Firestar and Bluestar by Dawncloud

Artist unknown (Source: VS Battles Wiki)

Dawncloud Analyses Firestar and Bluestar

Hi! My name is Dawncloud! This is my second article. My first one…I don’t think it came out yet…Keep an eye out for it! Today I am going to talk to you about…the one and only FIRESTAR!!! And BLUESTAR!! My top favorite leaders. There are SPOILERS in here so watch out! Hem, Hem. Let’s begin!

Rusty was born to Jake and Nutmeg and joined Thunderclan with the renaming of Firepaw. He met Ravenpaw, Graypaw, and Sandpaw, and was delighted by the wonders of apprenticeship. He was mentored by both Tigerclaw and Lionheart and afterward was mentored by Bluestar herself. Fireheart earns his warrior name, along with Sandpaw(storm), and Graypaw(stripe). After Tigerclaw’s banishment, he rose to the rank of deputy. He then mentored the first Cinderpelt, before her injury, Cloudpelt, and Bramblestar.
After Bluestar drowns, he becomes a leader and appoints Whitestorm as his deputy. Scourge then attacks and Whitestorm dies in the battle. Graystripe is appointed next. Firestar and Sandstorm become mates, and they travel together to rebuild Skyclan. They were successful and had two kits named Leafkit and Squirrelkit. Twolegs destroy the forest, rushing all of the cats out of their forest home, and the cats travel to the lake territories. Once they get there, the cats fight the Great Battle against the Dark forest. Around that time, Graystripe returns to the forest territories with millie. Firestar dies of wounds and gives medicine cats prophecies.

Bluestar, the leader after Sunstar, was the leader of Thunderclan, in the forest territories. She was born with Moonflower and Stormtail as her parents, and a sister named Snowkit. Shortly after her apprenticeship, Moonflower was killed in a battle by Hawkheart, the Windclan medicine cat. She becomes an apprentice earlier than most, gets the name Bluepaw, under the mentorship of Stonepelt. Stonepelt retires, and Sunfall (the deputy at the time) becomes her mentor. After her warrior ceremony, she is given a prophecy but doesn’t think much of it. She raised Snowfur’s kit, as her own, and later became pregnant with Oakheart’s kits, Mistykit, Stonekit, and Mosskit. At first, she raised these kits in Thunderclan with Thrushpelt as the “father”, but she needed to give the kits back to Oakheart to become deputy to achieve her rank as a leader. On her journey to Riverclan, One of her kits dies. She mentored Frostpaw and took on the role of the deputy as Tawnyspots retired. After Sunstar’s death, she rose to the top role of leader and was given the name Bluestar. Spottedleaf gives a prophecy about fire saving the clan. Bluestar invites Rusty (a fiery orange kittypet) to join Thunderclan, renames him Firepaw, and mentors him. Fireheart tries to warn her, but Bluestar trusts her deputy (Tigerclaw) until he tries to kill her during a battle. It forces her to banish the deputy, which sends her into a depressed state. She turns against Starclan, their warrior ancestors. Fireheart makes Bluestar believe in Starclan again, just before Bluestar is drowned in a river in battle. Her kits then forgive her and she ascends to Starclan where she grants both Firestar and Bramblestar one of their lives.

I hope you like it! Thank you for reading! If you like this article, please look out for more! (And comment please). May Starclan be with you!



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