Dear BlogClan.

I just wanted to share with you my great big thank you to Science!

I received my first COVID inoculation on Thursday and I feel great. It’s been a long year. Here in the UK and it feels as though lockdown has gone on forever. So I am very happy and relieved to see more and more of my friends, colleagues and family being vaccinated, knowing that, by the summer, we can all begin to return to some sort of normality and see each other again.

You’ll be pleased to know that I’ve kept myself busy for the past year. Since the COVID pandemic began, I’ve written A Light in the Mist and Leopardstar’s Honor. I’m rather pleased with how they turned out.

I suspect you will adore the last book in the Broken Code series, (published Nov 9th 2021) although I don’t know whether you’ll be entirely prepared for twists and turns we lead you through. The Erin Team planned it so brilliantly that even I was surprised as I wrote it.

And I think I’ve done Leopardstar justice. As one of my favourite characters, I wanted to explore all the complexity and contradictions of her leadership of RiverClan. I hope I’ve done that and that you will love her story when you read it in September.

For now though, I hope you are well and looking forward to a summer you’ve earned. Everyone has been very brave for a very long time. I hope you’re giving yourself plenty of treats and encouragement. It’s been a difficult time but the future is bright. ❤️

Love and best wishes



  • Does anyone know who the cats on the cover are for the broken code?
    I think one is Bristlefrost
    I know that two is Rootspring, four is Squirrelflight, and five is Ashfur, but I don’t know the rest. Can’t wait for the books ajfldjlafkjaf

  • Thanks, BlogClan, for the words of encouragement! It won’t be long until we can all be vaccinated. Younger people are more resilient but I do know how scary the idea of contracting COVID still is for you. ❤️ Take care and stay safe!

  • Aaaahh Kate that’s so cool!! I’m glad that the vaccine has been given to people one at a time, and hopefully we’ll be able to go to sports/activities again like we used to!

    I’m absolutely HYPED for Leopardstar’s Honor— Leopardstar is actually my third favorite character, I even went to the point of making a fanon (fan-made) character in an alternate universe where Leopardstar had kits, and that character was her kit 🙂

    I haven’t read up to The Broken Code yet (I’m on book 2 of A Vision of Shadows), but I can be sure it’ll be great! One of my favorite things about Warriors is how the stories keep going on and on and on. A lot of people ask you and the Erins to make the series end so it’ll be shorter, but in my opinion if the series ended, there would be no more stories left—

    Anyways, Kate, I have a question for you. It’s actually quite an odd question really, but I pay attention to minor details like this.

    So when Silverstream saved Graystripe in the second book, Graystripe asked why she saved him, and she replies that it’s because of her instinct. But in The Ultimate Guide, it says Silverstream only saved Graystripe because the food supply would be tainted if she didn’t. So what was the real reason she saved him?

    If you could answer that, that’d be great! I kind of wish it was just because of instinct because saving someone just because (and only because) the food supply will be tainted isn’t really nice, but that’s alright if she did.


    • Hi Sleetfur. I hope you’ll love Leopardstar’s Honor. We tried really hard to tell her side of the story as sympathetically as we could. Personally, she’s one of my favourites so I hope I did her justice.
      I think Silverstream was influenced by both instinct and to protect the food supply. She was a cat that followed her instincts but she was also very pragmatic.

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