How I Want The Broken Code To Turn Out by Duskblaze

Duskblaze shares how they want the seventh arc to end.

Art by Nova-Shadow26

Hello! It’s me, Duskblaze here with another article… unless my others weren’t accepted…. Or if you haven’t seen any others…..

Anyways, as you can probably tell from the title, I am doing an article on how The Broken Code arc will probably turn out, and how I want it to turn out. I’ll do how it will probably turn out first, and then my opinions and such.

Now, just a couple notes before we start: I wrote this before The Place Of No Stars came out, and I personally have very strong opinions on ships and who should die and such.


So, I’m not doing this in any sort of, ‘on page 32 of TPoNS Bristlefrost will eat a mouse’ way, I’m just gonna do a ‘who ends up with who, who dies, what will probably happen… that sort of stuff.

Let’s do deaths first… So, Bramblestar will most likely stay alive and we’re stuck with him for 3 more arcs. Same with Lionblaze, and one/both of the RiverClan power people. Squirrelflight will not die. If they kill her now, the only purpose of Squirrelflight’s Hope was to show just how abusive and bad Bramblestar can be.

Yeah…. I don’t think there’s gonna be very many ‘big’ deaths in The Broken Code… which is sad. There should be lots of bloody horrific deaths and sacrifices and such in this arc, and there sadly hasn’t been any.

Anyways, time for who ends up with who. Bristlefrost and Rootspring will end up together and have 50 million stupid babies to be POV characters forever and ever. This is happening. Bristle probably is expecting kits by now. No matter what happens, no matter how much Root and Bristle have little to no chemistry, they are going to have kits. This is a fact. I don’t like this, but I’ve accepted it. No one else matters. It’s just gonna be Bristle and Root forever and ever and ever and can we stop now?

Anyways, Ashfur is gonna die, we’re gonna get StarClan back, and nothing will really change. They won’t remake the warrior code, despite allllll the problems it has, and Mothwing will go back to RiverClan because of course she will.

Now, fun time! Ima tell you guys what I want to happen in TBC. I am an avid Rootspring x Shadowsight shipper, so that’s gonna happen. Anyways, I’m gonna do it in the same format of ‘who ends up with who, who dies, what I want to happen’ sort of way.

Deaths first again! Bramblestar will die. I hate Bramblestar and I want him to stay dead. Lionblaze also needs to die/retire to the elders den/go away and stop being important, or we’ll have Lionstar. If Lionstar happens, I will buy a copy of the book in which he becomes leader just to BURN it. Mothwing also needs to die. How she acts in DW has ruined her for me, also, her girlfriend has been dead for almost an arc and she’s older than Leafpool. Mistystar and/or Reedwhisker need to die. We don’t know ANYTHING about Reedwhisker. Making him leader would just be weird. I also want some of the random background characters to die. Who is Leafshade? What do they do? I can’t even remember if they’re female or male. I also also want one of the POV characters to die, I don’t care who, it would just be nice to have a POV character die in her arc, especially if it’s a big bloody sacrifice because Ashfur started to corrupt cats and then they kidnap one of the POV character and kill her to try an’ get StarClan back, but of course it doesn’t work and then good character development for the other POV characters… hmmmm….

Time for who ends up with who~ (Alternate Title: Bristle and Root need to never see each other ever ever ever ever again) Again, no one cares about anyone beside Root and Bristle, so I’m not gonna speculate about others. I don’t like this ship, I’m not going to go into why here.

Anyways, Rootspring and Shadowsight will become mates. Bristle will either be their surrogate mother, or go date Leafshade or someone. Root and Shadow have good interactions that could be interpreted as more than platonic, also, the way they think about each other…. Well, if the Erins write Root and Shadow as becoming mates, or even if they just make Shadow have a crush on Root, we can go back in the books and be like, yeah, there’s evidence here.

Now, random details about stuff that I want to happen. They will realize that the warrior code doesn’t work, and they’ll fix it. StarClan will stop being always there, and maybe we can have a book or two when there isn’t this overarching prophecy or StarClan drama happening that’s just confusing. Squirrelflight will become leader, or she’ll make Ivypool leader and retire to the elders’ den because she can’t do it without Bramblestar (even though she totally can). And maybe we can go live in RiverClan or WindClan for an arc or two and maybe have one ThunderClan important character but no more ThunderClan POV’s for a while.

So, I’m done! Let me just say this- I would LOVE if TBC doesn’t go the way I’ve laid it out, I’m hoping it won’t go the way I’ve laid it out, but that just seems to be the way it is going right now. Oh, and one more thing: This is an EXTREMELY opinionated article. If you are fine and dandy with how I’ve laid out what I think is going to happen in canon, that’s great! But I don’t want you to be like ‘Nonono Shadowsight and Rootspring won’t end up together and Lionblaze can’t die because blah blah blah!’ in the comments because you are having opinions that don’t go with what I’ve said I would like to happen in the last two books. I’d love to hear your opinions, but don’t tell me mine are wrong while you’re telling me why yours are right.

Thanks if you’ve read all of that, bye bye until the next time I lay my brains out in an article for your enjoyment! <3


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  • I like the idea of Lionblaze becoming leader since he would be great at it, but then I don’t think he will bc then Squirrelflight will have to die. He’s just fine being deputy too tho, but I don’t think he should die or retire bc he’s not very old

  • I liked bris x root but now I feel its hurting Bristlefrost personality and I want them to split up. Plus It make for an interesting twist

  • I don’t want Lionblaze to die (because he is the best), but totally Mothwing! I honestly hate her! She was sooooooooooooooooooooooooo annoying and………. BRATTY in Darkness Within!! :))))

  • I actually agree with a lot of this. I like Bristle x Root, but I LOVE Rootspring x Shadowsight. I think it’s adorable

  • Leafshade is the son of Lilyheart & Snowbush and the brother of Honeyfur & Larksong. Lilyheart is the daughter of Brackenfur & Sorreltail and the sister of Seedpaw. Snowbush is the son of Brightheart & Cloudtail and the brother of Whitewing, Ambermoon, & Dewclaw. Larksong is the mate of Sparkpelt and the father of Finchpaw, Flamepaw, & Flickerkit. Sparkpelt is the daughter of Squirrelflight & Bramblestar. I think THAT will probably help you, Duskblaze, understand who Leafshade is.

  • How do u guys not like the idea of bristlefrost and rootspring being together?! They are PERFECT FOR EACHOTHER and I WANT them to have kits together. They make eachother happier and I want them to end up together. I don’t get your logics😐✋