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Remaking the codes Part 2 by Starkit

Starkit rewrites the medicine cat code.

Hello this is Starkit and in my last article I kind of remade the warrior code and in this article I’m remaking the the medicine cat code.
So the first one is a Medicine Cat may not fall in love or take a mate which was made by Mothflight since she found it to hard to have kits and be a medicine cat at the same time and that she thought that Medicine Cats will pay more attention to their kits then their clanmates. In that case their should be a rule that a medicine cat can’t have any littermates since Leafpool cared a lot about Squirrelflight since she would have given up her place in Starclan for her. You’re probably thinking what about Toms they can’t have kits but they have to help their mate give birth and most of the time the she cat who is giving birth do it alone with the medicine cat or other queens. So the new code is that Medicine Cats may have kits as long as their is another Medicine Cat who is willing to look after the clan for 6 moons and this Medicine Cat must have another queen to look after their kits in case of an emergency. This one also fits into the second code which is a Medicine Cat may not have kits.
Number 3 is a Medicine Cat may only retire when their apprentice is ready to take their place. This makes sense but I don’t think that the Puddleshine situation to happen again when Littlecloud didn’t take an apprentice after Flametail died. So the code will be that a Medicine Cat must take an apprentice when they are growing old and can retire when their apprentice is old enough to be a full medicine cat
Number 4: A medicine Cat only shares dreams with Starclan. I don’t think that fair Shadowsight and Jayfeather have gone to the Dark Forest that doesn’t make them evil or something so the new code should be that. Medicine Cats can go to the Dark Forest as long as it is for the good of the clan.
So that’s the end

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