The Phenomenon of StarClan by Rockpelt

Rockpelt takes a look at StarClan and its powers.

Art by lokidrawz

Hello! Today I would like to discuss a topic that has been bugging me from science… well… yesterday. What gave StarClan its power? I did an article similar to this a couple days ago about Midnight. This time I would like to discuss Starclan. It’s been bugging me because I was reading the Darkness Within in one scene where Rootpaw and Tree see a ghost cat. The cat seems worried that she might fade. Tree tells her she won’t. When asked how he knows Tree answers that she’s “not a warrior.” This got me thinking. What made StarClan different from other spirits? That’s where this article comes in.
The first appearance we have of Starclan is after the first battle. The cats that died while with the too-be clans came back to speak with the living cats as spirits. They delivered a message “unite or die.” This message suggests that the cats already have more wisdom than the living cats. How could this be? Jayfeather has stated they are just cats who died. They haven’t gotten any real wisdom from death. There seems to be no real source for their new found wisdom.
A possible source for the power could be the “true” ancients. By that I mean the cats who lived beside the lake before the clans came there. If you believe that the powers of these cats granted the cats of StarClan power then it’s logical to ask “where did they get the power?” The ancients seem to be incredibly powerful cats, but they aren’t unlimited. Rock, the most powerful of them all, has spent eternity underneath the lake territories. So has Fallen Leaves. Bothe the cats seem powerful enough to alter the physical world, Rock can even alter time, but they both seem trapped in the state in which they died. Maybe that’s how the ancients worked. However they died they stayed. Forever.
One would think if Rock had granted these powers to StarClan and gave them these gifts he would make a place for himself to stay. I think we can eliminate the ancients as a source.
Kate once stated that she thinks StarClan exists because the warriors invented them. We do have to consider the fact that not all statements from Kate can be regarded as canon. (no offense Kate.) What if the warriors you and I think of didn’t create StarClan. Maybe they were created by warriors of legend.
You heard (or read) me right. I’m talking about the three Clans of legend. TigerClan, LeopardClan and LionClan. As far as the Warriors were concerned these were the most powerful cats to ever exist. Where did the legend come from? The legends from Secrets of the Clans clearly seem to show that the ancient clans lived by the forest territory. This implies that the stories are made up. Maybe part of them are, but I believe there is some truth in the legends. I believe long ago legendary cats roamed the wild. They were so powerful their spirits retained some of their power once they had died.
The spirits of these cats found a way to become nearly immortal by leaving the physical world. They discovered a whole new realm. They claimed the realm and were the only cats powerful enough to go and come from the realm. Eventually the living cats fell apart and stopped being clans. The spirits of the cats stayed in their territory. When they saw newcomers they hopped for them to be like clans. They helped the spirits of the newcomers to the realm. They told the newcomers how to live like clans. The newcomers sent the message to the physical world. As the clans grew the original warriors began to fade until even StarClan could not remember them. They became legends to all the Clans. Now as cats die they do not gain in knowledge except what they learn and experience through age.
Thanks for reading! Leave a comment about your own opinion. I’m sorry if my theory feels a little far fetched. It was the best I could think of to explain the phenomenon of StarClan! I’ll probably make part two if you all enjoyed this! Thank you for your time.

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  • When Jayfeather said StarClan is just dead cats, he was just being grumpy (like usual).

  • Hmmm well I don’t think that StarClan could be a legend because the prophecies are actually true but for the ancient Clans I think that’s pretty reasonable…

  • Such an interesting artical. I once heard a cat named Stargazer invented Starclan but… how is that possible? If he created it when he died?