Analyzing Ashfur: Does He Deserve A Second Chance? by Fawnpelt

Fawnpelt takes a look at Ashfur and his actions.

Art by Ashkey

Hello, BlogClan! It’s Fawnpelt, and I’m here to talk about Ashfur! He has done some terrible things, but, does he deserve a second chance?
So, we all know of the many crimes Ashfur has committed- or tried to commit. But let’s start with before he went mad, all the way back in The Prophecies Begin. To start off, he and Ferncloud are the two surviving kits of Brindleface and Whitestorm. When Brindleface gets killed by Tigerstar and fed to the dog pack, Ashpaw and his sister convince Fireheart to let them lead the dogs away from ThunderClan. When the battle with BloodClan arrives and his father, Whitestorm, is killed by Bone, he and a couple other apprentices kill Bone. He played vital roles in helping the Clans in A Dangerous Path and The Darkest Hour, but that’s only a couple good things that he did. The New Prophecy is where everything bad about him begins. In the New Prophecy, when he was still a fairly young cat, he becomes quite fond of Squirrelflight- a little too fond. Although he and Brambleclaw were previously friends, when Brambleclaw and Squirrelflight become close, he is jealous and infuriated. Later, just when Ashfur thought he had won Squirrelflight’s love, she gets back with Brambleclaw and the two cats become mates. Ashfur later sends Firestar to the lake and the ThunderClan leader is caught in a fox trap and confronted by Hawkfrost and Brambleclaw. Later, in Power of Three, he gets one of the kits that Squirrelflight claims to be her own, Lionpaw, and the two begin a hostile relationship. He tends to be very strict with Lionpaw and is quick to criticize him, even though his apprentice is nearly as good of a fighter and hunter as Ashfur is. And then, possibly the most iconic scene in Warriors occurs. A fire breaks out in the camp and Squirrelflight and her kits attempt to flee, but Ashfur stops them. He tells Squirrelflight that he is furious and heartbroken since she chose Brambleclaw over him and that he wants to make her suffer. He also reveals his role in the attempt on Firestar’s life with the fox trap. As punishment, he decides to kill her kits, but she says that they aren’t her kits, but Leafpool’s. He then decides that he will reveal her secret at the next Gathering. The night of the Gathering, Ashfur goes missing, and his body is found in the stream. Skip forward to the Broken Code arc, and we see that he gives Shadowsight a Vision telling him to “Punish the codebreakers!” After Bramblestar becomes sick, he tells Shadowsight to take him to the frozen moor to cure his fever, but what he didn’t tell him is that it wouldn’t cure Bramblestar’s fever, but it would allow Ashfur to steal his body. Ashfur then begins his tyrannical rule of ThunderClan, abusing his former Clan and cruelly punishing the so-called “codebreakers.” He cuts off the Clans’ connection with StarClan and he kills many cats and is later taken as a prisoner. After his identity is later revealed, the leaders decide to kill him, but in hopes of possibly getting Bramblestar back and freeing the enslaved ghosts, Shadowsight allows him to escape. He and Squirrelflight get in a fight and, victorious, he drags Squirrelflight into the Moonpool where only the dead can reach her.

So, despite all of his awful crimes, does he deserve redemption? Well first off, he would have to free the ghosts and help the Clans regain connection with StarClan. He’d need to give up Bramblestar’s body and probably make some huge sacrifice. But even if he does all these things, would he earn his redemption? Well, as an example, first let’s look at Ashfur’s killer, Hollyleaf. She killed him, but she knew what she did was wrong, therefore sending herself into exile, and later, when she returned to ThunderClan, she gave up her life to save Ivypool and ascended to StarClan. But there’s one difference between the two: acceptance of their wrongs. Hollyleaf knew what she did was wrong, so she made sacrifices to redeem herself. But Ashfur, on the other hand, refuses to admit he was wrong. That’s a big problem. Unless he admits he’s wrong, he won’t try to redeem himself. It is even said in Graystripe’s Vow that he always wants things his own way and is very stubborn. A cat like that usually can’t be persuaded by other cats. He may not be delusional like her, but he’s a bit like Mapleshade with the whole driven mad by rejection thing. He’s also a bit like Sol where he can be villainous just by his words. Both of those cats either did or should go to the Place of No Stars. So I think, unless he really worked hard to be redeemed and made some big sacrifice, when he dies again or decides to go back to where he was before he stole Bramblestar’s body, he will be sent to the Dark Forest. So, seeing all he’s done- all the deaths and destruction and hurt he’s caused- I really don’t think he deserves another chance. Please tell me your thoughts on this and if you have any topic that you would like to see me write an article on, please tell me!

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  • Ashfur did some horrible things, but think, he was left an orphan, his sister and brothers died, he loved Squirrelflight and she chose Brambleclaw over him, and hey, don’t a lot of you guys like Mapleshade? I mean, they kinda do have some in common; as in: they both went mad, mostly because of love problems. and then there was Hawkfrost manipulating him. he did the things he did from grief and manipulation, (And Hawkfrost, I hate him 😠) Ashfur wasn’t actually evil! People tend to see the bad side of people (or cats lol) which is why A lot of people dislike him. But I have sympathy. He belived that Squirrelflight was the cat for him, and he thinks she loves him, but then she goes off with Brambleclaw! That made him mad. They’re supposed to have feelings! Do you think eh should’ve been like “Oh, okay, there’s Squirrelflight who I really really really love who became mates with a different cat, and that’s totally okay!” people. that would’ve been flat out boring. Do you guys want the books to be boring? I don’t. do you really think that he was completely evil? uh, NO. v=_x_CdAFSYLM&list=PLk_GszDgO3pwiKzKiv7r5azIbViqZYgwb This is Ashur’s complete life! I really feel sorry for him, he had to face a lot of grief.🥺

    • He still had a sister he could rely on. He had no reason to resort to trying to kill Squirrelflight’s adopted kits, or trying to ruin her life by telling the secret. He could’ve been sorry for Firestar’s death, but he wasn’t, so he probably wouldn’t regret ruining the three’s life.
      Seriously, Squirrelflight didn’t love him, why couldn’t he get over that?

      I also like Mapleshade, as a villain, but I think she’s definitely evil and not misunderstood.

    • Ashfur IS evil, he got rejected by the cat he loves, yes, it’s understandable he would feel depressed, but LOOK AT THRUSHPELT, his crush Bluefur literally had kits with another tom! He had more advantage than Ashfur ever had to expose Bluefur and her kits’ possible forbidden heritage! But no, he decided that to prove his love to Bluefur, he will pretend to be the kits’ father and love her kits all the same. And that’s what he did. Ashfur on the other hand is straight up a prime example of a nice guy, attempting to kill Squirrelflight’s kits during a fire that could’ve killed Squirrelflight as well, indirectly killing her father once, shaming Brambleclaw and trying to manipulate Squirrelflight by saying that since his father was Tigerstar the bloody murder, Brambleclaw has a ashaming heritage! He wasn’t being manipulated, it’s been proved that he was in it with Hawkfrost just to kill Squirrelflight’s father, he straight up says why he did it during the fire scene! We love Mapleshade not because she’s misunderstood, (she killed cats that weren’t even related to her incident and abused Crookedstar) but how she has no remorse and because she was evil and a victim of Clan Codes. Ashfur went through the loss of his mother and sister, yes, but so did every other warriors and they turned out just fine! He didn’t even bother to help his sister with her kits, exiled and killed some of his nephews and nieces, and straight up sent the clans into a mess inside of Bramblestar’s corpse just to get back at Squirrelflight! Ashfur overreacted over Squirrelflight’s choice of a mate and that’s that.

  • Honestly, Ashur only got what he deeserved. he atempted to muder his OWN LEADER, then atempted to murder THE LOVE OF HIS LIFE and her “kits” then one of her “kits” killed him. Only fair. Snitches get stiches. Ashur got WAY more then stiches tho

  • Ashfur was one of the characters I really hated lol
    but yeah i agree, he doesn’t deserve another chance

  • I really agree with all that. Ashfur also was trying to defend Squirrelflight when she doesn’t need it and he was also trying sweet talking Squirrelflight. So, yeah I really don’t think that mouse brained fool will ever deserve another chance.

  • “He and Squirrelflight get in a fight and, victorious, he drags Squirrelflight into the Moonpool where only the dead can reach her.”

    Great Article though!

  • I liked him BEFORE the power of three
    But than i stoped because he became evil. But when people say “LOOK AT TRUSHPELT HE DIDN’T BECOME EVIL AND EVEN LOVED BLUEFUR’S KITS” I disagree with them cause it’s boring. Yes, Trushpelt was a very nise guy and he did everything right but think about it If all cats would be like Trushpelt it wouldn’t be intresting. When some cat angry to other cat and heartbroken (like Ashfur) it’s more intresting to read. Books become NOT JUST A CHILDREN’S BOOKS. Thpan look at Ashfur he losed his two siblings and mother before he became a warior. His mentor didn’t pay atantion on him, he payed al his attantion on Fernpaw, his sister. That’s anfair and Ashfur might think like me too. Than they (Ferncloud and Dustpelt) become mates and have seven kits!
    While love all of his live, his whole world chooses another cat! And before she did it she used him to make her lover feel angry about it! That’s very sad. I don’t say you must love him aspecheally after seventh arc but you should understand him!
    Thank you for reading!

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