• Oh have you guys seen the trailer for season 13?!
    It’s kinda hilarious and not in a good way. It shows absolutely nothing of the plot and answers no questions, isn’t that the opposite of what a trailer is meant to be? 😛

    Anddd also I watched a few episodes of a series called Sherlock and it took me a few minutes to work out why Sherlock seemed strangely familiar and it’s because the show is written by one of the same writers of Doctor Who and Sherlock is so similar to the Eleventh Doctor but there’s a bit of Tenth Doctor in there too. 😛

    • It is a pretty vague trailer, yeah. I wasn’t expecting much else though.

      I’ve watched most of Sherlock and it is quite similar, although I don’t like it as much as Doctor Who. I think that it’s a little overrated as a show but it’s still cool. I walked past the house they use for the exterior of 221B a while ago, and the cafe outside it is actually a real cafe, which is cool 🙂

      • Yeah fair! I heard somewhere season 13 is going to be one long story. I hope they make it good, especially since it’s Jodie Whittaker’s last (and Chris Chibnall’s too!! 😀 ).

        I agree, Sherlock was good but not that good. 😛 Oh wow that is SO cool!!!

  • I saw a few days ago that season 13 starts on halloween which is so cool!!
    I’m pretty excited but then again I don’t want to get my hopes up too high and be disappointed.

    • I think I’d quite enjoy it! Providing my karvanista was friendly of course! (I can never spell ‘karvanista’ 😛 Once I mistyped it as karenvista)

      Are you excited for the new episode tonight? I kind of am!

  • What are your top 3 Dr. Who episodes? For moii they areee
    1. Midnight
    2. Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead
    3. The Impossible Planet/Satans Pit
    Some episodes I also enjoyed (sometimes guiltily, because I know they aren’t the highest quality but hey, I like what I like loll) but aren’t on the top 3 list are
    1. The Power of Three
    2. The Lazarus Experiment
    3. The Eleventh Hour

    • Hard, but maybe:

      1. Partners in Crime
      2. A Good Man Goes To War/Everything that builds up to it/Okay basically the whole of season six because I love the second half too
      3. Heaven Sent/Hell Bent

      Honourable Mentions:

      The Runaway Bride, The Unicorn and the Wasp, Vincent and the Doctor, Let’s Kill Hitler, Utopia/The Sound of the Drums/The Last of the Timelords, The Angels Take Manhattan, The Asylum of the Daleks, The Husbands of River Song, The Magicians Apprentice/The Witch’s Familiar, The Day of the Doctor, Smith and Jones

      Ouch that was long, I’m going to stop naming them because I’d break the comment limit 😛

      Edit: okay just one more… Extremis, I liked the plot premise so much

      • Oiiiiiiii this is a lot to reply too 😛
        Aadfadfsdfh yessss I loved Asylum of the Daleks, that’s the one where the Daleks ask the Doctor for help or some such circumstance right? 😛 That was a brilliant usage of the Daleks 😛
        Yes, yes of course, The Sound of Drums/The Last of The Time Lords. Ya gotta love the Master right 😛 The dork never fails to entertain or cause doomsdays but shhhhhh, doomsdays are a timelord thing, forgive him
        Oooohhhh laaaawed I LOVED the Magicians Apprentice/The Witches Familiar. It really helped to flesh out the 12ths doctor character, showed his darker side and adhadsjfhasdfh the fact that it featured Missy certainly wasn’t a downside 😛 And pitting the Doctor against the creators of the Daleks (whom he wronged in the past) in the Daleks home planet, was just such a brilliant way to challenge The Doctor. Ahhhh it was just everything I’ve ever craved in one episode 😛 😛
        And finally yesss The Day of the Doctor. You can’t go wrong with the 10th and 11th meeting 😉 And I appreciated the depth and complexity of the War Doctor 😀

        • Hi! Sorry for the late reply!

          Yep! It’s where the Doctor, Amy and Rory are all sent to the planet where the crazy daleks are sent. It’s the first appearance of Clara also, as souffle girl who (SPOILER ALERT) turns out to be a dalek!

          The Master is indeed amazing, especially as Missy, the sort of evil Mary Poppins master!

          I totally agree! I really need to rewatch the Magician’s Apprentice / The Witch’s Familiar at some point because I remember them being really good but not all the details!

          Oh yes! David Tennant and Matt Smith’s Doctors worked SO well together in that! And I LOVE the War Doctor too, I don’t get why he is quite hated by people, he’s one of my favourite Doctors!

  • Anyone else notice that there’s a pattern to the doctors regenerations? Like there’s one grumpy ‘dark on the outside, kind on the inside’ doctor (9th and two regenerations later the 12) followed by some chaotic goofy ‘kind on the outside, dark on the inside’ doctors? (the 10th and 11th. We haven’t seen the 13th doctors darkness yet but its there :D)

  • Just had to share these incorrect Dr. Who quotes 😛
    Ten: Hey, Martha? Can I ask a serious question?
    Martha: Yeah, sure. Whatever you need.
    Ten: Would I look good as a ginger? Please be honest.
    Clara: All the different versions of you had some sort of catch phrase. Like how Ten always said “Allons-y” and Eleven said “Geronimo.” What’s your’s?
    Twelve: Shut up.
    Clara: Gosh… okay. I guess I tickled a nerve there.
    Twelve: No, my phrase is “Shut up.”

  • I don’t know if anyone will read this but last weekend, I went to Cardiff Bay and I saw a load of locations they filmed Doctor Who in around Cardiff (since the BBC studios where they film Doctor Who is in Cardiff).

    If anyone’s ever watched Torchwood, I went to see the secret entrance to Torchwood (the big silver cylinder), the millennium center and Ianto’s Shrine. It was very cool 😀

    Also I can’t wait for the last two specials and then it’s season 14!!! 😀 😀