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  • This will probably be most active when the new season comes out in autumn 😛

  • This page died before it lived 🥲
    I guess it’s a little timey-wimey though…

    I hath come to revive it with the trusty accomplice of my awful autocorrect who has seemed to put all the ER character’s names into itself, what a traitor to whovianess 😛

  • I haven’t watched Dr. Who in forever, (almost 7 years) but I remember watching a episode when i was 6 about the statues that move when you blink, and I was terrified of statues for YEARS! I don’t think i watched dr. who after that, lol. though I do want to watch it again

  • Hello I have come to spark conversation and do a doctor ranking because yay and also Doctor Who is awesome (some opinions may change once I’ve watched more classic who). I tried to do a more detailed ranking but my comment was 900 words long so here’s one without explanation/incessant rambling:

    Doctor Ranking:
    15. War
    14. Ruth
    13. Eight
    12. Six
    11. One
    10. Four
    9. Nine
    8. Two
    7. Five
    6. Three
    5. Ten
    4. Eleven
    3. Seven
    2. Thirteen
    1. Twelve

    Do you agree with me? Who’s your favourite doctor? I’d like to hear from more Whovians on here and hopefully make this page a little less inactive! Byeeee!!!