Defending Bumblestripe by Thornfeather

Thornfeather defends Bumblestripe’s character.

Art by Climbstudios (source: Pinterest)

Hello everyone!!

Ok,i know,this is an unexpected topic…
All the Dovewing lovers and Dove x Tiger shippers might be mad that i’m a bumblestripe defender..
today,i’ll defend Bumblestripe in this article. You can disagree as much as you like….. just please don’t cuss,swear or hate on me. thank you!!

1. Ok,first of all,i’m going to defend what Whitewing, Cinderheart and Rosepetal said.
Ok so first,Whitewing said he was a good tom. So what!? Why is that pressuring!? Ok next. Cinderheart said she should not go trampling on his heart. the fans rage that ‘she is making dovewing unneccesarily guilty’. but you know what? Almost everyone feels guilty when someone is warning you, and Cinderheart WAS warning her,so its actually a ordinary thing. ‘BUT WHAT ABOUT ROSEPETAL ROSEPETAL SNAPPED AT DOVEWING!’ yes,she DID snap at Dovewing because Dovewing snapped,hissed at Bumblestripe just becuse he tripped. Almost all of Bumblestripe analyzers forget that.

2.’bUt He AsKeD DoVeWiNg In fRoNt oF a CoRpSe!!!1!!!1′
Yes, i know. But if u change it to another sentence,it means that Bumblestripe asked Dovewing in a funeral,thinking he might have a chance. Ok,don’t understand it wrong, i agree,he WAS wrong to ask her in a funeral. it was wrong,it was wrong,i admit. However,its not because he is a bad guy. Bumblestripe asked Dovewing out in a polite way,not a evil or a selfish or a threatening way. And when Dovewing refused, he didn’t pressure her or get mad at her,only hurt and asked her to just think about it and dipped his head and walked away. I think he was just tactless on that situation.

3. ‘But what about walking away so Dovewing can’t refuse!?” ?? when?? if your talking about the upper situation,how he asked her to think about it and walked away,no,that’s not ‘walking away so Dovewing can’t refuse.’ .

“I really,really want you to think about this.” Then,with the dip of his head, he turned away to join the cats who were gathering around Purdy’s body,waiting for the vigil to begin.
-Shattered sky bonus scene

First of all, he just requested to think about this,not actually asking out.


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  • I agree! I think bumblestripe is a good guy and dovewing should have been nicer to him but dovewing was under a lot of pressure and didn’t need another Tom in her life… So I think neither of them were in the wrong. Great article!!!!!!!

    • Me too! I personally think they are both not in the wrong,but it’s wrong for people to treat him like dirt XD

  • I’ve seen so many articles talking about how awful Bumblestripe. Its weird to see one defending him. Personally, I don’t have an opinion on it, but I don’t really like Tiger x Dove, mainly because i’m SO SICK of forbidden love.

    • I completely agree on forbidden love 😛 it gets used far to often and annoys me greatly.

  • Wonderful article! I agree on a lot of your points and I think Bumblestripe gets far more hate than he deserves.

  • Dovewing should have been more open to him, TBH she’s a Selfish Spoiled BRAT >:C

    • Dovewing isn’t a selfish spoiled brat! Is she a selfish spoiled brat by simply choosing who she loves? No! She just want to choose Tigerheart who matches her personality wise, Bumblestripe is a ‘nice’ guy, when he doesn’t get the ladies, he gets angry.

      • Exactly! Dovewing should be with a cat whom she actually loves! <3
        You’ll Be Back

  • I think people dont need to talk about this as much as they do I also think people dont need to define Dovewing and Bumblestripes personality on the way they treat each other or what the other cats are doing