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Who The Cats Where In Moth Flight’s Dreams by Stormpaw

Stormpaw wonders who was in Moth Flight’s Moonstone vision.

Art by cookiefennec

*SPOILERS FOR MOTH FLIGHT’S VISION AND MINORS FOR BLUESTAR’S PROPHECY* Ok, so if you haven’t read Moth Flight’s Vision yet, then I’ll give a brief summary. So Moth Flight has dreams about these cats- and they’re different each time -about them going to a cave and touching their noses to a glowing rock, which we know as the Moonstone. And each of them always receive something (nine lives) from the spirit cats (their warrior ancestors). So now I’m going to tell who I think the cats were in her dreams.
Moth Flight’s 1st dream took place in a ditch. There was a blue-gray she-cat that was dead, and a dark tabby tom and a black-and-white tom were fighting while a ginger tom sat by the dead cat’s body. It was mentioned that after she came back to life, nobody was surprised, just relieved. So that ofc makes us think she was a leader that had nine lives. I think this dream takes place in “Into The Wild” where Firepaw, Graypaw, Ravenpaw, Tigerclaw, and Bluestar are on their way back to camp when rats attack them in a ditch. The ginger tom is Firepaw, crouching next to Bluestar; the blue-gray she-cat. And Tigerclaw; the dark tabby, was the one who was attacking the black-and-white cat; Barley, because he thought Barley had led them to the rats on purpose, since Barley gave them directions.
Moth Flight’s 2nd dream takes place in the cave in highstones, and there are two cats; Bluestar- who is mentioned to look younger since she is supposedly going to be receiving her nine lives -and a gray tom. The gray tom is Featherwhisker in Bluestar’s Prophecy. And then Bluefur touches her nose to the Moonstone, and the spirit-cats come. The first cat that comes up to Bluefur is titled a “great tom” in the book. But I looked in Bluestar’s Prophecy, and the first cat to greet her is Pinestar. Bluefur flinches, and Moth Flight tries to speak in the dream, thinking they might be her warrior ancestors, but they don’t reply, much to her disappointment. The second cat is a “small brown tom” which would be Mumblefoot. (Why did they give him that name anway? What is that name supposed to even mean?) And then Moth Flight sees her green moth before the dream ends.
Moth Flight’s 3rd dream also takes place at the Moonstone, but this time it shows the dark tabby that was with Bluestar in Moth Flight’s first dream, who we believe is Tigerclaw. But I have not read Tigerclaw’s Fury yet, so I can’t tell you who I think the spirit-cats are that speak to Tigerclaw. But it says that the dark tabby shows no respect for the cats that give him his nine lives; though during the chant where the spirit-cats name him Tigerstar, there is a tom that stops calling his name and looks at him fearfully.
Moth Flight’s 4th dream comes to her when she’s at the ShadowClan camp after Micah has died. There is a flame-pelted tom (Fireheart), and a golden spirit-tom approaches to give him his first life. I don’t have the book where Firestar is given his nine lives, but I think the golden tom is Lionheart. The second cat to approach is red bushy-tailed tom, which I think is Redtail. Third is a beautiful silver-pelted she-cat (Silverstream), and next is a lithe tabby tom, who is Runningwind? And then last, is a pretty tortoiseshell (Spottedleaf), and Moth Flight recognizes the look Fireheart and Spottedleaf exchange, since Micah gave her that same look full of love, when he was alive. And Moth Flight realizes with grief that the flame-pelted tom was in love with a dead cat. Angry that Micah wasn’t there, she swipes at the vision, and wakes up.
So those are my thoughts on who the cats were in her dreams! I also fully recommend reading/buying Moth Flight’s Vision, it’s a great book! Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed✨

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