My thoughts on Brokenstar: Why he needs a novella to explain some things by Jinx

Oak Wood shares their thoughts on the infamous ShadowClan leader, Brokenstar.

Art by HollyHeart22

So, almost everyone has heard about Brokentail/star, but for those who haven’t, I’ll sum up his life for you.

Yellowfang (ShadowClan’s medicine cat in Yellowfang’s Secret), was in a forbidden relationship with Raggedstar (ShadowClan’s leader). No surprise there, so many forbidden loves happen in these books. So the next thing you know, Yellowfang is going to have kits. Three kits, two died, Brokenkit survived. Okay, skip forwards. Brokenkit doesn’t know that Yellowfang is his mother, and Ragged broke up with Yellow. So now, skip a bit more. Brokenkit gets shown favour because the leader is his father, and he is made an apprentice and warrior too early. Cue the ambition and snarky attitude! Soon enough, Brokentail become deputy, kills his own father to become leader, and starts forcing kits to be warriors to early. Okay, this is when he blames Yellowfang for a few kits’ deaths and banishes her. Now we stop hearing about Brokenstar and more about ThunderClan. A few books later, Broken’s Clan turns on him, Yellowfang kills him with Deathberries, and boom, game over.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I’ve always wondered what Brokenstar did that was so bad that his Clan exiled him. The Clan had always been fine with (or were to scared to speak up about) Brokenstar making kits into warriors. So, what made his Clan turn on him NOW? What happened that snapped the Clan so much that they kicked out their own leader? Here are my theroies:
So, go back a bit, and ever since Broken was an apprentice he had been this ‘I’m amazing, snarky, too rough, pin-everything-I-do-on-others’ kind of guy. And a ton of cats are like that, though usually they aren’t too liked by the Clan. But Broken went farther than that. He broke the Warrior Code numerous times. Telling warriors to eat before elders, queens and kits, training apprentices with claws unsheathed (I know that’s not part of the Code, but it is extremely dangerous), and murder.
My next thing they would need in his novella is what happened to make him so murderous and ambitious that he would even kill his own father?

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