never thought twolegs would do such a thing. We know they were probably trying to poison foxes, badgers, possums, or other yard pests, but why did starclan choose them to die? Couldn’t Hawkfrost die? That would be easy. And mothwing would give up on him, he helped her cheat on this.

Alright, onto the epic deaths.

1. Hawkfrost
Yay! Hawkfrost is finally dead! You were probably cheering that when you heard Brambleclaw make the final blow. Who doesn’t like Hawkfrost!?! All of us! (But tigerstar, Sasha , mothwing, etc.) This was epic, and the best moment of the second series. (And the last)

2. Feathertail
Feathertails death was sad, as I said, but she made a cool sacrifice. She killed Sharptooth! It was going to be #1 if Hawkfrost didn’t die. But I still wish this was all Minecraft, so cats didn’t take fall damage.

3. Sharptooth
Sharptooth wasn’t a warrior, but his death was cool. Moving back to Feathertail for the 3rD time, Sharptooth deserved to die. We all knew Feathertail was hearing voices all chiming in, pleading to her to kill Sharptooth. I don’t think they meant thaT waY.

4. Mudclaw
Mudclaw deserved to die. And lightning is cool. If a lightning bolt Strikes down a tree and kills you, it’s way cooler than getting struck by lightning and falling high off a tree.

5.All the other cats
Every death is cool. I might not have included all the deaths, but these were problably the top 5. (Or 10, or 10.)

So umm…
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Here is a question I want you to awnser. – Tell me about your warriors oc, and I will add it to my fan fiction maybe as a friend, mentor, mother, etc.

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  • Great article! My saddest deaths was Larkkit, Hollykit, and Shrewpaw, I actually did some art of them in Starclan

  • OK. My OC is:

    Name: Frostwhisper
    Gender: she-cat
    Personality: Smart, sweet, can be harsh at times
    Backstory: Born in whatever group you are doing, mentored to a normal mentor, ect.
    Other: none

  • I almost cried when I remembered how they (The sad deaths cats) died. WHY DO THE BETTER PEOPLE ALWAYS DIE FIRST???

  • I have 2 Main Oc’s I wanna share). PEACHFROST: ( SHE-CAT )(18 MOONS
    Personality: Bubbly,Humorous,Curious,Handful )
    Color: Base: Light peach ) Secondary: Dark peach )
    Body: Short and Stocky ) Fur Meter: 85% )
    Markings: Tabby stripes with the colors of Dark and Light Peach )
    Extra: Paw Pads,Ears,Nose: Red-Pink ) Eye Color: Amber )
    NEXT OC:
    Personality: Courageous,Know-It-All,Nosy,Goofy )
    Color: Base: Black-Cinder ) Secondary: Gray-Light Gray )
    Body: Muscular and Lean ) Fur Meter: 59% )
    Markings: Cinder-Colored Dappled Back )
    Extra: Paw Pads, Ears,Nose: Pitch Black With Light Pink Ears )
    Eye Color: Bright Green )

    Thank you for reading! Have a great day!

  • Ah, my heart is broken. I just started the new prophecy and there are too many spoilers. I know I shouldn’t have read this and I am teary eyed. blaaaaaaaa. Feathertail *Starts sobbing*

  • My warrior cat OC:
    Name: Crystalcloud
    Gender: She-cat
    Appearance: Silver tabby
    Eye Color: Turquoise blue
    Body: Fit with lean muscles with medium length fur (not too long, not too short)
    Age: 26 moons
    Rank: Queen
    Kits: Ripplekit and Silverkit