The Mess ThunderClan has Become by Ravenflight

Ravenflight shares their opinion on ThunderClan.

ThunderClan is by far the main Clan of the Warriors universe.

No matter how many different POVs the authors put in the books, there are more ThunderClan cats mentioned or involved than any of the other Clans. This is a problem, because since there’s so much ThunderClan, the authors have to keep ThunderClan interesting and new, which leads to lots of Clan development. Too much Clan development. There are frequently new kits, new elders, new warriors, new apprentices, new deaths, and new cats in general. I don’t think ThunderClan is ever not in a book. Of course they’re always there in the main series (unlike RiverClan), but there is always at least a mention of them in novellas or super editions. Most of these side books actually take place in ThunderClan, but even the ones with different Clan viewpoints involve ThunderClan at some point, even if it’s just them walking through their territory.

Take Crowfeather’s Trial for example. Crowfeather and the gang are going to go rescue Nightcloud, but they’re stopped by Ivypool and Bumblestripe on the way. The border patrol lets them go after a brief interrogation, deeming the whole interaction pointless. Well, I guess it was some comic relief, with that dynamic Bumblestripe and Ivypool had of Bumblestripe being really aggresive and Ivypool just not having it. Another example in that book is how they connect ThunderClan through the tunnels. One of the side problems they’re having in WindClan is that there are stoats infesting the tunnels, which of course connect to ThunderClan, so they have to interact with each pother, because we can’t leave out ThunderClan.

The point is, ThunderClan is just burned into the back of everyone’s mind, so it’s wierd not to interact with them at this point. I mean, imagine if we got a RiverClan viewpoint book set in current time, so ThunderClan would be across the lake, and we didn’t have any ThunderClan involvement. Crazy, right? Oh wait, we got a RiverClan viewpoint a while ago, set in the forest territories, Crookedstar’s Promise. Can you guess what one of the main sources of conflict was? ThunderClan wanting Sunningrocks! Hey, at least they made ThunderClan the sort of antagonists in this one.

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  • this is so true! there needs to be more attention paid to Windclan and RiverClan. Great article and I totally agree!!

  • ahahaha *sobs* yes I totally agree ThunderClan gets wayyyyyy to much spotlight. if we got a RiverClan SE now we would still get ThunderClan, ThunderClan, ThunderClan. mistystar would look out across the lake. oh, no looooook, ThunderClan again! they are being slightly annoying so the rest of this Super Edition will be about that!

  • What?!?! I love Thinderclan! They deserve the spotlight! (Except for Firestar. I hate him) You know how long it took for Thunderclan to be established? TOO. LONG. Thunder took to long to crest his clan. So yes. They deserve the spotlight.

    • by spotlight do you mean 50+ Thunderclan cats trying to fit under the lime light at once? XDDDD😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • AGREE! RiverClan deserves more attention as well as some of the other clans. But Riverclan is the least used for POVs and interaction. Great article.

  • I agree! We barely hear anything of RiverClan since it is only the opposite side of ThunderClan. I used to really enjoy the ThunderClan point of views but then after Oots and Firestar’s death I feel like ThunderClan has just gone downhill.

  • personally,thunderclan is my favorite clan,but i agree,thunderclan shouldn’t be in EVERY SINGLE book!

  • windclan and riverclan deserves more attention. (mostly windclan though)

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