Top Five Best Warrior Cats by Fawnpelt

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Fawnpelt lists who they consider to be the best Warrior cats

I’m here to tell you who I think are the best warrior cats. And don’t worry, I did NOT do this out of favoritism! So, let’s dive into it!

5. Goosefeather
I honestly am not Goosefeather’s biggest fan, but once you read Goosefeather’s Curse, you’ll start to respect him more. He is able to know what happens in the future, but he can’t tell anyone or do anything about it- even if it was the worst thing that could happen in the history of the Clans. How awful would that be? And, when he was very young, on his first trip to the Moonstone, he had so many prophecies thrown at him! Even prophecies that are about events that take place in Omen of the Stars! And later, his sister, Moonflower, began to think he was weird, and in Bluestar’s Prophecy, none of his Clanmates trusted them because they thought that his prophecy was what led to Moonflower’s death. So from then on, his apprentice, Featherwhisker, basically took over. But what happens in Bluestar’s Prophecy doesn’t make him a bad cat! Neither does what he did in Crookedstar’s Promise- which resulted in Crookedstar’s crooked jaw. Goosefeather is a really good character because he is able to cope with plenty of prophecies, visions, and he can see into the future. Bluestar’s Prophecy would be a lot less interesting without him, and Goosefeather’s Curse is a really good book! I honestly think he should appear in the current arc in dreams every so often- it would really give the books a nice twist!

4. Feathertail
Feathertail may not be the greatest warrior, but she certainly is an interesting cat. As we know, Feathertail was born a half-Clan cat, and Tigerstar wanted her to pay the price for that. And in A Shadow in RiverClan, we see her struggle caused by this. But when she finally finds her paws in RiverClan, she is sent on a mission to the Sun-drown-place. This decision she made is quite an unselfish choice considering that she knew she might have to give up all she worked for. Not long after, she develops a relationship with Crowpaw of WindClan, but it sadly doesn’t last for long. On the Sun-drown quest, she makes a selfless sacrifice to save the Tribe from the Sharptooth, and resides in StarClan. Crowpaw becomes a warrior and chooses to be Crowfeather, in her honor. He and Leafpool of ThunderClan become mates and have kits, and Feathertail loves them as if they were her own. And all these things make why she is such an awesome character is self-explanatory.

3. Yellowfang
Yellowfang is arguably one of the best medicine cats, and that all really starts with one thing: her power to feel the pain of other cats. At first, the power may have been annoying, but she learned to control it, and it helped her save Cloudpelt. And then, there was a big problem she faced, her own nasty son, Brokenstar. He exiled her for something he knew she didn’t do, and told all the Clans to watch out for her to make sure she didn’t steal their kits. She was taken in as a prisoner to ThunderClan, where Firestar, then only an apprentice, took care of her. Yellowfang became ThunderClan’s medicine cat following Spottedleaf’s death, and from then on, Firestar was like a son to her. She kept Cinderpelt alive after she was hit by a monster and trained her well to be ThunderClan’s next medicine cat. She had the courage to rid the forest of her evil son, and in the next book, she sacrificed herself trying to save Halftail. Yellowfang is truly one of the most loyal cats you could ever meet!

2. Crookedstar
Okay, so, why is Crookedstar so great? Well first off, he suffered rejection from his mother just because of his appearance! He didn’t really deserve that, but he still didn’t let that break him! But he did run away, and, as we all know, made a promise to Mapleshade- a promise that meant that he would suffer for the rest of his life. Then, much later in the book, he becomes close to Willowbreeze, much to the dismay of Mapleshade. So, Mapleshade draws a Twoleg close to Willowbreeze, and she is captured. And of course, they later get her back. After that, Rainflower drowns and dies, and his brother, Oakheart, blames him for it! Not long after, his father, Shellheart dies, followed by Hailstar, his mate, Willowbreeze, and two of their kits, Willowkit and Minnowkit. And then, Oakheart, who had probably just recently become deputy, dies. Lastly, his only kin left, and his only surviving daughter, Silverstream dies bearing Graystripe’s kits. But even after all this, he tells Mapleshade that she can’t make him suffer, because he knows he will see his loved ones in StarClan. I also really respect his decision to let Graystripe join RiverClan, knowing that it’s what his daughter would’ve wanted. All these things really develop his character and make him a great leader. Even when he makes a decision that we as readers might see as hasty, (such as the time when he decided to hunt on WindClan’s territory when WindClan was gone.” he only does it with his Clan’s best interest in mind, and it’s the decision that he thinks is the right one.

1. Needletail
At first, Needletail isn’t really that great; she’s just an apprentice who finds Twigbranch and Violetshine. But after she joins Darktail’s Kin along with Violetpaw is really when she shines. When the apprentices rebel against Rowanstar, she joins the Kin instead of staying in ShadowClan. When one of the kits she found, who is now an apprentice named Violetpaw rejoins The Kin, after a while, she becomes even more close to Violetpaw, taking her on as her unofficial apprentice. She realizes that she and Violetpaw don’t belong in the Kin, and conspires against Darktail. When he figures out what Needletail is doing, he attempts to kill her and Violetpaw. Darktail tells her to earn her life by killing Violetpaw, but Needletail attacks him, Sleekwhisker, and Roach. She saves Violetpaw by ultimately sacrificing herself and saying, “Run! Now! Make this count, Violetpaw!” Needletail is just an overall inspiring character, and she definitely deserves to be number one on this list!

The runner-ups for this would be my favorite warrior of all times, Firestar, for number six, and Gray Wing for number seven. I really hope you enjoyed reading this! These are not my favorite warriors, and I may change my mind on these, so keep in mind these are only my opinions! Tell me in the comments if you agree or disagree and why, and if there are any cats who you think should’ve been featured on this list. If you have any topic that you would like to see me write an article on, please tell me!

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  • my favorite is Firestar- i just cant help it lololololololllllllllll

  • Goosefeather: Never read about him.
    Feathertail: I really only liked her when she saved Crowfeather. But then she died, so it didn’t last long.
    Yellowfang: Love her! I’m currently reading Yellowfang’s Secret.
    Crookedstar: I haven’t read enough about him yet.
    Needletail: I don’t think she deserves first, but I do like her a lot.

  • Goosefeather: Goosefeather is an okay character. I find him a bit creepy because of the way he attacked Crookedstar and Oakheart when they were kits, and the way he treated Bluestar with his water death prophecies and stuff. I find him annoying and a bit creepy. Even though I read Goosefeather’s Curse, my opinions on him didn’t really change.

    Feathertail: I personally don’t like her. I like the spunky and tough girls like Squirrelflight because I can relate to them. And Feathertail isn’t one of those. I belive she’s kind of a Mary Sue because she dies so perfectly and stuff like that. She’s kind of like Spottedleaf. Kind of perfect, only lasts like… two books, and all of that stuff. Feathertail is just a too-perfect character to me and needs some work.

    Yellowfang: I LOVE her! She’s just so cranky and awesome! She dies honarably. That crankiness didn’t just appear though. Yellowfang started off as a warrior and she eventually mated with Raggedstar. But when Yellowfang decided it was her destiny to become a medicine cat, Raggedstar barely noticed her and focused on Foxheart the fox-heart. Then Yellowfang had to have kits on her own. The poor thing has been through a lot, and I’m glad she’s happy now in StarClan.

    Crookedstar: I don’t have very much feelings for this guy. He’s been through a lot, having his jaw break and all. His story in Crookedstar’s Promise was very good and enjoyable, but also real sad. Like Yellowfang, Crookedstar has been through a lot, but he’s not on my top ten because he’s sort of a bland character, and his personality hasn’t really shone in the books he’s appeared.

    Needletail: I don’t read the books in order, and I’ve only read the first book from the series she’s mostly in, and that book was the first one, when Alderheart goes on his quest to find SkyClan. And Needletail was pretty brave to come along and stuff. I guess she’s okay.

    I liked the article though! good job!