My theory on The Place Of No Stars by Featherpelt

Featherpelt predicts what will happen in the upcoming book, The Place of No Stars.

Official cover art by Owen Richardson

Hi everybody, Featherpelt here. This is my first article so I’ll try my best.

Darkness Within leaves us with a chilling ending, Ashfur draging Squirrelflight into the moonpool, so here’s my theory:

Through out the book I think there will be a lot of tensions in the Clans, Which even if Ashfur is in The Dark Forest he could do this:
Ashfur could trap Squirrelflight in the Dark Forest like he trapped Bramblestar in the Dark Forest in Veil Of Shadows or he could force Squirrelflight to do something like find the remaining Dark Forest spirits. Ashfur could then use those spirits to help him with whatever he’s planning. Possibly causing the Clans to have battles but after that, they would adjust to the problem. As for the other characters,

Bristlefrost: Bristlefrost will probably keep her promise to Spotfur to help raise the kits, but I think later in the book, she might start expecting Rootspring’s kits and then she would tell him, reviving their relationship and Rootspring’s might leave SkyClan for her or Bristlefrost might leave ThunderClan to join SkyClan to be with him.

Rootspring: At the end of Darkness Within, he witness Ashfur drag Squirrelflight into the Moonpool. He after that would need to find a way to tell what happened at the moonpool. Then Rootspring could work on his new seeing earth powers and possibly find where Ashfur and Squirrelflight are. And together with Shadowsight and maybe Bristlefrost, they would go find the two cats missing from the Clans. With their relationship (see Bristlefrost) Rootspring could be surprised by the news, who knows.

Shadowsight: In Shadowsight’s last chapter in Darkness Within he distracts the leaders so Ashfur could escape which resulted in him getting in big trouble with Lionblaze. Shadowsight’s Clanmates will not trust him or they will hate him. I think the leaders will decide on Shadowsight’s punishment later on. Meanwhile his father Tigerstar will be super angry at first but as time goes by, Tigerstar will begin to see why Shadowsight let Ashfur escape and he would forgive Shadowsight.

The Clans at the end of this book would finally find out what is blocking off StarClan and they will know now that that if they want StarClan back, they’ll have to face the terrifying truth of what they must do to bring StarClan back, this would be the lead into the final book (A Light In The Mist).

This is my theory and what I think could happen in The Place Of No Stars.

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