Where did Midnight’s power come from? by Rockpelt

Rockpelt wonders where Midnight the badger’s powers came from.

Artwork by Tarot Opossum

Hello! Rockpelt here! Today I’m going to be talking about a topic that has bugged me since OotS. Why is Midnight part of the ancients? Some of you might not even have thought about this, but if you think about it enough you will come to realize this is a very interesting topic.
First I’ll tell who Midnight is and what makes her so special. Midnight is a badger who can talk to foxes, cats and of course other badgers. Cats are led to her on their journey to the sun-drown place, where she delivers a message to the cats of the clans. In between this time and OotS (Omen of the Stars) Midnight dies. She is seen talking with the most powerful cats in clan history. She seems to be on a level higher than Starclan possibly even higher than the ancients (Ex: Fallen Leaves, Half Moon) she seems to be directly correlated to the very cats who claim to have hand-picked the three before the time of the clans.
What does this mean? What does the very fact that Midnight holds this kind of power mean for us? Is this inconsistent storytelling or something more? I think this can be explained. I have multiple theories and I will share them all with you.

Theory one: Reincarnation
Jay’s Wing, Dove’s Wing and Lion’s Roar all were cats in the time of the ancients. They were reincarnated into Jayfeather. Dovewing and Lionblaze. Let’s set aside what this means for the three, but focus on the reincarnation itself. There is next to no doubt in my mind when dead Jayfeather, Dovewing and Lionblaze will have powers beyond Starclan (assuming their spirits don’t become separated) does this mean Midnight could have once been a great cat important to the existence of the clans and was reincarnated into a badger to fulfill a prophecy Midnight herself wrote? Who knows?

Theory two: Worship
We know Tall Shadow, Thunder, Wind Runner and River Ripple have powers above that of Starclan. (Who knows about Clear Sky) It is possible they were given this power based on the pure amount of respect for the four cats. Maybe that respect was also shown to Midnight for being able to communicate with cats. The cats could have viewed her as a deity thus making her one.

Theory three: Power
This one is simple. Maybe the sheer amount of power of insight Midnight had as a mortal carried with her into death, but was transformed into a different power that allowed her to rule above Starclan.

Theory four: Impact
Last but not least! This is probably the most likely single theory. Maybe the sheer amount of impact she had as an individual on the clans granted her the power. Each of the four (maybe five) original leaders impacted the clans in such a way it gave them the power they possessed. This would make sense for Rock as well. He founded the foundations of the ancients which would create the original tribe which would create the clans. Whether or not Rock’s name is remembered in the clans he will never fade because of the sheer amount of impact he as a living individual had on the clans. Midnight would have had the same thing have happened to her. She in her living form gave the clans their new home. A home which would be remembered for generations. Even if they don’t remember Midnight she will be remembered for the land she gave the clans. You may be thinking “Wouldn’t Bramble star or Tawnypelt Feathertail etc. have this power as well?” No they wouldn’t. If they did the power would be split four (maybe six) ways. Midnight was the individual who gave them the land. Without Midnight, even with the full power of Starclan, they would not have found their new home. Midnight was given the power of every cat in the clans because she gave them life.
Well! That’s my article! I hope you enjoyed it! Quick note: Midnight’s power could be a result of any of these theories combined! Feel free to leave your opinion on this article and which theory was your favorite in the comments!

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