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Did Tigerclaw kill Lionheart? by Whiterabbit

Whiterabbit wonders if Tigerclaw was involved with Lionheart’s death.

Art by Wings-of-North

Hi, Whiterabbit here, and I was wondering about something from the first book. What if Tigerclaw had killed Lionheart? Okay, let’s get started!

Tigerclaw could perfectly well have killed Lionheart as well as Redtail. It just seemed a little too convenient for Tigerclaw, right? Anyway, here are the clues. We know that Lionheart died in Spottedleaf’s den after the battle against ShadowClan, but we don’t know who gave him his wounds. Some people might think it’s insane that Tigerclaw killed Lionheart, but others may think that it makes a lot of sense.

Now, there are two ways that Tigerclaw could have killed Lionheart.
1. He could have directly killed Lionheart. He could have caught Lionheart right in the middle of the battle and made sure that no other cat was looking. He could have inflicted fatal wounds himself.
2. He could have indirectly killed Lionheart; plotting with the ShadowClan cats and telling them to target Lionheart. I think that this option is more likely.

Now, let’s explore which one of them makes more sense.
For number 1, Tigerclaw would have had to find a time during the battle where he was absolutely sure that absolutely no one was watching. Then, he could have given Lionheart wounds that were not severe enough to kill him immediately, but that would kill him later. There are two reasons why I think this is unlikely.
Reason number 1, is that he would have had where nobody was looking, but it always seems like somebody is watching you, like when Darkstripe saw Fireheart let Silverstream go without wounds, and when Ravenpaw saw Tigerclaw kill Redtail, and when Fireheart saw Tigerclaw attempt to kill Bluestar. Also, it doesn’t seem very much like Tigerclaw to give his opponent wounds that would kill him later. If he had Lionheart pinned down, he would just kill Lionheart as easy as he killed Redtail or Runningwind.

I think that reason number 2 is more probable. It is perfectly reasonable that Tigerclaw could have talked to a group of ShadowClan warriors, and told them to target Lionheart. Then, Lionheart could have been attacked by a whole group of ShadowClan warriors, who injured him a lot. I think that this makes much more sense. Also, say these warriors were the same ones that got exiled along with Brokenstar, and then they helped Tigerclaw attack the camp, and then they rooted for Tigerclaw to become leader.
So, that’s my theory! Hope you enjoyed this article!

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