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Frostwhisker pairs Disney songs with scenes from Warriors.

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Hi everyone!
Today I’m writing a TOTALLY different article from my last one. You might be able to work out from the title that I am pairing Disney songs with Warriors scenarios! Okay, before I start I have to say that I adoreeee Disney (it’s pretty paw-some). Okay I won’t do any more a-paw-ling cat puns. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist. I’ll stop fur real now.)

This is going to be a long one, so get comfy and I’ll get started!

Friend Like Me (From Aladdin)

I totally ship HawkxIvy and I re-read OotS over the summer (what else could I do?). I can imagine Hawkfrost as the genie, coming into Ivypaw’s dream and convincing her that he is her friend and will help her prove that she’s better than Dovepaw. When Hawkfrost says “can your friends do this?” he might be referring to Dovepaw. As the song goes on, Ivypaw is led from her dream-territory and into the Dark Forest!

When Will My Life Begin? (From Tangled)

I love Briarlight! And, as much as I love JayxStick, BriarxJay will always come out on top. Their relationship is kinda like sweet and sour chicken…just saying…
If Briarlight is singing this song, it would be after she is crippled and she is wondering when she will actually be part of the clan and contribute to helping everyone. It also mentions in the book that Briarlight spends a lot of time taking all the fleas out of her pelt, and there is a line where it says “and I brush and brush and brush and brush my hair…”
I think that the end part is very significant because Rapunzel sings “now that I’m older, mother might just let me go….”
This is relevant if Briarlight is talking about leaving camp and wondering if Millie would allow her to.

Do You Wanna Build a Snowman? (From Frozen)

Hehe. I love Ivypool, so here’s another one about her!
Dovepaw could sing Anna’s part and she keeps asking Ivypaw to get out of her nest and come on patrol or something with her, but Ivypaw is exhausted and doesn’t get up. If Warriors was made into a musical, I could see Dovepaw singing “we used to be best buddies, and now we’re not, I wish you could tell me why!”
At the end, when the sisters are adults and Anna asks to build a snowman one last time, that could be when Dovewing has joined ShadowClan and meets Ivypool while she is on a border patrol. Dovewing asks “do you wanna build a snowman?” and Ivypool turns away, looking sad and betrayed.

Can You Feel The Love Tonight? (From the Lion King)

I was imagining this made into a mini animatic (that would be awesome!) Jayfeather and Dovewing watch (well, Dovewing watches, anyway) as Lionblaze and Cinderheart sneak out of camp for their ‘midnight stroll’. Dovewing has Timon’s voice and Jayfeather has Pumbaa’s voice. They are glaring at Lionblaze while singing because they think he is abandoning the prophecy for Cinderheart (“our Three goes down to two”)
Obviously Lionblaze is Simba and Cinderheart is Nala.

“So many things to tell her, but how to make her see the truth about my past – impossible. She’d turn away from me.” This fits when Lionlaze is doubting whether or not he should tell Cinderheart about his powers.

A Whole New World (Also from Aladdin)

Eugh. I DEPLORE TigerxDove but here we go. (warning Tigerheart lovers, there is a lot of sarcasm in this paragraph)
The two cats would suddenly break into song while they are at the abandoned Twolegplace. Jasmine would be Dovewing, flirting. And of course Tigerheart is Aladdin,
mooning over Dovewing and saying how ‘shining and shimmering’ their SPLENDID date is.

“Now I’m in a whole new world with youuuu…” Don’t tell me you can’t picture this forbidden couple singing that line of the song together!

Edit after re-reading: Don’t get the wrong idea people, I actually don’t mind Dovewing, because she genuinely loves her sister and wants to protect her. But I hate Tigerheart, and I’m really sorry Tigerheart lovers for my sarcasm and hate for him. I understand and respect that you like him and I don’t. (Sorry!)

How Far I’ll Go (From Moana)

The only Super Edition or novella I hadn’t read was Moth Flight’s Vision, and I got it last week! I think I have now read every Warriors book in existence.
Sorry, that was irrelevant. Obviously Moth Wing is singing with Moana’s voice, watching the moth as it flies away. She hesitates, wondering if she should follow it, because she wants to be “a perfect daughter” to Windstar, but she thinks she has a different destiny. When Moana finally gives in to her instincts and goes out on her boat, that would be when Moth Flight starts to follow the moth to Mothermouth.

You’ll Be in my Heart (From Tarzan)

I understand why Mapleshade deserved the Dark Forest, but I really pity her. Her slow descent into madness after the death of her kits, being rejected by Appledusk (curse you, Appledusk) and finally her own death as she tries to put the spirits of her kits at rest. It all broke my 10 year old heart when I first read Mapleshade’s Vengeance. Actually, I’m pretty sure I cried.
I think Mapleshade would sing this song as she reassures her kits that she loves them, even if ThunderClan doesn’t.

I Just Can’t Wait to be King! (From the Lion King)

This is by far the best song in the Lion King! Okay, I know that I have done lots of scenarios from Power Of Three, but here’s another one! Sorry!
I think Ashfur (being the unsupportive mentor he is) is Zazu, telling Simba (Lionpaw) that he needs to wait a while until he can be a great warrior. But Lionpaw is persuading Ashfur that he CAN be a great warrior!

Love is an Open Door (From Frozen)

This is the LAST one from Po3. I swear by StarClan!
I loved reading about Heatherpaw and Lionpaw’s underground games, although it was clear that they could have gotten out of paw! I think this would be Heatherpaw and Lionpaw singing while they play, talking about how much they love being together. Especially the lines “say goodbye to the pain of the past, we don’t have to feel it anymore!” the whole song reminds me of their crush which Lionpaw claims is just friendship.

Dig a Little Deeper (From the Princess and the Frog)

“You gotta dig a little deeper, find out who you are…when you find out who you are, you find out what you need! Blue skies and sunshine guaranteed!”
Even Mama Odie’s voice absolutely sounds like what Yellowfang would sound like! I think, after realising that she had done the wrong thing by letting Cinderheart find out about her past life, Yellowfang visited Cinderheart in a dream and sings this song to her.
At the end, Cinderheart realises that she wants to be a warrior and Cinderpelt’s spirit breaks free and sings “Blue skies and sunshine!”

Okay, that will wrap up my Warriors Do Disney article! If you’ve stuck around until here, thanks so much! The article was pretty long…
I actually have a few more ideas so expect a part 2!
Thanks for reading, and let me know if you liked it in the comments.

Frostwhisker over and out x

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