Analyzing Onestar’s and Firestar’s relationship by Mistwish

Mistwish takes a look at the relationship between Firestar and Onestar.

Artwork by Evi1Wo1f

Hi, I’m Mistwish, and this is my first article.
Remember young Onewhisker and young Fireheart? The old friends? Now think about Onestar and Firestar, enemies, who had big battles. Tallstar asked Onestar specifically NOT to fight with ThunderClan. Plus, Onestar was Firestar’s friend. Didn’t he ever feel bad about all the fights he had with ThunderClan?

In Forest of Secrets, the third book of The Prophecies Begin, Fireheart and Graystripe went on a mission to find WindClan. They become friends with a young warrior named Onewhisker, and that’s where the complicated relationship of Fireheart and Onewhisker starts.

Onewhisker tells Fireheart “You would have died for us. WindClan will never forget that.” After they return to the forest. But did he really mean that? I think he did, but still, in The New Prophecy, he tells Firestar, Brambleclaw, Squirrelflight, and Ashfur, “WindClan can deal with it. Many moons have passed since ShadowClan drove us out of our home, but too many cats still see WindClan as the weakest Clan. You act as if we can hardly feed ourselves. But WindClan is as strong as any other Clan and we shall prove it. We do not need help from any cat.”

So that is where I think Firestar and Onestar start to fall out. Before Onestar got his warrior name, he was quiet, chill, kind, and a bit worrisome, but then after he got his warrior name, that all changed. He became almost a different cat. Stronger, cleverer, more suspicious and less nervous. Then he was almost too suspicious and brave for his own good. He was driven to believe that his clan was weak, and wanted to prove that to be wrong, basically destroying his friendship with Firestar. But in my opinion, it wasn’t just Onestar’s fault that the friendship between the WindClan leader and the Thunderclan leader died. I think Firestar had something to do with it to.
Think about it. Firestar had always acted like ThunderClan was superior to the other clans, even if he didn’t realize it. He always tried to help everyone, making the other clans feel like he thought his clan was strongest out of the four. So Onestar was probably fed up.



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  • I always thought that when Onewhisker became Onestar, he intentionally began to drive Firestar away because he felt he had to prove himself to the clan.

  • That’s true.
    I never really thought about that…
    Firestar used to be my favourite character, but then he also changed a lot after he became leader. He became more arrogant and ‘snobby’. But then, Onestar also changed, I guess…

  • It seems like most cats change when they become leaders. They try to be more decisive and stand up for their clans, which isn’t always a good thing. It happened to Onestar, Bramblestar, and even Firestar.

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