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What I think that warrior cats would actually look like by Flowerfern

Flowerfern shares their opinion on what some characters from the series would actually look like based on their families.

Art by Maple-Heart

This is an article about what I think some cats from warriors would look like with closeish genetics. (I’m not the best at genetics, but I’m going to try.)


First, Squirrelflight and Leafpool.
Cats can only get their looks from their parents, so it makes no sense for Leafpool to be brown and white. Squirrelflight however, would maintain most of her current looks. She’s said to be dark ginger with one white paw and green eyes. She also has long fur, and a bushy tail. Her revised look would probably be with bright orange fur, like Firestar, cream fur like Sandstorm, or a pale ginger as a mix of both. She would keep her green eyes, seeing as both Firestar and Sandstorm have green eyes. She would lose her bushy tail and long fur, because Firestar and Sandstorm are both shorthair, and have thin tails. She might keep her white paw, because it’s evidence of Firestar and Scourge’s half-brotherhood. She would have some partly visible stripes, because Firestar is a tabby, which have stripes, and Sandstorm has some barely visible stripes. Leafpool will probably look much different than she already does, because she can’t be brown and white with amber eyes. Leafpool, just like Squirrelflight would have green eyes, and her fur would probably not be the same color as her sisters’ , because they didn’t have the same color already, so it wouldn’t be likely to have the same fur color now. She would stay a tabby, because there’s no reason for her not to. Anyway, that’s all to revise for Squirrelflight and Leafpool!

The original three
Yep, Lionblaze, Jayfeather, and Hollyleaf. First, Lionblaze. He starts as a golden longhaired, amber eyed cat. He is also a tabby. He is a kit of Leafpool and Crowfeather. (His genetics work well enough.) His parents now have blue and green eyes, so he would have blue or green eyes. I think that since Hollyleaf already has green eyes, he would have blue. For his coat color, his fur would be a orange or cream, since Leafpool would be orange or cream, or a slight variation. Hollyleaf already has black fur, so I feel like he shouldn’t also have black fur. He would have short fur, because his parents are shorthair. He would also stay a tabby. For Hollyleaf, she would be very dark gray, like Crowfeather, because that’s closest to her original color, and there is no need to change it. She would also keep her green eyes, because again, there’s no need to change it. She originally had a bushy tail, like Squirrelflight, but neither of her parents have it, so she would have a non-bushy tail. Next, Jayfeather. He is described as a pale gray tabby, with pale blue eyes. He would probably be a dark gray like Hollyleaf, because he’s already gray, and he would stay a tabby, because his mother, Leafpool, is a tabby. His eyes are pale blue, and since he’s blind, they would stay pale, and since his father has blue eyes, they would stay blue. Jayfeather only ended up changing the shade of his fur. (Good job, Jayfeather).

Dovewing and Ivypool
Okay, these two. Starting with Dovewing. Dovewing is a longhair, pale gray cat with green eyes. (Although she has had blue and golden eyes, too.) Her parents, Whitewing and Birchfall, are white with green eyes, and brown tabby with amber eyes. Whitewing is longhair, and Birchfall is shorthair. Dovewing can easily stay longhair, and with green eyes, since her mother also is longhaired with green eyes. However, her parents aren’t gray, so she also can’t be gray. She seems to inherit a lot of physical traits from her mother, so I’m going to assume she also is white. Now on to Ivypool. She is a gray and white shorthaired tabby with blue eyes. She can stay a tabby, because Birchfall is a tabby. She would also stay shorthaired, because Birchfall is shorthaired. She can also keep her white patches of fur, because Whitewing is white. I think that her gray patches of fur would now be brown, like Birchfall. I feel that her eyes would be amber, because she seems to look like her father and her father has amber eyes.

Second to last, Blossomfall, Brairlight, and Bumblestripe
These three are the kits of Graystripe and Millie. Bumblestripe, thankfully, looks a lot like his parents, Millie in particular. Just like Millie, he is a silver tabby. Unlike Millie, he is longhaired. However, Graystripe is longhaired, so he can stay longhaired. I don’t know his eye color, so I’m going to say his eyes are blue, like Millie’s eyes. For Brairlight, she is a shorthair brown cat with sky blue eyes. Since Millie’s eyes are blue, her eyes can still be blue. For her fur, she can stay shorthaired, like Millie. I think that she would be a medium gray, as a mix of both of her parents’ shades of gray, and she would have a few stripes, because Graystripe has one stripe, and Millie, a tabby, has a ton. Lastly, Blossomfall. She is a longhaired calico cat with unknown color eyes. (If anyone knows what color her and Bumblestripe’s eyes are, please tell me in the comments.) She would stay longhaired because Graystripe, and I am going to also give her yellow eyes because I used Millie’s eye color for Bumblestripe. For her fur color, I think she would be a light gray tabby with patches of dark gray, or vise versa, because Millie’s a tabby, and Blossomfall has patches of different colored fur already, so I can just make her gray.

Last of all,
Mothwing, Hawkfrost, and Tadpole!
First, Mothwing. She is a longhair dappled golden tabby with amber eyes and a fluffy tail. Because of Tigerstar, she will stay a longhaired tabby with a fluffy tail and amber eyes. However, the closest we can get to golden fur is cream with a dark brown tail tip. (Both of her parents have a dark brown tail tip, so she also has to have it.) Next, Hawkfrost. Again, the longhaired tabby with a fluffy tail is inherited from Tigerstar. So is the dark brown fur. Neither of his parents have a white underbelly, so he is completely dark brown tabby. He inherits his blue eyes from Sasha, however, he will now have dark blue eyes instead of ice blue. Last but not least, Tadpole!!!!! Tadpole is a black cat with unknown eye color. I will give him RAINBOW EYES. Actually, dark blue eyes because it seems that the toms now have dark blue eyes, and the she-cats have amber eyes. (Hawkfrost and Mothwing, at least.) I think that he would look like Hawkfrost, except he would have cream colored paws.

That’s all! Hope you enjoyed!

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  • Crowfeather’s eyes are amber, right? But nice article, loved it!

  • Great article, but I don’t really get it because cats do not have to share any looks with their parents. my cat, his mother was a shorthair brown tabby, and she had a grey and white she-kitten, a black and white semi-longhaired tom-kitten, a black and white shorthaired she-kitten and a completely black longhaired tom-kitten. none of them looked like her. cats do not need to look like their parents, but good article anyways! 😛

    • Yes, but if you haven’t learned genetics yet, there are certain traits that cats can’t have because they aren’t present in the parents, or they are recessive and neither parents have it. For example, brown eyes are dominant to blue eyes. So if both of your parents and your grandparents have brown eyes, you would not be able to have blue eyes because blue is a recessive trait. If one of your parents has blue eyes, but the other has brown eyes and no blue allele, you still would only be able to have brown eyes because the trait would look like this: Bb, and they uppercase B would overpower the lowercase b. If both of your parents have blue eyes, you would be able to get blue eyes. For all of these cases, you wouldn’t get green eyes because green wasn’t present at all. I don’t know if I explained this completely accurately, but my point is that while cats can look a little different from their parents, they have to follow genetic rules, and some of the warriors cats don’t. That was the point of the article.

  • Great article! 🙂
    🎵Why do you write like you’re running out of time?🎵

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