My Favourite and Least Favourite Cats by Oak Wood

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Oak Wood lists their favourite and least favourite characters

Hi, BlogClan! Today, I’m going to be discussing my favourite and least favourite Warriors with you guys, and why or why I don’t like them. Let’s start! (P.S I’m usually not this….perky, let’s say, I’m just in a good mood today)

Fallen Leaves
Brambleclaw’s importer (I like mysteries so….)

I will start with my favourite cats.

10. Sandstorm- So, Sandstorm is not my favourite character, but I like her enough that she made it to my top ten. Her personality has some things to be desired, but overall she is a cool cat. SandxFire is very cute, but I’m not a fan of how hostile she was towards Firepaw when he first came to ThunderClan. (But, if it is ever canonized that Redtail was Sandstorm’s father, I will re think this because her father would have just died)

9. Graystripe- Graystripe is the perfect mix of trouble and loyalty. He is a good friend to Firestar (most of the time) and is always quick to lend a helping hand, er, paw. The few reasons he didn’t score higher on my list are: Graystripe rejected Fireheart’s advice on Silverstream and attacked him, and just about dragged Fireheart into any trouble he got into.

8. Dustpelt- Dustpelt is an overall nice tomcat, but I didn’t really like how he and Sandstorm sometimes ganged up on Firestar when they were apprentices. His hostility was somewhat justified, as the whole Clan was a bit dumbfounded at Bluestar taking in a kittypet that she happened to meet on patrol. If I’m being honest, I probably wouldn’t have liked it much either, that’s why I can’t judge them too harshly.

7. Redtail- I don’t really know what to say for this one, just that it is amazing how loyal and protective he was to his Clan. After Tigerclaw murdered him, Redtail actually asked Sunstar (I think that was his name), the StarClan guide, to send him back so he could help protect the Clan. He is very trustworthy, and was always welcoming to any new StarClan members, and I’m quite sad that we only get to see him in an 80 page novella. (That changes a lot of stuff, I might add)

6. Pinestar- I know I’m going to get soooo much hate for having Pinestar on here. But here me out: there is only one thing I like about him, really. I don’t like how he abandoned his Clan for kittypet life, and I don’t like that he snuck away to meet with Jake and Shanty, two kittypets. But here is the thing I do like: however afraid he was of his son, Tigerkit, he would not lower himself to kill his own son. That is loyalty, in my opinion.

5. Firestar- Firestar is… a nice combination of personality traits. He seems all brave, loyal and heroic in the books where it is in his point of view. But earlier this week, I finished reading Tigerclaw’s Fury, the novella written for Tigerclaw/star. That book is what made me rethink how much I like Firestar. If you look at Firestar through his own eyes, he seems selfless and loyal. But what about through another cat’s eyes? Tigerclaw, though evil, makes a good point in his novella. Firestar seems like a show-off. Yes, I said it. When you look at the things he does through another cat’s eyes, he seems like a show-off. Brave and loyal, yes. But a show-off nonetheless. In the fire scene in the book, we catch a brief conversation between Fireheart and Sandstorm.
Fireheart: Where is Patchpelt?
Smallear: He isn’t with me. He must still be in the camp!
Sandstorm: Fireheart, you can’t go back there!
Fireheart: I must, Sandstorm! I must go back down there!
Kind of conceited, don’t you think? He sounds… a bit TOO heroic and brave in that situation. That is why he did not score higher on my list. I appreciate him finding SkyClan, and leading LionClan against BloodClan and stuff, but sometimes he sounds like he is trying to show cats that he can do whatever he wants. I get that he might be trying to prove himself to those who still see him as a soft kittypet, but he could do it in a more humble way.

4. Crowfeather- I love Crowfeather. Honestly. Yes, he did some… off things. But he always made up for his actions, or tried to. For example, he was kind of rude and cold towards Leafpool after they broke up, and he denied his sons and daughter. But he ended up apologizing to each of them, and coming to friendly terms, even Nightcloud, after he offended her by only being with her to show his loyalty. He gets a lot of hate because he doesn’t treat Breezepelt right, but he does care for him. Like the time Breezepelt was sick. Crowfeather was actually worried. He managed to make amends with everyone he hurt or offended. (Excluding Jayfeather, whom did not accept Crowfeather’s apology, because of his prickly personality which, ironically, came from Crowfeather, his father)

3. Tigerstar- You’ll notice that the last three cats on here are villains. Don’t judge me, I am all about excitement, schemes and planning. And these cats are all three of those things, and more. Anyway, back to Tigerstar. Tigerstar is a brat, a murderer and a traitor. I admit. But he is a strong warrior, and able to talk his way out of almost any situation. The cat is ambitious and willing to kill to get what he wants, but if he had handled his situation better, he could have definitely been the greatest leader the forest has ever known. But he didn’t and he ended up being killed by a puny black cat. Nine lives gone. What a waste. Yet, I like him. And if you take a look at Tigerclaw’s Fury, you’ll see that he still cares for Goldenflower and his kits, Bramblekit and Tawnykit.

2. Scourge- Scourge was an amazing villain, small and thin, but quick and clever. This one small kit managed to gain control of a band of the meanest, toughest, most vicious rogues he could find. He called them BloodClan, and went into battle with Tigerstar against the forest. He killed Tigerstar in one blow. That is amazing. This little cat could have been a valuable addition to any Clan. And his Clan could have been greatly known if he had had a little more structure. But Scourge ruled in fear. It’s unbelievable how these muscular, strong cats were afraid of this little black cat, because of one thing he said:
“The tooth on my collar? It’s from a dog I killed.”

And for number one, the one and only murderer that I think is not evil but misunderstood….

Mapleshade- Mapleshade is a survivor. Her Clan kicked her out, her mate turned on her, RiverClan denied her, her kits drowned and her friends and family were all torn away from her. She murdered Appledusk and Ravenwing and Frecklewish. Wait, no. She didn’t. Frecklewish, yes, Mapleshade intended to murder her. But did she go through it? Nope. She had her backed up against Snake Rocks. A viper shot venom in Frecklewish’s eye. So yeah, Mapleshade intended to murder her, but she didn’t have time to go through with it. Anyway, she might be a little evil. But she was also loyal and brave, and I admire her for that. She could have been deputy or even leader of ThunderClan. But she chose murder instead. But she thought she was avenging her kits. Even if she is evil, she is a darn good villain and doesn’t deserve that much hate, in my opinion.

Now for the cats I don’t like:

10. Brokentail- I don’t like him too much. He isn’t my least favorite, but I did like Raggedstar, whom he killed, even if Raggedstar didn’t make it onto my top ten list. I’m not going to put too much on Brokentail, cause I’ve already done an article on him, so if you want to know more, read that.

9. Foxheart- Foxheart was rude and mean to Yellowfang in Yellowfang’s Secret. She flirted with Raggedstar in front of Yellowfang, and she always treated Yellowfang like a lesser cat. When she was deputy, she never let Yellowfang talk to Raggedstar, and she always looked down on her, even though Yellowfang was an older and more experienced cat.

8. Thistleclaw- He showed almost no emotion when Bluefur’s sister and Thistleclaw’s own mate, Snowfur, died on the thunderpath. He trained in the Dark Forest, and later trained other cats there, with Mapleshade’s aid.

7. Lizardstripe- No. Just NO. This she-cat pretty much helped Brokentail’s murderous personality along with her cold ways, and not loving him or her own kits, not letting him nurse and playing rough with him. She was not a friendly cat to anyone, and repeatedly called her own kits brats, and wasn’t even really kind to her mate.

6. Breezepelt- Breezepelt has some good and bad qualities. He tried to kill Jayfeather, and trained in the Dark Forest, and some suspect he killed his own mother. He is arrogant and conceited. But he is gentle with Heathertail. That’s all I have for why he is okay.

5. Ravenwing- Ravenwing was the cat who found out about Mapleshade’s relationship with Appledusk, a RiverClan cat. He told Oakstar who banished Mapleshade and her kits. Ravenwing was just being loyal, yes, and that’s why he is not my least favorite. But he could have had a bit of compassion and a heart, and not told or at least waited until the kits could safely travel. He didn’t have to ruin Mapleshade’s life.

4. Oakstar- Same thing. Graystripe and Bluestar weren’t banished, and they both had kits with RiverClan cats. Why should Mapleshade be any different? Besides, just because he holds a grudge against the kits’ father, doesn’t mean he had to take it out on his own Clanmate and her kits.

3. Hollyleaf- Okay, so, Hollyleaf isn’t the worst cat, I just had to put her on here because she murdered Ashfur. But i get why, so she really isn’t my third least favorite cat, I just couldn’t think of one.

Appledusk- I don’t even know what to say. He turned on his mate when she needed him most. *Shakes head* just wow.

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  • I also like villains! and I agree with pretty much everything, even thou Crowfeather would have been higher on my list, I really like him fr some reason, and I would have put in Jayfeather.

  • ooh spoilers for people who have not read novellas but SERIOUSLY I love the villains and all these reasons are so… reasonable!!!! YASSSS I LOVE Mapleshade and Tigerstar not so sure about Scourge and Firestar and yes you heard me say Firestar if you just LOOK at this fan article… it’s wonderful. Absolute amazing!!!!

  • mapleshade is THE BEST she is a pretty she cat but her own mate turned on her she avenged her kits for her own sake killing appledusk was a good thing but she was suposse to kill appledusks new mate but killed appledusk i still think appledusk was a good choice to kill beacuse appledust turned on his own mate which is mean mapleshade has been through ENOUGH

  • It sorta makes sense about Mapleshade. I read ‘Vengeance and I was pretty much crying for her. And Patchkit. Just look at this excerpt. ‘ “Don’t you want to join in?” Mapleshade asked Patchkit, who was lying in the curve of her belly.
    His fur matched hers so perfectly that it was impossible to tell where one stopped and the other
    began. “It looks like they’re having fun.”
    Her son shook his head. “I’m fine here,” he mewed. He snuggled in a little closer. “You need me
    to keep you warm, don’t you?” His green eyes blinked anxiously at her. ‘

    Or this! ‘ “You’re doing a great job,” she told Patchkit. “I might have to share you with the elders to stop
    them getting cold.”
    Patchkit’s green eyes opened wide in alarm. “No! I want to stay with you forever and ever! Even
    when I’m an apprentice!”
    Mapleshade nuzzled the top of his head. “That won’t be for another four moons, little one. By then
    you’ll be so big and strong, you’ll be glad to leave the nursery and start your warrior training!”
    “No I won’t,” muttered Patchkit, burying his face in her chest fur. “I never want to leave you.” ‘

    It felt terrible when the three kits drowned!