How many cats are there in an average clan? by Whitepaw

Whitepaw wonders how large the Clans typically are.

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So, while being bored one day, I started to wonder how many cats there were in an average clan. And then I decided to make an article about it because I had enough to say and I wanted other people to know about my thoughts, so yeah. Let’s get started.

So, we’ve started. And where better to start than where it all starts, in Dawn of the Clans. So lemme go grab my copy of Moth Flight’s Vision and copy down the amount of cats.

WindClan has 1 leader, 1 deputy(obviously), and then 17 other cats total. This includes kits cause the allegiances are just all smashed together at the beginning.
SkyClan has a leader, a deputy, and 12 other cats.
ThunderClan has a leader, a deputy, and 12 other cats.
RiverClan has a leader, a deputy, and 7 other cats.
ShadowClan has a leader, a deputy, and 5 other cats.

So those are the clans, and you can see that they are quite varied, from less than ten cats to almost twenty. So my guess for why WindClan is bigger in the allegiances is because it’s the main clan in the book. SkyClan and ThunderClan both have a lot of cats because they have had time to gather lots of cats. ShadowClan and RiverClan don’t have as many because they are newer and most cats don’t want to swim or live in a swamp. Anyway, WindClan, SkyClan, and ThunderClan have decent numbers for a clan already, and RiverClan and ShadowClan will gather more cats as life continues and give birth to more, etc.

Okay, let’s jump ahead a different book, where the clans have definitely established themselves and everything. Anyway, we’re going all the way to Mapleshade’s Vengeance. So, yeah. The number of cats for this book are:
ThunderClan-one leader, one deputy, one medicine cat, six warriors, an apprentice, and an elder.
RiverClan-one leader, one deputy, (one medicine cat), six warriors, and an apprentice.

And the rest of the clan’s allegiances don’t really have many of the cats in the clan at all, because that is unneeded. So, maybe I should do Cloudstar’s Journey allegiances so that we can have a taste of how SkyClan was before they got kicked out. So:
SkyClan-one leader, one deputy, one medicine cat, seven warriors, five apprentices, two queens, four kits and three elders. That’s a lot of cats.

And that’s it for Cloudstar’s Journey cause the other allegiances aren’t helpful. But Clear Sky had fourteen cats and now Cloudstar has 24 cats. This seems to be about the usual in this time. Anyway, now we’ll look at, maybe, all of those super editions that were happening, like Bluestar’s Prophecy, Yellowfang’s secret, Crookedstar’s Promise, and Tallstar’s Revenge before Rusty came, and then maybe we should look at first series books allegiances. Anyway:

Tallstar’s Revenge
WindClan-one leader, one deputy, one medicine cat, twelve warriors, three apprentices, three queens, and four elders. That is 25 cats, so I’m guessing I was right about around 24 being the usual. And Tallstar’s Revenge also has detailed allegiances for the rest of the clans, so maybe I won’t have to do the other three books I mentioned to get the other allegiances. Anyway,
RiverClan-one leader, one deputy, one medicine cat, twelve warriors, two apprentices, two queens, and three elders, which equals 22 cats total.
ShadowClan-one leader, one deputy, one medicine cat, twelve warriors, three apprentices, three queens, and four elders, which is 25 total cats.
ThunderClan-one leader, one deputy, two medicine cats, nine warriors, two apprentices, two queens, and three elders, which equals 20 cats.

Okay, so those were the Tallstar’s Revenge allegiances. You can get a look at what might be a bunch of average clans, with the number of cats somewhere in the twenties. But, let’s continue looking at allegiances. We’ll start focusing on ThunderClan during the main serieses. We know that ThunderClan had twenty cats in Tallstar’s revenge, now we’ll see how many there were in all of the books in the main series. So lemme go check the allegiances…

Into the Wild: 25
Fire and Ice: 25
Forest of Secrets: 28
Rising Storm: 28
A Dangerous Path: 24
The Darkest Hour: 24

So, according to the allegiances (without including kits) ThunderClan seems to have been doing what we currently have as a normal clan. But why did they take Rusty in then? Okay, I’ll say the number of warriors below.

Into the Wild: 8
Fire and Ice: 8
Forest of Secrets: 10
Rising Storm: 8
A Dangerous Path: 9
The Darkest Hour: 10

And if you look at that, that’s definitely not a lot of warriors! We’ve been looking and seeing a dozen warriors but here we only see at most 10. And mostly 8. So I think we have enough clan statistics from the first series. They had less warriors and more elders, queens, and apprentices and they needed more warriors. I mean, 5 apprentices, and even 4 before Firepaw came, might seem like enough, but remember that it was Graypaw’s first day out of camp and Ravenpaw hadn’t been an apprentice for very long either, and actually neither had Sandpaw and Dustpaw. And Longtail was the youngest warrior, and it says somewhere in Into the Wild that he had only been a warrior for two moons. Anyway, is 20-30 cats the usual, or are some clans going to have higher or lower numbers? Since I’m lazy, I’m going to skip ahead to Power of Three and do how many cats are in ThunderClan then.

The Sight: 27
Dark River: 31
Outcast: 31
Eclipse: 31
Long Shadows: 31
Sunrise: 30

So with that information you can see that ThunderClan has pulled up and is at around 30 cats now. I wonder how the other clans are doing, and I’ll focus on that later in this article. But for now, ThunderClan it is! Anyway, let’s skip ahead to A Vision of Shadows and see how many cats they have there.

The Apprentice’s Quest: 45
Thunder and Shadow: 41

Wait a minute, when did we get to the 40s? Okay, maybe I’d better do some of the books in the fourth series, cause ThunderClan went for a very steep incline of cats! Maybe the average clan doesn’t have around 25 cats after all, maybe it’s closer to forty?

The Fourth Apprentice: 36
Night Whispers: 36
The Forgotten Warrior: 36
The Last Hope: 37

So, those guys didn’t change much. They increased from Power of Three but ThunderClan still must have grown an awful lot between The Last Hope and The Apprentice’s Quest. And finally, let’s look at Graystripe’s Vow, the (al)most recent book in the series. (At least when I’m writing this thing.) Anyway, let’s look at it.

ThunderClan has one “leader”, one “deputy”, two medicine cats, thirty-one warriors, four apprentices, one queen, and four elders. That comes to a total of 44 cats, so ThunderClan currently has forty-four cats. So maybe the average is getting closer to forty five instead of twenty five, but for that, we’ll need to look at the other clans. We’ll do ShadowClan, RiverClan, and WindClan all together, because that’s what I think would be best given that this article is getting a bit long already. So, we’ll start with The Darkest Hour.


So these numbers are pretty low, but there’s no reason for ShadowClan or RiverClan to have high numbers cause they just combined each other plus ShadowClan’s still recovering from an epidemic so it’s not going to be super big either. WindClan isn’t very big right now cause WindClan never was big during the first series (and in Into the Wild the only WindClan cat listed on the allegiances is Tallstar) and there are three queens and a quarter of the clan being queens probably means the clan’s population is going to double soon. Unless Tigerstar happens again. Anyway, these clans don’t have very many cats at the beginning which pulls the average cats in a clan down, but let’s go ahead and look at some TNP books.




So it seems like they’re improving(except for ShadowClan). I’m not sure if I did TNP with ThunderClan but I think that these guys definitely have less cats than them. Anyway, let’s look at PoT now.

The Sight:


Long Shadows:

So, through the third series, all the numbers in those clans do is go up. Now they’re around in the twenties average, but not where ThunderClan is at with forty-something cats… yet. So now we look at OotS and the numbers of cats there.

The Fourth Apprentice:

Night Whispers:

The Forgotten Warrior:

And so it appears that the numbers for these three clans have stopped continuing going up and they are staying in the twenties. Now let’s look at AVoS!

The Apprentice’s Quest:

Shattered Sky:

River of Fire:
…Nevermind, I can’t find a pdf for this book online. I’ll switch to Graystripe’s Vow then, because I actually have that book! So:


So that’s the allegiances for Gaystripe’s Vow! And ShadowClan has three RiverClan cats cause Mistystar lost her mind and exiled her best friend and two great warriors. So, no, SkyClan, we aren’t forgetting you. We’ll take a look at SkyClan’s Destiny or something.


And that’s already pretty high! So SkyClan’s been doing well ever since they formed their own clan. Now, let’s look at Graystripe’s Vow cause I can’t find any of the AVoS books with SkyClan in them.


So SkyClan is in the thirties and there’s not much more information I can give about them, so that is the last allegiance-checking part of this article! So I think a normal clan is about 25 cats. In the first series, there were less than normal and ThunderClan is going crazy with more cats, but I think something’s gonna wipe half of them out soon, keeping the clan numbers low enough but still high enough. Anyway, if you literally average all the numbers I got, you get 22 and I think we’ve gathered enough data and if you exclude the three that I got from the destroyed ShadowClan, you get 23! So I guess the number is maybe around 25.

Anyway, I hope you liked my article this time, bye!


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