Defending Hated Queens by Shatteredmask

Artwork by dokidoki-san

Shatteredmask defends some unpopular queens in Warriors

Hello and welcome to another article, this time one where I discuss hated queens and defend most of them! Spoilers for everything up to AVoS, and let’s go!

I don’t understand why people hate Smoke so much. Yeah, she made Darktail evil but why was that?
Because Onewhisker was just too proud to let her into the Clan!
And, even worse, he saw that their kits HAD DIED in Twolegplace, and she begged him to take Darktail in, and he just ignored her! She had every right in the world to hate him! Denying her entry to WindClan just based off of pride led to several kits deaths. Who did something similar once, causing three kits to die, a cat denied entry to another Clan and creating the most powerful villain in Warrior Cats?

Oakstar. Oakstar made Mapleshade evil, and after her kits drowned right in front of her (and she was not allowed in RiverClan BECAUSE of her mate) she became so angry and hungry for vengeance that, in the end, it killed her.
Smoke has a very similar backstory, and she did not kill three cat and go to the Dark Forest. She actually reacted (if we look at other queens in Warrior Cats) a relatively calm way, obviously being spiteful about it though.
And another thing. If Smoke had trained Darktail up as everyone thinks, then her kits would likely still be alive. It’s possible that they were killed off by greencough or some illness like that, but if it was another cat that killed them, she would have been able to protect them. The fact that she couldn’t keep them from dying is telling us that she wasn’t a great fighter, so she couldn’t train Darktail to fight. He taught himself that.

OK OK why does everyone hate Ferncloud? She dealt with so much! Look:
1. Her kits all died.
Seriously! How would you feel if all your kits died, one after one!
2. Her mate is Dustpelt.
Imagine the hate from her Clanmates she would have received with them knowing that her mate was once extremely close to a murderer?
3. Her parents died when she was younger.
Not very young, but relatively young.
4. She was looking after young kits day and night.
How kind is this cat? She looked after other cats kits so that they could go out and continue doing their warrior duties!

Watch as I begin to go into full rant mode…
Millie was actually a great mother. Blossomfall NEEDED a bit of punishment, in my opinion. She was spoilt rotten. When Blossompaw climbed the Great Oak, Millie actually didn’t do anything. That wasn’t a great moment for her, I’ll admit. Blossompaw got away with murder for a large amount of time. She bullied Ivypaw, and nobody seems to remember that (?). Millie helped Greystripe and was shown to be strong and independent, as told by Greystripe.
Millie just said truth; Blossomfall was being a brat, and someone had to put her back in her place. Briarlight WOULD have given anything to become a warrior like Blossomfall. And Blossomfall needed to hear that. The reason she was in the Dark Forest was just really stupid, to me. It just felt like a ridiculously selfish version of Ivypool.
Blossomfall was a bully, and then suddenly she’s redeemed because her mother shouted at her that one time? Millie was a good mother – just not good enough for Warrior Cats fans’ incredibly high standards.

Why does everyone hate her? She saw past Tigerclaw’s struggles and loved him for who he was.
Also Erins please make a novella or manga about her after the Clans leave in TNP. She NEEDS a death scene 😛

That’s all I have! Shatteredmask out!


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  • I agree with all of them but millie. My sister has never read warriors but she LOVES millie and im like Dude, millie sucks. Maybe blossomfall was being a jerk and was mean to ivypaw, but she didnt deserve to be NEGLECTED by her MOTHER who is supposed to LOVE and SUPPORT her. all millie did was yell at her and tell her she is an idiot and that millie didnt love her, wich blossmfall didnt deserve! I shoudl turn this into an article!

  • I agree with all of them except Millie. Blossomfall didn’t deserve to be neglected by her mother, and Millie needed to give her love out equally to her kits! How would you feel if you had a sick sister, but your mother always spends time with her and just shouts at you? I totally agree with Smoke and Ferncloud. Onewhisker was so mean to Smoke, AND he broke the warrior code anyways. This is why I hate Onestar soooooo much. Why does everyone hate Goldenflower and Ferncloud? Ferncloud is so nice and caring!
    I have a question: Dustpelt almost MURDERED someone???
    Amazing Article anyways!