Why I don’t like Bluestar by Irispaw

Irispaw shares their opinion on Bluestar.

Art by Moonstoner1096 (Reddit)

Hey it’s Irispaw with another article! By the way this is a really opinionated article, so if you like more facts stuff then this is probably not for you…

1-Bluestar spent way too much time sorrowing over her losses. Now I don’t think it’s wrong to get sad, but almost every single warrior lost at least some of their family or mate. Bluestar always needed to be reminded to stop crying like a baby and be a strong cat for once. While it was ok for her to be weeping like that when she was younger, being a good leader means sucking it up a little.

2- Bluefur was unreasonably over critical to Snowfur. I really hated when Bluefur was judging her sister for being with a (seemingly) ready-to-fight-just-a-bit-obnoxious warrior. One who definitely had a connection to Snowfur and really loved her. She scrutinized Snowfur’s relationship while she,”Ms. I’m-so-great” fell in love with an enemy cat that she hardly knew after, like, two meetings! It was also really annoying when she obsessed over the (probably not true) prophecy, then she ignored it to have kits, then decided to risk her kits lives because, obviously, the prophecy!

3-She was a really bad mom who decided to take her vulnerable kits in the middle of a snow storm to be with their RiverClan father. This was totally unnecessary! Let me get this out of the way: Loving your kits is very different then being a good mom. She might have missed her kits after she left them, but leaving her kits was totally not needed. She did not have to assume that Sunstar was going to choose Thistleclaw as deputy, she really just needed to ASK. Sunstar did in fact say that he wouldn’t have chosen him, and if he was, Bluefur could have convinced him otherwise, it kinda wasn’t hard to see. If she wanted to be deputy she easily could have given her kits to another queen in the clan. She also could have just let someone else more capable of being deputy be deputy, if not permanently then maybe until her kits ate solid food, which then Thurshpelt would take over in a Ivypool and Fernsong scenario. And if she REALLY needed to be deputy right away, then why not be a queen and deputy at the same time? Sure would be hard, but Leafstar was a mom and a clan leader at the same time, and really the clan doesn’t depend on the clan’s deputy to be there 24/7.
Yet Bluefur just had to drag her innocent kits away from the safe nursery into a freezing snowstorm, and of course Mosskit froze to death!
4-Bluestar was a bad leader. In Into the Wild Bluestar put Rusty’s life in danger twice. When Rusty first joined the clan Graypaw attacked the small kittypet without having any battle training needed for safety. She could have just invited him to join the clan and have Rusty fight her herself. Bluestar also didn’t step in when Longtail almost choked Rusty to death, the only reason he didn’t die was the incidental collar snapping. She also almost caused an unnecessary battle with WindClan, and it was Fireheart stopped her. If it wasn’t for Fireheart, Bluestar might have destroyed ThunderClan. Then we have Bluestar’s scuffle with StarClan. Bluestar only made Cloudtail a warrior because he didn’t believe in StarClan. She refused to make Swiftpaw and Brightpaw warriors. This caused Swiftpaw and Brightpaw to search for the dogs to prove themselves as loyal warriors willing to protect the clan. Bluestar definitely caused Swiftpaw’s death and Brightpaw’s injury. This is where it gets really bad. No matter how much you are struggling, taking it out on your clan is NOT OK! Poor Brightpaw was in pain with very low self esteem and Bluestar gave her the name Lostface- that is literally adding insult to injury. It’s bad enough to give someone a name like that when they are older and are ok, or at least used to their disabilities, but giving that name to Brightheart was really rude and insulting! Rainflower did the same thing, naming her child Crookedkit was not right and most people hate her for it, Bluestar did it with Brightheart and yet everyone overlooked it. Bluestar also gave a lot of authority to Fireheart which put him in a lot of stress. He had to take up her responsibilities when she became mentally ill, when he was already stressing about Graystripe’s Cross-Clan affair. Bluestar shouldn’t have been leader with her mental illness, the good of her clan should have been over her personal ambitions and she definitely had no right to take her feelings out on her clanmates.

Do I think she should have made better decisions? Yes, but her actions were essential to the plot. I just wish she wasn’t liked and praised like a hero. Bluestar didn’t just have “flaws that made her relatable” because honestly, they aren’t flaws, she was a messed up leader who is treated like a hero. Anyhow that was my article on Bluestar, I hoped you liked it since I spent hours making this! May StarClan light your path!


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  • Honestly there are so many things Bluestar could’ve done instead of dragging Mistyfoot and Stonefur to RiverClan and Mosskit to StarClan.

    • She could’ve asked Sunstar who he’d choose and convinced him Thistleclaw wasn’t the right choice if that was his answer.
    • She could’ve given her kits to a different ThunderClan queen to nurse so she could become deputy.
    • She could’ve raised her kits while being deputy. I’m not sure if that’s ever happened with a deputy, but leaders have raised kits and they have more responsibility than deputies so there shouldn’t be any reason why she couldn’t have done that.
    • She could’ve waited for the storm to be over so that Mosskit didn’t freeze to death.

    I actually liked Bluestar in the first book or two, but after she became mentally insane and unstable, and turned into a total fox-heart, my opinion of her changed. I hated her with a passion when the Lostface/Brightheart thing happened, and sometimes I still strongly dislike her, but she’s dead so my opinion of her is fairly neutral.

    • It made me so frustrated when Bluestar couldn’t see that Tigerstar was a traitor. Right in front of her face. The only time Bluestar can actually realize is when TIGERSTAR TRIES TO KILL HER. I just hoped she would learn some common sense in StarClan, but no.

    • Squirrelflight raised kits while being deputy, but she was already deputy then and didn’t have to worry about not being chosen for the job.

  • She was very picky in StarClan too. In the prologue for one of the books, forget which, she complains about the ground being wet. YOU LITERALLY LED A CLAN, SO ACT LIKE IT. She also took things out on Yellowfang about the Three prophecy. Bluestar also blamed Yellowfang for having kits when being a medicine cat. Hello, Oakheart? Familiar? Learn some respect, Bluestar.

    • I’m pretty sure everyone is picky in some way? And plus, one moment does not define Bluestar’s character.

      Bluestar isn’t a medicine cat…and she was only going to meet with Oakheart once.

    • I agree, I prefer Firestar as a better leader! No offense to the Bluestar fans but I wish she acted more Adult-like

  • cool article

    my reasons for disliking bluestar:

    -she brought her kits during a snow storm when she could have waited
    -tigerclaw tried to kill her but she was blind to notice that
    -she named brightpaw as lostface
    -another forbidden relationship

  • The prophercy was true. Bluestar mated with Oakheart, a RiverClan cat. She had to then give her kits with him up to save her Clan from Thistleclaw. Bluestar also lost her last life in the gorge’s river. Too many things that have to do with water had/have a bad relationship with Bluestar.

  • I absolutely agree with all your reasons… sorry but I normally just skim through these pages so you might’ve covered this already but just to add how could Bluefur (warrior) know so much about Tigerclaw’s evil personality, and then how could Bluestar (leader) suddenly choose Tigerclaw as ThunderClan deputy? Also this could be a repeat in the chat but I seriously agree with EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOUR REASONS

  • I still like bluestar.
    Also bluestar could’nt wait for after the storm. Thistle claw might be named the deputy before the storm was over.