Oakstar’s Cursed Family Line by Vortexfang

Vortexfang shares the misfortunes of the cats related to Oakstar.

Artwork by allepowerreal

So, if you know Mapleshade, you might know Oakstar, who exiled her and her three kits. Her for mating with a RiverClan cat, and her kits for being half-clan. But something a fanfiction brought up, was Oakstar’s disastrous family tree. So, lets go right in to see all the disastrous cats related to Oakstar.

Pinestar left to be a kittypet. Tigerclawstar….. happened. Nightkit and Mistkit died an early death. So did Tadpole, Juniperkit, Dandelionkit, Snowkit, Seedpaw, Molepaw, Mistlekit… I think, and Sweetpaw. Hawkfrost was evil. Flametail drowned, which sparked a big plot point. Thistleclaw basically caused BloodClan. Sleekwhisker was also evil. Volepaw was killed by Brokenstar. So were Swampkit and Blossomkit, indirectly. Hopekit and Wishkit died at birth. Brightheart lost her sight. Pinestar’s mate was also a kit at the same time as Bluestar. Redtail was killed by his nephew, Tigerclaw. Stikestone is a ghost, who is presumed to be under the same situation as Stemleaf and all the rest. Juniperclaw betrayed the clan, and nearly drove SkyClan away. Rowanstar almost destroyed a clan. Crowfrost was killed by yellowcough. Darktail drowned Dawnpelt. The entirety of ShadowClan hates Shadowsight. Tigerheartstar was a terrible leader in Squirrelflight’s Hope. Honeyfern was killed by a snake. Cinderheart had a crisis. Longtail went blind from a rabbit. Briarlight had her back legs crushed. Spottedleaf died before she could express her love to Firestar. Sorreltail died right after The Great Battle, but she didn’t HAVE to die. Ferncloud was killed though fan complaints. Ashfur tried to murder several cats. Tigerheartstar was mates with a cat from another clan, which he hates. Tawnyspots was two sick to be deputy. Shrewpaw and Larchkit died from hunger. Bluestar was mates with Oakheart. Thrushpelt was cheated out of love and life. Snowfur was killed when Whitestorm, her son was just a kit. I just realized, Bluestar was mates with a descendant of Appledusk, so we can tie in all of Crookedstar’s Promise deaths that happened after that. Lilyheart had her sister die, and likely feels partly responsible. Silverstream died, leaving her two kits to grow up without a mother. Feathertail died in the mountains. Primrosepaw, Pikepaw, and Perchkit, Mistystar’s kits died before they became warriors. Seriously, Mapleshade you do NOT let up.

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