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Jadewhisper shares their thoughts on Ashfur.

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OK, this is my first BlogClan post so please no hate comments. I would like to see your opinions, but please don’t get to judgmental. This might get a little loud 🙂

I. Hate. Ashfur. Period. I have the Warriors Ultimate Guide, and you know what I hate about his page? It says, “His only fault was loving to much.” *Laughing* This is SO WRONG, and let me tell you why for 4 reasons:

1) he tried to KILL Squirrelflight/Leafpool’s kits to get revenge for “loving to much”. Oh.My.Gosh. Had he NOT thought that if he just left it alone and got a mate for himself, he could have maybe been friends with Squirrelflight? Then, when/if Squirrelflight becomes leader, Ashfur could possibly be deputy???

2) it was just plain immature and childish. I mean, holding on to this grudge for so long, when CLEARLY StarClan wanted Squirrelflight and Brambleclaw to be together? AND threatening to kill Squirrelflight’s kits? Honestly, I bet this was what he was thinking, “Hey, if I kill Squirrelflight’s kits, maybe she’ll drop Brambleclaw and be MY mate!! Let’s try it!” Is he mentally insane? Most likely.

3) He tried to KILL FIRESTAR!! Oh my gosh, that makes him EVIL!! I love Firestar SO MUCH!! How dare Ashfur?! AND he tried to sabotage Brambleclaw, and NEARLY murdered Jayfeather, Hollyleaf, and Lionblaze. They were part of a prophecy, so it’s basically FORBIDDEN to murder them. If this doesn’t make you hate him, I don’t know what will.

4) even STARCLAN thinks he’s evil!! I looked it up, and the only reason (THE ONLY ONE) that Ashfur went to StarClan is because StarClan didn’t want another cat n the Dark Forest to fight against them. So… ASHFUR is EVIL!! Even StarClan thinks so. He should honestly be killed a second time and not be in the Dark Forest OR StarClan. That would be perfect!!

So, these are 4 reasons I hate Ashfur. If you agree with me or disagree, please type that in the comments, that would be great! And again, please no hate comments. Thanks for reading! See you later, BlogClan!

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  • I agree! I thought ashfur was an kind Tom in the new proficy. But until I saw his real colors. I can’t believe he is an starclan living his best life, he should be in the dark forest for starclans sake. He was sooo obsessed with squirrelflight that he well BASICALLY kill her kin (family). But the only thing that didn’t made sense was if you truly loved her why would you kill the ones she loved, and cared about? He was an yandere,(I’m pointing out the obvious lol.) He tried to kill the three! He helped hawkfrost kill firestar! And SO MUCH MORE! HOW CAN STARCLAN LET HIM IN? He should be punished for AN INFANITY!!!! I’m sorry for the ashfur fans. I wish ashfur was more like thrushpelt you know. Thrushpelt was so much understanding of bluefur(star) and her feelings yes he still had an big crush on her, but he was an very supportive Tom and he didn’t care that mistystar, stonefur, and mosskit. Wasn’t his real kits. I wish ashfur was more supportive of the Bramblexsquirrel ship.

    • Yeah i understand but if he hadn’t been so ignorant, he could still care for her!! i feel bad but he became useless

  • At first i LOVED Ashfur! But as soon as BrambleBruh And Squilf became mates, He became annoying. i don’t like BramblexSquirrel because bramble was so rude and controlling, so I shipped AshxSquirrel until he tried to burn Jay,Holly,and Lion and i realized how useless he became, i feel bad for him but he didn’t understand Squilf, and that caused his Terrible outrage, i wish he hadn’t been so ignorant and still cared for her even tho they weren’t mates, that would’ve been a better solution.

  • Hollyleaf is not part of the Power of Three prophecy. They thought she was, but one of Whitewing-Birchfall’s kits were in the prophecy instead.

    • I read that Dovewing was in the prophecy instead of Hollyleaf because the Erins couldn’t think of a power for Hollyleaf

  • I actually LOVE Ashfur because he’s just one of the BEST villains! His backstory is so sad yet fascinating and he’s just about the funnest (that’s not a word, is it?) cat to draw. The Broken Code is my favorite series (well, THAT and the Prophecies Begin), and TBC really wouldn’t be much without my boy Ashfur. Plus, I kinda sorta really hate the Squirrel/Bramble ship. Squilf’s a pretty good character, and Bramble’s OK, but I don’t really like Bramblestar all that much. The ONE good thing he did was exist as a leader and then die so that the Broken Code could be an actually good series (unlike AVoS…)! Anyways, I LOOOOOOOOOVE Ashfur!!

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