My top ten favorite cats by Dawncloud

Dawncloud lists their favourite cats from the series.

Art by M.Jay Warriors Art (tumblr: marymsjay-warriors-art)

Hi! My name is Dawncloud and I’m new to Blogclan. I joined only a few days ago. I thank Birchfoot, Dovepaw, Rabbitflame, Rosettestream, Ebonyrain, Cinderfrost, Frostcrystal, Shadowsong, and more! (May Starclan be with you all). Anyway, Today I am going to tell you, my top five favorite warriors and a little bit about their story!!!! Also…SPOILER ALERT!!! So don’t read this if you don’t read warriors that much.

5. Yellowfang
Yellowfang was born in Shadowclan with her siblings Nutkit and Rowankit. She became a Warrior and of course, she was proud. But she could feel the other cat’s pain. Poor Yellowfang! Can you imagine? So she became a Medicine Cat instead. There was a leader. His name is Raggedstar. Yellowfang liked Raggedstar. I know Medicine cats aren’t supposed to mate. But they did. Yellowfang had three kits. Two girls, and one boy. The girls died. She named the young tom Brokenkit. Raggedstar loved Brokenkit and didn’t care for Yellowfang anymore. In my opinion, Raggedstar is the worst. mate. EVER! I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings. I respect your opinions. Anyway, Brokenstar killed Raggedstar. Ahem! Raggedstar loved a cat who killed him. I know, I know Raggedstar didn’t know that was going to happen. Brokenstar rudely kicked Yellowfang and the elders from Shadowclan. Yellowfang then joined Thunderclan. I like Yellowfang’s grumpiness actually. Is that weird? I nearly cried when she died. She died trying to save an elder who died from the fire as well. May Starclan be with you!
4. Brambleclaw
Brambleclaw was born in Thunderclan. He’s actually Tigerstar’s son. But he is NOT evil like his father. His mentor was Firestar. He became a great warrior. But he was mad at Squrrielflight. Because she lied to him. She told him that the three kits (Hollykit, Lionkit, and Jaykit) were theirs, but they were Crowfeather’s and Leafpool’s kits. Eventually, they got over with it. Brambleclaw became a leader and Squrrielflight became a deputy. I like Bramblestar because he saved Firestar. He killed Haukfrost-his half brother just to save Firestar.
3. Dustpelt
I know, you may be thinking DUSTPELT?! But he changed after Tigerclaw’s exile. His words were great. Plus he’s a good warrior. He mated with Ferncloud. I think they’re a purrrrfect ship. He died fighting a badger.
2. Graystripe
Graystripe is a great friend. He was Firestar’s friend all his life. He mated with Silverstream and got two kits-Stormfur and Feathertail. Feathertail dies later though :(. I like his humor!
1. Firestar
Firestar is very popular in Warriors. And he’s my fav. He’s been in a few prophecies. He’s also a great leader. He mated Sandstorm and got Leafpool and Squrrielflight. They’re also a purrfect ship. I like Firestar because he’s so brave, and sets down his lives for his clan.

Thank you for reading my article! If you like my articles, wait for more! May StarClan be with you.

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