My top 10 favorite warriors by Rosey

Rosey lists their favourite warriors from the series.

Art by HollyHeart22

Hello Everyone!
It’s Rosekit here but you can call me Rosey. Feel free to say your own opinion if you would like.
Well here we go!

# 10 Blue star
Bluestar is like the best leader aside from Firestar. As a kit she was adventurous and playful with her sister Snowfur. Though when Moonflower died she was devastated and grieved a lot. And when Snowfur died, it felt like her heart was broken. I’m proud of her that she dealt with all that loss, and especially having to give up her kits to Riverclan. She deserved to have them with her. I think Bluestar led an amazing life, even when she distrusted so many cats after Tigerclaw attacked her. She died a loyal and brave warrior, saving her clanmate from the dog pack. RIP Bluestar.

#9 gray stripe
He is always so goofy and playful although his mate, Silverstream had died while kitting their two kits, his daughter, Feathertail died from saving another clan (The Tribe Of Rushing Water) and his son gone to join The Tribe Of Rushing Water. He was still so cheerful and there was a shadow cast in my heart when he got taken away from Twolegs.

#8 Spotted leaf
Spottedleaf is a great kind character. Firestar loved her and I feel bad for her. she gave up becoming a warrior because *cough cough thistleclaw cough cough* was another bloodthirsty character

#7 squirrel flight
I think Squirrelfight is an amazing character, not only is she relatable but she sacrificed nearly everything she had for her sister ( I don’t really like leafpool and I think it was really unfair that squirrelflight was punished for her mistakes) I know a lot of people say cruel how she rejected Ashfur, but she just didn’t love him and she wasn’t leading him on she thought they were just friends. To be honest I think she would make a great leader and I hope she’s still deputy when bramblestar dies.

#6 Cinder pelt
This cat is one of the strongest cats in the entire franchise, but not in the way you would think. When Tigerstar destroyed her future, she took it well. Instead of wallowing in her own self pity like most cats in the later series, she excepted she would never be a warrior and looked for an angle. When she lost her chances with Firestar, she focused on how she could prove she was worthy to her clan. So maybe cats like Dovewing and Hollyleaf can take some lessons from cats like Cinderpelt.

#5 Yellow fang
Yellowfang might be a little grumpy but has a good heart. And WHY BROKENSTAR did you have to kick yellowfang our though I am very glad she joined thunderclan and became a medicine cat and is very loyal that’s why I love her

#4 silver stream
What a good cat. She has had a rough life with the fact that her mother died as well as her siblings when she was a kit. She is now a StarClan warrior and you can see her through her daughter. She was a good cat and I loved when she had handed her heart over to Graystripe. Her relationship with Graystripe was good and it sucked when she died. I wish that she could have lived so she could have seen her two wonderful kits grow up. She will always be Graystripe first love and I will always say that they should be together and Millie should die. Millie was a bad mother and should have not played favorites with her kits. I hope that when Graystripe goes to StarClan, they will be together again.

#3 Crooked star
I have a real big soft spot for this cat for he had a really hard life. As a kit he made a that he should not have and this mad his life a rough one. When he was a kit, he broke his jaw. Then through his life all of the cats he loved died. One day after Oakheart death he was on the border to StarClan and the dark forest and I will never forget what happened. He saw his daughter and she had said take care of my kits. He the heard a voice hiss his name and he turned around to see Mapleshade. She had then tried to make him miserable but instead this is what he said, “No Mapleshade, it is you who has lost. I still have a loyal clan and when I die all the cats I love will be in StarClan waiting for me.” I love this for he proves true loyalty and love. I think that even though his life was hard, he was a good leader and is known as one of the best.

#2 feather tail
She died so bravely. She was a wonderful cat, and managed being half-Clan so well, when she could have given up because cats were stiff with her for having a ThunderClan father. But she was loyal all along, and died to save the Tribe of Rushing Water. That was as little for her own sake as it is possible to be! She was truly brave, and truly loyal. If she had lived, she would have made a wonderful deputy.

And now number one…don’t shout at me or criticize me but my favorite character in all the series is….
#1 MapleShade
Yes I know “she killed cats for no reason!” Or “she broke down because she was dumped!” But let me tell you what I think okay?

Mapleshade is great cat. She’s not kind, nor forgiving, at least not now. But she’s strong, kind-heart ( I mean before betrayal of Oakstar, Darkstar, Appledusk, Ravenwing, and her mentor. Also before 3 kittens of her died.), keeping her promises, and make-sense villain. Think of villains. Tigerstar, Brokenstar, Thistleclaw, Scourge, Darktail, and Hawkfrost. Tigerstar, Brokenstar, Thistleclaw, Scourge and Hawkfrost became evil because of their ambition. However, Mapleshade wasn’t born evil. She was kind and nice before SOMEONE (*Cough cough Appledusk Cough Cough*) crush her mentally. And her crime was in purpose of revenging her kits, unlike Tigerstar, who killed for victory, and self-content. She shouldn’t be consider as mean, violent villain, even though I know that her expression was pretty violent. LOL. Ah! And as for Darktail, I think he’s better then Tiger, Broken, Hawk, Thistle, and scourge, but I still think He is way too violent and brutal.
Over all I like Mapleshade because she’s just a good female villain I mean she’s clever and cunning and kills only because she wanted to free her kits! (May have been a hallucination).

These are my opinions so you don’t have to like them. But I hope you enjoyed!
See you at my next article!

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