3 Super Editions or Novellas I want by Shadowfang

Shadowfang shares characters they wished would get chances to tell their stories.

Art by Spirit of Alaska

Hello, this is Shadowfang and I am going to talk about 3 different super editions or novellas that I want. First, a Needletail Super Edition, I would call it Needletail’s Rebellion. Second, a Super Edition about one of the ”codebreakers” I think Jayfeather would sell the best, I would call it Jayfeather’s exile (but this one would work for any of the ”codebreakers”). Third, I think a lot of people would disagree but a Longtail novella would be interesting, I would call it Longtail’s Trust.
Needletail’s Rebellion
This one, along with the next, doesn’t need to be a super edition but it would be better that way. Needletail’s Rebellion would be about Needletail in Shadowclan after the Apprentice’s Quest. What she is thinking when she sneaks out of the camp to see Rain and Darktail, and how she knows Tree. It talked a bit about them but didn’t have much on it. It would also be interesting to read about her death from her perspective. You don’t even read her death or know her last words, it just sort of says she died.
Jayfeather’s exile
Again, this could be about any of the ”codebreakers” from the Broken Code but, Jayfeather seems like it would be the most liked, other ideas would be maybe Alderheart, Lionblaze, or Twigbranch. Jayfeather is one of the more widely loved characters, yes some people dislike him but, who wants more boring Lionblaze chapters? Anyway, that would just be about how it felt to be exiled, and Jayfeather was one of the Medicine Cats that was told about the imposter when Shadowsight was ”killed”. How it was to live in Shadowclan, WITH HIS FATHER!!!
Longtail’s trust
A lot of people will probably disagree with me here but I want to see Longtail’s PoV on Fireheart and how it changed throughout the first series. A lot of Longtail’s attitude was overshadowed by Tigerstar and Darkstripe and you didn’t know a lot of the things going through his thoughts. I want the opinion on a character that was close to Tigerstar and saw how he was evil and changed, though he was still mistrusted, I want to see his struggle for trust. I want to see him feel the anger and great following Swiftpaw’s death and rejection.
Well, that is the three Super Editions that would be nice that I want to see. They could go together into a novella too. They all are related to trust and rebellion sort of things. Also, Firestar, Graystripe, and Ravenpaw all have books but Sandstorm and Dustpelt still haven’t got any.
Thank you for reading my article, I look forward to reading your comments. The characters above are some of my favorites so, sorry if I start aggressively defending them, it happens a lot.


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  • top 3 novellas i want
    -something that includes main characters’ kithood
    -either stonefur or mistystar bc i want to see what happened in tigerclan

  • I would love to see….
    -A Needletail Novella
    -A Longtail Super Edition or Novella
    -Any Novella about the ‘Codebreakers’
    -An Owl Eyes Novella

    And a Barley Super Edition!!!

    • I’d love to see a Smoke Super Edition or Novella (Smoke = Darktail’s mother and Onestar’s former mate) about when she mated with Onestar (then Onewhisker) and why she made her only surviving kit evil.

  • I would like a
    -Silverstream super edition
    -Ivypool super edition (how being in the dark forest affected her maybe?)
    -Needletail super edition

  • I would not in my wildest thoughts think of aany of these except maybe Needletail novella, very creative