[Bluestar with Mosskit, Stonekit, and Mistykit]

Top 2 Worst Times in Warriors by Icestripe

Icestripe lists some of the worst moments from the series.

Art by Twilight (tumblr: twilights-800-cats)

Hi! Welcome to my first article! I hope you enjoy! <3

3. Bluestar’s Journey Through the Snow
I picked this one because it’s so sad when Mosskit dies! The fact that Mosskit can’t have a vigil is so sad, and she has to be buried in the snow! She was just a kit, and she froze to death! Especially the way Kate and Cherith described it; “Her body was so cold”. The second thing really sad about this is when the kits leave her. They cry as they leave their mom. Imagine being a kitten and your sister just died, and your mom is giving you up!

2. The Great Battle/Dark Forest
This one isn’t really as sad as the amount of loss. First, the first mentioned Warrior Cat to ever exist; The mascot of the series, and all the fans of Firestar. Then, Hawkfrost and Tigerstar fade away forever; and they are the Main Villians for 4 series. They might even have more fans then Firestar; and then there’s… Spottedleaf. You either Hate her or Love her, and she’s gone forever too now. Hollyleaf, another fan favourite, died as well.

Apart from all of those cats dying; lets remember the Semi-Major Cats that died from this.

Ferncloud of ThunderClan
Sorreltail of ThunderClan
Mousefur of ThunderClan
Brokentail of Darkforest/ShadowClan/ThunderClan/Rouge

But, that’s nothing compared to the list of Minor Charecters.
(The Erins Probably found this a great source of killing off cats they were tired of…)

Foxleap of ThunderClan
Beetlewhisker of RiverClan
Toadfoot of ShadowClan
Applefur of ShadowClan
Olivenose of ShadowClan
Starlingwing of ShadowClan
Redwillow of ShadowClan
Antpelt of WindClan
Maggottail of DarkForest
Weaselkit of ShadowClan
Troutstream of RiverClan
Hollowflight of RiverClan
Ashfoot of WindClan
Random Dark Tabby

The Kit Army
This time was when Brokenstar was sending kits out to be warriors at 4 moons old, leading to most of them dying. What’s Sadder than a Kit death? No, really? We must have ALL cried when they died. *All are ShadowClan*
Here are the kits who died:

Unknown litter of 3
2 unamed kits
Other various kits

Thanks so much for Reading! See you next time! <3

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