Mosskit’s Death Shouldn’t Have Happened by Dewflower

Dewflower shares why they think Mosskit shouldn’t have died.

Art by Warrior Cat Designs on tumblr

(Spoiler Alert!) Hello I am Dewflower and I am here to argue about Mosskit’s Death. Bottom line: It was wrong! So Bluestar had a crush on Oakheart from RiverClan and then they fell in love. I know that love is love but she should’ve thought before she jumped into her relationship. They fell in love and mated, which ended out in her becoming pregnant. She should know that if you mate, you will get pregnant. She found out and started saying that Thrushpelt was the father because he loved her a lot but she didn’t love him. He said it was okay so she did. When the kits were born and old enough she took them to go and live with their father because she had to make sure that her sister’s mate didn’t become deputy. She took them in the snow to go to their father and put them in a hole to keep warm while she went and saw if he was there. A hole! You’ve got to be kidding me! She found him and started taking them one by one. But when she went back for Mosskit he had froze to death. She could’ve waited a little longer to take them to their father so it wasn’t snowing. Maybe she could have let another queen suckle them and she went back to her warrior duties! But she didn’t. So an innocent kit died for her mistake. I was reading the field guide today and was reading his story of that moment. Snowfur his aunt ended up caring for him in StarClan. But when she went down to get his spirit he kept saying “but I want my mom. I want to stay with my mom and siblings.” See how SAD that is? He didn’t want to leave his family! It’s so sad because he died because of BLUESTARS mistake, not his! Because I am so mad at her decision I’m making a book and I’m using his name as one of the main characters that saves StarClan. Please comment below if you agree. If you don’t that’s alright too. Thanks all of you for taking the time to read about my argument!


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