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Ferncloud – The Truth by Ravencall

Ravenclaw sheds some light on Ferncloud.

Art by ashkey

Some people think Ferncloud is lazy, or she’s only trying to get out of being a warrior. This makes me upset because Ferncloud has been through a lot more pain than even main characters such as Firestar, or even Bluestar. Some people would say Bluestar or Crowfeather or Cookedstar had the saddest lives, but I disagree. I say the cat who had the hardest life is actually…. Ferncloud.
Ferncloud had already lost two members of her family when she was born- Elderkit and Tulipkit, her siblings who died tragically before they were apprenticed. Ferncloud became very close with the other apprentices, however she lost another friend when Switfpaw and Brightheart (paw at the time) charged into battle against the dogs.
Soon after she was a warrior, she became pregnant and moved to the Nursery. It was pretty clear who the father was, as the sweet relationship between Dustpelt and Ferncloud was established early on.
As everybody knows, she suffered even more loss when her new litter was born, with her two sons Spiderkit and Shrewkit. However, when Shrepaw was an apprentice, he was hit by a car chasing down much needed food. Ferncloud and Dustpelt were horrified by this news, and they soon had another litter. However, Hollykit and Larchkit, her new daughters, both passed away, weakened by little food. She grew very protective of Birchkit, her only remaining kit, and he grew to be a strong warrior. Ferncloud’s life was getting pulled back together, and she was able to pick up the pieces and stay strong for her kits. For a good amount of time, Ferncloud was able to just be happy. But then her brother, Ashfur was murdered, bringing Ferncloud’s pain back. She even had one more litter; Icecloud and Foxleap. Both of those kits grew into strong warriors, although they both ended up dying at a young age, Iceloud of sickness, and Foxleap of battle injuries.
Ferncloud managed to be happy again. She even got to watch her grandchildren be born, when Spiderleg and Daisy had kits. But things with the Dark Forest were starting to heat up, and she worried for the safety of her kits. The Dark Forest warriors attacked the Nursery. Ferncloud fought off a Dark Forest tom, hiding Brightheart, who was nursing her kits, in some bramble and ultimately saving the life of Brightheart and her kits. But, this ends up costing Ferncloud her life.
I like to think that Ferncloud never wanted to kill, or hurt, anything. She was meant to create life, not take it. She was always mothering the kits, a second mother to any kits in the nursery who weren’t her own. She was always sweet and you can’t find a ThunderClan cat who disliked the sweet queen.
She was a kind of glue for ThunderClan; she was always kind and caring, and every cat liked her. Every kit in the nursery at the same time as her could find a safe place in Ferncloud. Really any warrior could find a safe place in Ferncloud.
When she died, it left Dustpelt heartbroken. He refused to retire, and he eventually died fighting badgers, joining his mate and passed kits in StarClan.
But, it’s safe to say she can never be reunited with her whole family; in order for her to be with her full family, ThunderClan would have to die out.
So, next time you ask which cat suffered the most, think of Ferncloud. When you ask which cat had the most mental strength (and physical, it isn’t exactly painless to give birth), think of Ferncloud

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  • Everyone hates Ferncloud??? Why??? She was so nice, caring and created new, strong lives for ThunderClan. Queens are just as important as warriors! She’s so gentle and kind, and I almost cried when I read that she died. HATE YA BROKENSTAR but her death was so honorable. Her relationship with Dustpelt, the sharp-tongued warrior is soooo sweet. I love her so much.

  • Great article!!
    My friend disliked Ferncloud because she had so many kits, but she’s a cat, for StarClan’s sake! And some PEOPLE have more children then Ferncloud had. Personally, I think that Ferncloud is so sweet and kind and one of my favourite warrior cats. But I never thought about her having the hardest life out of any warrior cat, but you’re right, she did have some painful moments, more then other cats.
    Ferncloud Forever!

  • Great article but technically she wouldn’t have grieved for Icecloud or Foxleap because they both died after she did

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