[Ashfur glares while surrounded by fire]

Ashfur’s Death by Loyalfire

Loyalfire discusses Ashfur’s death.

Artist unknown (source: Pinterest)

Hi! This is my first article on Blogclan! I hope you like it! So, I saw an article a few months ago focusing on Ashfur’s death. This article was amazing and I loved it! But, There were a few cats that I thought that the Blogclanner missed. So this is an article about more cats that could have killed Ashfur. Ok first up, Sandstorm. She and Leafpool were the only cats except for Ashfur and Brambleclaw to approach her about the love triangle. In the books she said to Squirrelflight that she was worried about Ashfur and Brambleclaw and how far this circumstance might go. So, what if she sensed that Ashfur was angry and decided to keep an eye on him. Then when the tension between Squirrelflight, Ashfur, and the three (well, Hollyleaf not Dovewing) began to rise she sensed it because she paying close attention to Ashfur. Then, she saw Ashfur and Hollyleaf leave the camp and she follows them and then when Hollyleaf is out of sight she kills Ashfur because she is worried for Squirrelflight and her kits(Well, not her kits but that is what she believed). Next up, any Dark Forest cat you can think of. Just because they wanted more recruits. Kinda boring but you can’t prove it wrong. Here is probably my favorite theory. Birchfall, ok let me explain. Rewind to the New Prophecy when the famous blood will spill blood scene happens. Ashfur is involved in that as we know. Birchpaw was the one to run back to camp to warn them. See where I’m going here. Maybe something similar to the Ravenpaw and Tigerclaw thing. Birchfall knows that Ashfur is dangerous and is scared for Squrrelflight. He kills Ashfur to keep the clan safe because he knows of the trouble he can do. So next is Firestar, yes I know he’s this great and noble leader who would not kill his own warrior. Bare with me ok. When Hawkfrost died he said that he was not alone in the planning to kill Firestar. What if Firestar guessed that it was Ashfur (It’s not that hard is it). He knew the threat that the clan was in and thought that he was following the warrior code because Ashfur had tried to kill so many cats. Lastly, Sol. He always was a clever one. He knew that if he killed Ashfur in that position Hollyleaf would be blamed for it. He wasn’t caught of guard at all when they accused him of it. So it makes sense. It’s pretty simple. That’s it! I hope you liked my first article! I hope to make more in the future!

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